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Best Art Classes Online

If you’re looking to enhance your drawing skills, improve your fundamental art knowledge or add a completely new creative skill to your skillset – you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of our top 10 best art classes for both beginners and professionals just for you.

Best Art Classes Online

1. Painting character portraits

YouTube video

This tutorial course includes 15 files and 7 informative chapters of 110 min to help you master the skill of portrait painting. Put together by Marc Brunet, this tutorial unpacks the ins and outs of Brunet’s painting process.

2. Art School for Digital Artists

Digital art can be a complicated world to live in – but this course has got you covered. The ArtSchool for Digital Artists will be teaching you skills that will help you get ahead and abandoning those that don’t, you’ll be sure to gain valuable creative insight. The course itself is composed of 10 classes which total to over 85 hours of lessons.

3. Ultimate Guide to Drawing Human Anatomy

This Ultimate Guide to Drawing Human Anatomy course offers over 10 hours of in-depth drawing guides and is suitable for creatives of all skill levels. Within the 3 sections, you’ll cover each and every part of the body from head to toe! You’ll also receive useful tips and tricks that you can only find in formal art school.

4. The Ultimate Career Guide: 3D artists

Put together by an industry professional who has been working in the field of video games for 10 years, this guide perfectly summarizes the most crucial skills in a 45 hour course on how to become a 3D artist.

You’ll learn everything from software techniques, how to sculpt a base character to putting together a portfolio and finding a job within the industry. Bonus content is also included!

5. Hand-painted 3D Characters for Videogames

YouTube video

Also by veteran artist Marc Brunet, this tutorial delves into the world of character creation in video games.

In this 9+ hour course you’ll cover concepts like high poly sculpting, textures, photoshop actions and gradients to name a few. The course also comes with 16 individual files.

6. The Ultimate Career Guide: Concept Artist

If you’ve ever wanted to work as a character concept artist, this 8 hour course is the one for you! Built on 10 years of experience within the entertainment industry, this course will teach you a number of fundamental skills in regards to the design process itself as well as how to put together a portfolio and make it in the job industry.

7. The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced

YouTube video

For both students and intermediates, The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced aims to develop existing skills or build new ones! Transforming your basic drawing knowledge into advanced art skills, this course promises buyer satisfaction or you’ll receive your money back.

By purchasing this course you’ll be granted personal contact with the course tutor, lifetime access to the material, 30 day money back guarantee, quizzes and exercises.

8. Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course

Created for anyone who wants to develop their character drawing skills, this video course from the Character Art School covers a number of creative styles. You’ll learn how to draw from your imagination, draw in 3D and draw like a professional artist! You’ll learn how to draw in 3D, draw hands, faces and bodies and use different mediums – all skills that are used by professional artists at Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks! With over 6500 five star review, you won’t be disappointed.

You’ll also be granted access to 7GB of free art resources. This really is a complete character drawing course.

9. The Ultimate Digital Painting Course – Beginner to Advanced

YouTube video

This digital painting course will take your basic art skills and turns them into that of an advanced professional. Covering a number of fundamentals, this tutorial also allows you to create over 60 different projects throughout the course – taking you from a beginner to an expert!

You’ll be granted lifetime access to 18 course sections, the course materials, quizzes, personal contact with both course tutors and downloadable resources.

10. Learn to Draw: An Introduction

YouTube video

Do you want to learn how to draw but don’t know where to start? In this class Amy Wynne (a professional painter and artist), shares fun, beginner-friendly drawing techniques that can turn anyone into an artist.

Amy has been been teaching painting and drawing for over 20 years at colleges across New England including the Rhode Island School of Design, so she knows how to explain everything perfectly. You will learn how to use different materials for drawing, how to use a viewfinder, how to establish your composition and much more.

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