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We hand you everything you need to be a successful teacher. You get incredible tools and free hosting, for free. Start making a difference today and change lives!

Why teach at Xquissive?

Our online teaching platform for artists is created for enthusiastic course and tutorial creators that love to inspire other artists. It is a platform created by artists for artists. We are on a mission to share our expertise as active creatives to other artists that want to learn new skills. What’s more beautiful than to see someone else developing his or her talents and get better with your guidance?

Share your passion and skills, selling your incredible tutorials or courses! Our platform is created with you, the creator, in mind. You can sell your courses and tutorials using the platform, or you can sell (market) them yourself. Out platform is 100% free to use free secure video hosting is included. For a limited time it is also possible that you have the course uploaded by us, which saves you a lot of time!

You are in control

Our platform is build with an advanced LMS (Learning Management System) making it super easy to create courses. Our platform is drag and drop, and includes a quiz builder, certificates, content-drip, multi-instructor friendly and much more.

You can share your course videos from your own video host, or you can upload them for free on our secured video hosting platform. You can also upload any additional workbooks or documents for free.

Check out the images below to get an idea about the look and feel of our platform.

Your toolkit

Let’s take a look at some of the great features that our platform bring you. Best thing, they are all free to use for every instructor.

Why should I join?

Sell you photography courses

You will be able to expand your professional network, build your expertise by creating courses and earn money on each paid enrollment. With our affiliate program you can even earn a higher commission for each course that you help selling.

We are aiming to offer affordable, but high quality courses and tutorials. We don’t want to be the cheapest marketplace, but we do want to be the one with the most added value for creatives.

Unless other marketplaces you decide the value of your course. You have free access to every feature of the platform (including free video hosting) and you will earn 60% commission for each sold course or tutorial. This can even be 80% commission if you join our advanced affiliate program.

Need a hand?

course setup

You’ve got a great course or tutorial, but you don’t have the time to put it up onto our platform? No stress! For a limited amount of time we take everything out of your handsfor free -.

If you want us to setup everything (upload the video’s, setup the lessons), then we can take this work out of your hands. Contact us and we’ll make it work for you.

Bonus: Free interview if you join now

We are convinced that our content and the Academy that we are building will complement each other. That means that we will actively look for interesting ways to link articles to courses that you have created.

We look at ways to promote you as a tutor on Xquissive or use your expert advice or tricks in our articles. For example, for a limited time we offer our new instructors the possibility to be interviewed by our team. It’s the perfect way for clients to get to know more about you and your courses.

Yes! I want to start selling now!

Sign up now and start selling your courses or tutorials. No monthly costs, free video hosting and an easy to use LMS. You can earn up to 80% of each course you sell! Did we mention the excellent customer service and the (limited time) free service to help you setup your courses?

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