Art Challenge Calendar

To make your life a bit easier, we have created the Monthly Art Challenge Calendar which contains over 80 art challenges!

This calendar is packed with over 80 art challenges, one for almost each day of the month. So whether you’re looking for a new way to inspire your creativity, or you’re just looking for a fun way to fill up your spare time, this calendar is perfect for you!

This calendar show you a list of all the art challenges that we know of categorized per month. We have covered quite some art challenges and will keep on adding more. You can click many of them to read more about the challenge or to see the most recent prompt lists. If you miss an art challenge, leave us a message!

You can also check out our blog posts with an in depth coverage of all popular yearly art challenges or if you don’t feel like doing a special art challenge, use the Drawing Ideas Generator we have created which contains thousandths of ideas!

Why not combine the art challenge with an online art class to improve your skills? Make sure to read our article where we take a look at the Best Art Classes you can follow online. You could also take a look at our curated top 10 of drawing books to help you improve your drawing.

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1. January Art Challenges

The January Challenge 2021

The January Challenge from 64 Million Artists is the perfect way to get creative this month. In just 31 days, you can participate in quick and free creative challenges designed by individuals and communities across the UK. There’s no right or wrong way to participate, so you’re free to be as creative as you want. Plus, with a vibrant community of participants sharing their work online, you’ll have plenty of inspiration and encouragement throughout the month. So why not take on The January Challenge today?

TinkerLab’s January Art Challenge

Are you looking for a creative way to start the new year? Then join TinkerLab’s January Art Challenge! This Sketchbook challenge encourages you or your kids to experiment and play with ideas and materials in a low-stress, fun way. Every day, you’ll be given an illustration prompt to help inspire your creativity.


The Creatuanary Art Challenge is a creative initiative started by @dibujantenocturno, @joshuacairos_art and @rafater_official. It’s the perfect way to kickstart creativity in the new year! Take part in this 52-week challenge by creating a daily creature. There are no specific rules, so let your imagination run wild! You can also take part in other challenges such as Inktober and Mermay to further inspire your creativity. So why not join the community and give Creatuanary a go?

Art Journal January – Daily Art Journal Challenge

Are you looking for a creative way to fill up your art journal this January? Then participate in the Art Journal January Art Challenge! This challenge takes place over the 31 days of January and consists of different creative challenges. It’s a great way to stimulate your creativity and have fun while doing it! Each day you will work on the basic layout of one page, then challenge yourself to create an illustrated page based on a given theme. So why not give it a try? Gather some friends and get started today!

2. February Art Challenges

February Faces

At Kick In The Creatives, we are delighted to bring you February Faces: a fun-filled creative challenge to help you practise expressing emotion and capturing facial expressions! Through the course of the shortest month of the year, you’ll be challenged to draw a different face every day – what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore your creativity and have a blast!

The DoodleWash February Art Challenge

The Doodlewash February Art Challenge is a yearly creative challenge that takes place throughout the month of February. Every year, Doodlewash chooses a theme for the challenge.


The February Challenge is all about fairies! The creator (laurarcenciel) invites other creatives to practise drawing fairies throughout the shortest month of the year. If you’re interested in a fairy-themed challenge, make sure to take part in this unique challenge next February.

TinkerSketch Sketchbook Challenge

This Instagram-based challenge will give creators a fun way to experiment with new ideas, media, and themes throughout February. The TinkerSketch Sketchbook Challenge focuses on creativity in a stress-free environment and is based on spending time crafting every day to create works of art that celebrate you as a creative person


Join in on a creative art challenge dedicated to drawing birds! All you need to do is draw one bird per day throughout the month, post it on social media, and use the hashtag #Febirdary. It doesn’t matter what materials you use – digital or traditional media – just let your creativity soar!

3. March Art Challenges

Tinkerlab’s March Art Challenge

Hey there! Get your creative juices flowing with this daily 5 to 10 minute sketchbook practice throughout March! You’ll receive some inspiring prompts each day to help you explore your imagination and have some fun. There’s no wrong way to interpret the prompts, so get creative and enjoy yourself!

