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March Art Challenges

Monthly art challenges are a great way to focus creativity, exercise your imagination and relax. With everything going on in the world, why not put some time aside this upcoming march to practice your art skills, relax your mind or simply, have fun! We’ve found 4 March Art Challenges that are fun to do!

1. Tinkerlab’s March Art Challenge

What is the Tinkerlab March Art Challenge?

Drawing Art Challenge
Drawing Art Challenge – Photo from Daria Tumanova

This challenge is a daily sketchbook practice that allows you to expand your imagination, be creative and most importantly, have fun! You’ll be given a list of prompts for each day during the month of March that will help inspire some creativity.

Prompts are entirely objective and can be interpreted in any way you’d like. From a single word you can create a subject, scene, colour scheme etc. So have fun, the possibilities are endless! The amount of time you spend on each daily sketch is completely up to you, however, Tinkerlab suggests at least 5-10 minutes every day.

Are there any rules?

With this challenge, there are no rules! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or professional artist – everyone is welcome and there are no restrictions on what mediums you can use.

What Materials Do I Need?

Tinkerlab is all about creating a stress free, low stakes, fun challenge for creatives. When taking part in this challenge you’re free to use whatever mediums you’d like – paint, watercolour, collage, markers etc.

Some materials you can gather:

  • A sketchbook (or paper)
  • A medium of your choice: pencils, pens, chalk etc.
  • Paint of any kind and a brush
  • Some glue and tape
  • Scrap paper, newspapers or magazines etc.

Join the community!

If you decide to take part in Tinkerlab’s March Art Challenge, make sure to share your work across social media using the hashtag #tinkersketch. By doing so, you’ll be able to share your work with other creatives, or view the work of others, as well as get involved in the Tinkerlab’s community.

Prompt List

Tinkerlab’s March Prompt List:

March Art Challenge Tinkerlab Prompt List
The March Art Challenge Tinkerlab Prompt List

2. March Art Challenge by Doodlewash

What is the Paint What You Love: March Art Challenge?

This challenge is put together by Doodlewash. Always striving for creatives to create what they actually like, The Paint What You Love: March Art Challenge celebrates just that!

During the month of March, creatives are welcomed to join the challenge, a safe space to express yourself within a community of other artists. The Paint What You Love: March Art Challenge encourages participants to practice new skills, explore new themes and have fun in this “anything goes” watercolor art challenge.

Are there any rules?

For this challenge, you can joing if you create your art with watercolor painting, drawing (ink, colored pencils, crayons, etc.!), or a mix of both. Besides that, it’s all up to you – feel free to interpret the prompts in any way you’d like. This month, the Paint What You Love: March Art Challenge is providing creative with 31 different promote ideas that can be used in any way, on any day!

What Materials Do I Need?

For this challenge you’ll need some paper or a sketchbook and some watercolours. You might want to mix mediums with pens, pencils or markers but that’s completely up to you. Make sure to remember that your final piece should be focused on watercolours.

Join the community!

If you decide to share your work online, make sure to use the hashtag #doodlewashMarch2022 and #WorldWatercolorGroup. By doing so, other creatives who have taken part in the challenge can see what you’ve created, and you can see theirs too!

Prompt List

Doodlewash March 2022 Art Challenge
Doodlewash March 2022 Art Challenge

3. March Drawing Challenge for Kids and Adults

What is the March Drawing Challenge for Kids and Adults?

Put together by Natural Beach Living, the March Drawing Challenge for Kids and Adults is a perfect challenge to take on with your family this upcoming March. The theme of this challenge is all things March, including topics of spring, St. Patricks Day, rainbows, Dr Seuss and more!

Are there any rules?

This challenge is all about having fun, being creative, and spending quality time with your loved ones, so there are no rules! Other than taking time to create a piece of art based on the prompts each day – the rest is up to you. Invite your children, spouse, friends and family to join you in this challenge.

What Materials Do I Need?

There are no limitation on what materials you can use. You can use pencils, markers, paint or collage! It’s important that this challenge doesn’t feel like an obstacle, but a way to have fun.

Join the community!

If you decide to post your artwork on Instagram, make sure to tag @naturalbeachliving to get involved in the community, share your work with others, as well as see the work others have created during the month of March.

Prompt List

The March Drawing Challenge Prompt list from Natural Beach Living:

March Drawing Challenge Prompt List
March Drawing Challenge Prompt List

4. March Mixed Media Challenge

What is the March Mixed Media Challenge?

Put together by Kick in the Creative, the March Mixed Media challenge is definitely one to pay attention to! The challenge encourages creatives to take part in the challenge by creating a piece of mixed media art every day during the month of March. The objective of the challenge is to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, experiment and be creative!

March Mixed Media Challenge
March Mixed Media Challenge

Are there any rules?

Other than creating a piece of art using mixed media every day during the month of March, there are no rules! Make sure to have fun with this one. Kick in the Creatives also encourages participants to post their daily pieces online for others to see and share.

What Materials Do I Need?

You can use pencils, pens, markers, paint or even resin – it’s completely up to you! Make sure to include a minimum in two mediums in each piece you create.

Join the community!

Kick in the Creatives encourages you to post and share your work online across any and all social media platforms. If you decide to do so, make sure to use the hashtags #kickinthecreatives and #MarchMixedMedia, as well as tag @kickinthecreatives.

Let us know in the comments what your favourite art-challenge of this month is! Which one are you participating in or did we miss one?

Do you want to improve your drawing skills? Make sure to read our article where we take a look at the Best Art Classes you can follow online. Combining an art class with an art challenge is a great way to get started! You could also take a look at our curated top 10 of drawing books to help you improve your drawing or for extra inspiration or new techniques.

If you’re curious about other art challenges coming up this year, make sure to check out our overview of yearly art challenges or our art challenge calendar. If you are looking for drawing inspiration, make sure you check out our drawing ideas generator.

Courses & Tutorials

Why not improve your skills or learn some new incredible techniques by taking a course? See all our courses or check out one of these selected courses here:


Interested in taking part in any of these challenges this month? We’ve got some resources just for you to give you a kick start!

Traditional Drawing equipment

Check out the sketchbooks, pencils and other tools below that will help you build a daily routine in practicing your creative skills.

Digital Brushes

If you’re a digital artist, make sure to check out these great Photoshop and Procreate ink brushes from Grutbrushes. These realistic, responsive and natural brushes will inspire you without a doubt. Grutbrushes offers a lot of free samples, so you can try anything without risk. Check out our Grutbrushes review if you’d like to know more and see more (free) samples.

Reatlist Watercolour Brush for Photoshop from Grutbrushes
Demo of the Grutbrushes Watercolour Brush which is perfect to use for Huevember

Digital Hardware

A drawing tablet could definitely help you in your creative flow too. Most drawing tablets are touch sensitive and are highly accurate. The main advantage of a drawing tablet is the natural feeling when drawing. They are perfect for creating detailed illustrations, drawings or digital paintings.

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