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10 Best Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram

10 Hidden Gems of the Instagram Design World

Whether you’re looking for curated design pages or specific artists themselves – we’ve got you covered. We’ve taken the time to dive deep into the Instagram design world and hand-picked a couple of our favourites just for you. Although you might recognize a couple of these well-known design pages below, we guarantee you’ll come across some highly underrated, fresh talent from all ends of the globe that will surely serve as a source for some design inspiration. Take a seat and get ready for the 10 Best Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram!

Our top 10 of hidden Instagram Profiles

  1. Elenor Kopka / @elenorkopka
  2. Vasjen Katro / @vasjenkatro / @baugasm
  3. Lorenzo Plaatjies / @lorenzoplaatjies
  4. Cheuklun Lo / @cheuklunlo
  5. Yomagick / @yomagick
  6. Adam Rosol / @adxmboni
  7. Rud Cef / @rud_cef
  8. Steven Harrington / @s_harrington
  9. June Digann / @junedigann
  10. Xquissive / @xquissive

1. Elenor Kopka  /  @elenorkopka

Kopka is a German illustrator and animator. Her style is incredibly unique, resemblant of dot work or spray-paint. Her work has been featured on both Adult Swim and MTV among others.

Best Instagram Account elenorkopka

2. Vasjen Katro  /  @vasjenkatro  /  @baugasm

Vasjen is a highly talented graphic and UI/UX designer, as well as a film photographer. He runs two IG accounts – one showcasing his film photography, the other, a curated page of daily digital posters.

Best Instagram account - vasjenkatro
Best Instagram Account - baugasm

3. Lorenzo Plaatjies  /  @lorenzoplaatjies

From Johannesburg, South Africa, Plaatjies is a talented creative developer and artist. His on-trend, digitally painted sketches feature music artists, celebrities, local influencers and top designer brands.

Best Instagram Account - lorenzoplaatjies

4. Cheuklun Lo  /  @cheuklunlo

Hong Kong based Cheuklun Lo is a talented still life photographer, who has both won and been nominated for a number of photography competitions around the world. Lo founded his own studio called ‘STUFF’ in 2009, and is continuously putting out elegant new content that is sure to ignite your creative side.

Best Instagram Account - cheuklunlo

5. Yomagick  /  @yomagick

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Yomagick is a freelance 3D artist and graphic designer. His work features abstract landscape scenes using predominantly pastel and muted tones. With an almost dreamlike, fantasy feel, Yomagick undoubtedly sets himself apart as an incredibly unique artist.

Best Instagram Account - yomagick

6. Adam Rosol  /  @adxmboni

Adam Rosol is a standout 3D artist from the Czech Republic. His unique aesthetic pairs bright colour palettes with edgy, experimental subject matter. His pieces are meticulously crafted to create incredibly lifelike, 3D artworks.

Best Instagram Account - adxmboni

7. Rud Cef  /  @rud_cef

Based in Seoul, Korea, Rud Cef is an illustrator that has worked with the likes of Sony, Adidas, Nike and music artist A$AP Rocky. His illustrations are inherently unique, fashioning an animated, comic-like style.

Best Instagram Account - rud_cef

8. Steven Harrington  /  @s_harrington

Based in Los Angeles, California, Steven Harrington is a contemporary artist famous for his psychedelic-pop style. He takes on a multimedia approach, creating a diverse range of art pieces that are all true to his style. His work has been showcased in a number of galleries around the world. Both his talent and his success as an artist are undeniably inspirational.

Best Instagram Account - s_harrington

9. June Digann  /  @junedigann

June Digann is a graphic designer and illustrator from Manila in the Philippines. Digann predominantly uses traditional mediums like watercolours, acrylics and gouache to create whimsical stories and scenes. Her charming illustrations are overflowing with creativity and sure to instigate some within you!

Best Instagram Account - junedigann

10. Xquissive  /  @xquissive

As a one stop shop for all your design needs, Xquissive works to provide creatives with resources, design tips and inspiration. Featuring a number of interviews, reviews and how-to guides, Xquissive is always looking to showcase new talent and provide designers with the latest programs, templates and other resources. If you’re a designer and would like to be featured, make sure to reach out either via DM or the Xquissive site.

Best Instagram Account - xquissive
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