Paint What You Love: March Art Challenge

During the month of March, creatives are welcomed by Doodlewash to join this challenge, a safe space to express yourself within a community of other artists. The Paint What You Love: March Art Challenge encourages participants to practice new skills, explore new themes and have fun in this “anything goes” watercolor art challenge.

March Drawing Challenge for Kids and Adults

Looking for a fun way to celebrate March with your family? Natural Beach Living’s March Drawing Challenge for Kids and Adults is your perfect pick! Enjoy all things March, like spring, St. Patrick’s Day, rainbows, Dr. Seuss and more as you have a blast creating your special masterpieces.

March Mixed Media Challenge

Kick in the Creative has put together an amazing challenge for March – the Mixed Media challenge! All creatives are encouraged to make something new and inspiring every day in March. It’s a great opportunity to push yourself to explore new media and techniques, so don’t miss out!

March of Robots

Are you up for a challenge? For the next 31 days, why not try creating a robot illustration each day? It doesn’t have to be every day, and you can use traditional or digital methods – however you fancy! Just make sure it’s all your own work and it has to feature a robot. Ready, set, March of Robots!

Monster March

Calling all monster lovers! Here’s a wonderful chance to flex your creative muscles and invent some new and unique creatures! This challenge is all about drawing monsters, so don’t be shy—let your imagination run wild! It’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself and have some fun!

Magical March

Are you a creative type looking to exercise your art skills? Join the Magical March challenge and spend the month of March drawing a magical girl or something related to the theme! Every year Mariana Real provides a prompt list with ideas to help get you started. Make sure to participate and have a magical March!

4. April Art Challenges

April Art Challenge: Spring Things

Take the plunge and join in on the April art challenge hosted by Doodlewash! Embrace the beauty of Spring by exploring your creative sides with new and exciting techniques. All it takes is a few minutes every day and you’ll be admiring your own art-work in no time!

Tinkersketch April Art Challenge

Calling all creatives with or without experience! We’re challenging you to take part in this daily art challenge throughout April. Tinkersketch has got 30 inspiring prompts for each day of the month, so get your sketchbook ready and set aside some time to let your imagination run wild!

Inky April drawing Challenge

This art challenge, hosted by Kick in the Creatives, focuses on inky art! For the month of April, this challenge urges creatives to forgo pencil and eraser. Stepping out of your comfort zone, this unique challenge encourages you to view things from a different perspective.

Adventure April

@mattydraws has come up with an incredibly inspiring challenge – creating fantasy character designs every day during April! It’s a fantastic way to really get your creative juices flowing, regardless of the medium you choose – from intricate large canvases to quick doodles on a receipt – the sky’s the limit!

April Showers

Finally comes the Mayflowers promise in the April showers! If you want to get creative, you’ll find plenty of great ideas here, thanks to the artists who put together this great list of tips

5. May Art Challenges

Munchy May

Munchy May is an annual arts program that takes place in May. This challenge invites every creator to create a visual representation of their food commentary. Specific issues aside, at the heart of the challenge are daily reminders to encourage consistent gratitude and giving practices.

Kick in the Creatives: The May Creative Challenges

Kick in the Creatives has created 4 exciting new art challenges for the month of May. Let’s take a look at what each challenge is about and how you can get involved early!

Blooming Marvelous May

This challenge allows participants to create flower-themed artwork every day during the month of May. For this challenge, you can use any medium and any medium you like: paint, pencil, clay, printmaking, digital.

Quick Kick May

Quick Kick is a mini-challenge that runs throughout May where participants spend up to 15 minutes a day creating artwork. Additionally, this simple illustration should also be done with your non-dominant hand. By participating in this challenge, you can stimulate the creative side of your mind and develop your artistic skills.

Miniature May

Kick in the Creatives is the second consecutive year of the Miniature May Art Challenge. In this challenge, a creator is invited to create a small piece of art each day until May. The rules are very simple – create small works of art no larger than 5″ x 5″ and have fun ! There are no restrictions on media, so feel free to use anything you like.

Every Day May

The fourth and final Kick-in-the-Creatives challenge is Every Day May. Unlike other challenges, this challenge is organized by a private Facebook group and you must request to join before joining. Topics and tips will be posted in the group and will be available for download in mid-April. During May, you will be asked to post a photo inspired by a specific stimulus to our Facebook group each day. This challenge is for those who want to share their work with other creatives and be part of a tight-knit creative community.

