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Art Challenge Calendar

To make your life a bit easier, we have created the Monthly Art Challenge Calendar which contains over 80 art challenges! This calendar show you a list of all the art challenges that we know of categorized per month. We have covered quite some art challenges and will keep on adding more. You can click many of them to read more about the challenge or to see the most recent prompt lists. If you miss an art challenge, leave us a message!

You can also check out our blog posts with an in depth coverage of all popular yearly art challenges or if you don’t feel like doing a special art challenge, use our Drawing Ideas Generator!

Why not combine the art challenge with an online art class to improve your skills? Make sure to read our article where we take a look at the Best Art Classes you can follow online. You could also take a look at our curated top 10 of drawing books to help you improve your drawing.

Art Challenges Overview

Overview of all art challenges we know of.

1. January Art Challenges

  1. The January Challenge 2021
  2. TinkerLab’s January Art Challenge
  3. Creatuanary

2. February Art Challenges

  1. February Faces
  2. The DoodleWash February Art Challenge
  3. Fairyary
  4. TinkerSketch Sketchbook Challenge
  5. Febirdary

3. March Art Challenges

  1. Tinkerlab’s March Art Challenge
  2. Paint What You Love: March Art Challenge
  3. March Drawing Challenge for Kids and Adults
  4. March Mixed Media Challenge
  5. March of Robots
  6. Monster March
  7. Magical March

4. April Art Challenges

  1. April Art Challenge: Spring Things
  2. Tinkersketch April Art Challenge
  3. Abstract Art April
  4. Adventure April
  5. April Showers

5. May Art Challenges

  1. Munchy May
  2. Kick in the Creatives: The May Creative Challenges
    1. Blooming Marvelous May
    2. Quick Kick May
    3. Miniature May
    4. Every Day May
  3. Tinkersketch May Art Challenge
  4. MerMay

6. June Art Challenges

  1. The KaiJune Art Challenge
  2. Quick Kick June
  3. Tinkersketch June Art Challenge by Tinkerlab
  4. Copyist June
  5. Sunny Days June Art Challenge by Doodlewash
  6. Kick Crafty Textiles Challenge
  7. Junebug
  8. JuneFae

7. July Art Challenges

  1. Julycanthrophy
  2. Kaijuly
  3. World Watercolor Month
  4. Tinkerlab July Art Challenge
  5. Figure July

8. August Art Challenges

  1. Smaugust
  2. Tinkersketch August Art Challenge
  3. Quick Kick August
  4. 31 Animals August
  5. Awesome August
  6. Doggust

9. September Art Challenges

  1. Sketchathon September Kick In The Creatives
  2. Sketchtember
  3. Super September! by Doodlewash
  4. TinkerSketch September Art Challenge

10. October Art Challenges

  1. Inktober
  2. Drawlloween
  3. Doodlewash
  4. Tinkerlab
  5. Witchtober
  6. Inkt-tober
  7. Goretober
  8. Artober
  9. Drawtober
  10. Creeptober
  11. Obscutober III
  12. Catober

11. November Art Challenges

  1. Huevember
  2. Tinkersketch November Art Challenge
  3. Slowvember

12. December Art Challenges

  1. December Art Challenge by Xquissive
  2. Drawcember Art Challenge
  3. Decembird
  4. Tinkerlab December Art Challenge
  5. Dinovember

Printable Art Challenge Calendar

Click here to download the Monthly Art Challenge Calendar that you can print out.

art challenges calendar printable
art challenges calendar printable

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Year Round Art Challenges

  1. Draw this again
  2. 100 Heads Challenge
  3. ArtvsArtist
  4. Toon Me
  5. Daily Sketch for a Year
  6. Draw this in your style
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