Tinkersketch May Art Challenge

Tinkerlab hosts the Tinkersketch May art challenge. Designed to spark creativity and imagination, this challenge is open to beginners, intermediates, professionals and creatives of all ages. With easy tips and low stakes, this is the perfect challenge for beginners. This challenge requires you to spend 5-10 minutes every day for the month of May following the official prompt list to create a new creation


MerMay invites artists and creatives from around the world to participate in this mermaid-themed art challenge. As you might have guessed, each day you will be challenged to create a mermaid artwork based on the list of instructions provided

6. June Art Challenges

The KaiJune Art Challenge

Take part in the creative and innovative KaiJune challenge this June! You’ll have the chance to unleash your imagination and create amazing artwork based on the thrilling Kaiju genre, a Japanese film genre featuring giant monsters. As the words ‘Kaiju’ and ‘June’ are seamlessly combined, you’ll be drawing a creature of your own design, inspired by the Kaiju genre, for each day of the month. So don’t hesitate to join in this exciting and unique 30-day art challenge!

Quick Kick June

Quick Kick June” 2022 Art Challenge is a competition organized by Kick in the Creatives especially for those with limited time. This challenge requires you to do a comedy sketch every 15 minutes during the month of June. There are no rules for this challenge

Tinkersketch June Art Challenge by Tinkerlab

The Tinkersketch Summer Art Challenge is all about making memories and documenting your experiences in a sketchbook. The instructions provided are pretty simple, but feel free to interpret them to your liking. Even if June is winter for some people around the world, this challenge is for you!

Copyist June

Embrace your artistic side in June with Copyist June! Take up the challenge to replicate or copy your favorite pieces of art – from a classic masterpiece to a more modern work. Immerse yourself in the world of art and grow your skills to become the artist of your dreams. Kick in the Creatives believes everyone has the potential to become a master of art. So, let’s get creative!

Sunny Days June Art Challenge by Doodlewash

The Sunny Days of June Art Challenge, organized by Doodlewash and the World Watercolor Group, is all about summer! The World Watercolor Group emphasizes the importance of painting what you love. So if you feel independent and want to create your own policies, feel free to do so.

Kick Crafty Textiles Challenge

Embrace your artistic side in June with Copyist June! Take up this challenge to replicate or copy your favorite pieces of art – from a classic masterpiece to a more modern work. Immerse yourself in the world of art and grow your skills to become the artist of your dreams. Kick in the Creatives believes everyone has the potential to become a master of art. So, let’s get creative!


Take up the Junebug challenge this month of June and let your creative spirit flow! Express yourself through art by doodling, drawing, painting, photographing or sculpting insect-themed works of art and share your masterpiece with the world on social media!


Unlock your creativity this June by joining the Fairyary art challenge! Drawing a fairy every day is a great way to explore the world of faeries, pixies, brownies, and hobgoblins. There’s no need to adhere to a daily routine – let your imagination run free as you bring these magical creatures to life.

7. July Art Challenges


Embrace the creativity of the month of July by participating in the Julycanthropy drawing challenge! Inspire yourself with the themes of wolves, werewolves, and other canine creatures, and use the month to bring your ideas to life. Make the most of July and let your imagination run wild!


Kaijuly is a wonderful opportunity to continue your artistic journey from Kaijune! Embrace the challenge and take this month to push yourself further, explore new creative avenues, and create even more amazing works of art!

World Watercolor Month

Charlie O’Shields, the creator of Doodlewash, created the World Watercolor Month movement, inspiring others to explore their creativity through the use of watercolours and recognize the profound significance of art. This challenge is a powerful reminder of the beauty and joy that art can bring to our lives.

Tinkerlab July Art Challenge

This July, Tinkersketch’s art challenge invites you to embark on a journey of self-expression and exploration. Let your creativity come alive, and explore the depths of your imagination. Capture your memories and experiences in your sketchbook, and create a unique and inspiring story. Showcase your talent, and join a community of artists participating in this thought-provoking challenge. Unlock your full potential, and make this July an unforgettable one.

Figure July

This incredible journey will be unlike any other we have undertaken—embrace the opportunity to explore the human form through art during the month of July! Create a masterpiece every day and revel in the joy of celebrating the beauty of the body.

8. August Art Challenges


Let your creativity soar in the month of August! Take on this challenge and create a dragon-themed artwork every day – be it drawings, sketches, paintings or other forms of art. Express yourself with the legendary power of Smaug! Embark on this journey and let your imagination take flight!

Tinkersketch August Art Challenge

Let your imagination soar and creativity shine with the Tinkersketch August Art Challenge from Tinkerlab! An inspiring challenge for all ages, from beginners to seasoned professionals, it’s the perfect opportunity to fuel your creative spark and even connect with your children through open-ended prompts. So get ready to explore the wonders of art and take your artistry to the next level!

Quick Kick August

Take on the Quick Kick August mini-challenge and find yourself creating something beautiful each and every day! Spend 15 minutes or less a day to express your artistry, whether it’s a drawing or painting on colored or toned paper. Let this challenge be an opportunity to push yourself and discover the creative potential within you!

31 Animals August

This month brings the chance to explore your creative side with the 31 Animals August challenge! Immerse yourself in a world of animal-inspired art and let your imagination flow with each passing day. There’s no limit to what you can create – just enjoy the journey!

Awesome August

Dive into the world of colour and art and express yourself through the power of watercolours, pens, pencils, crayons and more! Let your imagination run wild and join this inspiring art challenge to discover the joy of painting your way through the month of August.


Embrace Doggust! Take on a daily challenge and use your creativity to draw a dog each day, with inspiration from the provided prompt list. Express your artistry with any type of medium, and join the fun at any time!

9. September Art Challenges

Sketchathon September Kick In The Creatives

This September, join the Sketchathon challenge and make a commitment to yourself to fill up at least one sketchbook page a day. As the days go by, you’ll be forming a creative habit that will allow you to produce an incredible, full sketchbook by the end of the month – a stunning visual representation of your artistic journey!


Take on the Sketchtember challenge from AM Sketching and make it your goal to create a digital or traditional sketch each day. Don’t worry about perfection – just focus on letting your creativity flow and trust that each finished or unfinished illustration adds to your growth and skill!

Super September! by Doodlewash

This inspiring challenge beckons creatives to explore the world of watercolours and bring their visions to life during the month of Super September. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced painter, the Doodlewash challenge is open to all ages and levels, encouraging you to express yourself with sketching and painting!

TinkerSketch September Art Challenge

Put together by Tinkerlab, this daily sketchbook practice is the perfect way to explore your imagination, experiment with various techniques and materials, and free yourself from the stresses of everyday life in an enjoyable and whimsical manner. Let your inner artist run wild and unlock your full potential

10. October Art Challenges


Inktober is an amazing opportunity for you to stretch your artistic muscles and express yourself through creativity! Founded by Jake Parker, it is a fantastic challenge that encourages you to grow, practice, and share your artwork with other creative minds. Each year, Inktober provides a prompt list for you to follow, and the only real rule is that you must use ink! So why not join in and experience the joy of creating art!


In October, artist Brian Soria created Drawlloween as an inspiring challenge for all Halloween-loving creatives. With no media restrictions, it is a chance to unleash your imagination and explore the monster-filled world of Halloween.


Every year, Doodlewash invites you to take part in their exciting art challenge! Let your creativity soar as you explore the possibilities of using watercolours, drawing materials or a combination of the two. This autumn, join the challenge and explore the beauty of the season! Unleash your imagination and discover the magic of watercolour.


Be inspired by the beauty of autumn and join Tinkerlab’s October art challenge, Tinkersketch! An inclusive challenge suitable for artists around the world, Tinkersketch is an opportunity to explore your drawing skills in a fun, stress-free environment. Expand your creative boundaries, and let your imagination soar!


This October, let’s get creative and explore the magical world of witches! Anything goes – paint, draw, sculpt, write – it’s up to you! Witchtober is a great opportunity for artists to express their talents and collaborate with each other through unique prompt lists. Let the magic begin!


October is a magical time for aspiring and professional tattoo artists to bring their wildest tattoo-style illustrations to life! Inkt-tober is a perfect opportunity to explore your creativity and expand your portfolio with some amazing October-themed designs. So grab your pens and unleash your vision of beauty – the possibilities are endless! Let’s make this month a celebration of artistry!


Since 2014, Goretober has been a great source of inspiration for artists looking to explore the darker realms of art. With an ever-evolving list of prompts, Goretober encourages all types of art, from traditional to digital mediums, to be used in order to create stunningly unique pieces. Open your imagination and discover what Goretober has to offer!


If creating stunning landscapes is something that truly excites you, then it’s time to take up Brellian and Thainaaraujoe’s October art challenge! This is your opportunity to pursue your passion and see where it takes you- the possibilities are limitless! So why not take the plunge and get creative with the prompt list?


This unique community-driven challenge invites all artists to explore their own artistic expression in any medium, providing an opportunity to push the boundaries of your imagination. You are encouraged to unlock your creative potential and explore the depths of your imagination, never settling on the first idea that comes to mind. Share your initial sketches and stories with others so that they may be inspired as you have been!


This ‘Creeptober‘, take on a creative challenge and create something inspiring each day throughout October! Get creative with any medium of your choosing and express yourself in whatever way you desire. It’s a great opportunity to explore your artistic side and get inspired!

Obscutober III

Nikolas Tower is a talented and inspiring artist from Greece who has created the Obscutober III art challenge, allowing budding creatives to express their individual talent and imagination. Each day presents a unique theme, giving participants the opportunity to explore their creativity and create a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork every day. What a great way to ignite the artist within!


Catober is an inspiring challenge to celebrate the beauty of cats and other majestic feline creatures.


Martith’s challenge is an inspiring opportunity to express your creativity! Draw a fox each day with prompts as your guide, and watch your foxes come to life with each brushstroke!

11. November Art Challenges


Huevember celebrates color and encourages you to explore different hues as daily prompts, making it a truly inspiring experience. Make this challenge your favorite and explore the diversity of art!

Tinkersketch November Art Challenge

The TinkerSketch Challenge, put together by Tinkerlab, is the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing. Each day gives you a new prompt that you can make your own, leading to endless possibilities and inspirations for you to discover! Let your imagination run wild and make November a month of artful exploration.


It was created with the intention of slowing down and focusing on one single project for the month of November. Created by children’s book illustrator Lee White, Inktober creator Jake Parker and Will Terry, Slowvember encourages artists to take their time with a single project over the course of the month of November, inspiring creativity and leading to beautiful works of art.


Let’s join the Dinovember challenge and use our creativity to explore the fascinating history of dinosaurs! Whether you’re an experienced artist or a beginner, this is a great opportunity to have fun and learn something new!

12. December Art Challenges

December Art Challenge by Xquissive

Embrace the wonder and creativity of December with the Xquissive Art Challenge! Let the holiday season inspire you as you explore the weekly prompts, each offering a unique spark for your imagination. Enjoy the creative journey as you witness your ideas come alive.

Drawcember Art Challenge

As the winter chill sets in, it’s time to embrace the creative inside of you! Drawcember is here to provide a daily dose of inspiration and creative challenges – perfect for honing your skills and passing those chilly days indoors. Let the creativity flow and get ready to be amazed by what you can create each day!

Tinkerlab December Art Challenge

The December Art Challenge by Tinkersketch is a magical opportunity for creatives to explore and expand their artistic capabilities! Let your imagination take the reins and be inspired by the maker words provided – discover new ways to express your creativity and have some fun with a holiday twist. Join in and let your artistry shine!


Virginia Greene and Justine Lee Hirten were so inspired by the October art challenge Inktober, that they decided to create their own bird-themed challenge, Decembird! With their passion for art and creativity, this challenge is sure to bring out the best in all artists and ignite their imaginations.

The Printable Art Challenge Calendar

Click here to download the Monthly Art Challenge Calendar that you can print out.

art challenges calendar printable
art challenges calendar printable

Year Round Art Challenges

  1. Draw this again
  2. 100 Heads Challenge
  3. ArtvsArtist
  4. Toon Me
  5. Daily Sketch for a Year
  6. Draw this in your style

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