April Art Challenges

Art challenges work to inspire creativity and allow creatives to create art in a fun and stress-free way. Why not put some time aside this upcoming April to create a unique piece of art every day, exercise your imagination and develop your art skills! We’ve put together a list of some April art challenges taking place this month that you can take part in.

April Art Challenge: Spring Things

What is the April Art Challenge: Spring Things?

Run by Doodlewash, this April art challenge is all about Spring things! This challenge encourages participants to step out of their comfort zones, try new techniques and have fun by taking part in this challenge running through the month of April.

Put time aside every day during the month to be creative! The theme itself symbolizes new beginnings, growth and rejuvenation. By following the official April Art Challenge: Prompt List April Art Challenge, you’ll be given daily prompts to draw inspiration from!

Are there any rules?

There are no rules for this challenge other than to keep the daily painting habit alive by creating something new every day during the month of April. Another rule is to take part in the challenge in a way that you enjoy most.

What Materials Do I Need?

For this challenge you’ll need some paper or a sketchbook and maybe some watercolours.  Because this challenge is affiliated with the World Watercolour Group, you’re encouraged to use watercolours in your daily pieces. You might want to mix mediums with pens, pencils or markers but that’s completely up to you.

Join the community!

If you decide to take part in the challenge and use watercolours, why not share your work online to share with fellow creatives? Make sure to use the hashtag #worldwatercolorgroup. By doing so, other creatives who have taken part in the challenge can see what you’ve created, and you can see theirs too!

Prompt List April Art Challenge

For more info visit their website.

Doodlewash april art challenge 2022
April Art Challenges 23

Tinkersketch April Art Challenge

What is the Tinkersketch April Art Challenge?

This challenge invites creatives to come together and take part in this daily art challenge running through the month of April. You’ll be given 30 prompts for each day during the month that you can use as a source of inspiration for this daily sketchbook practice. You only really need to set aside a minimum of 5 minutes a day for this challenge. Tinkersketch stresses that you don’t need to have any creative experience to take part , the idea is to play with both materials and ideas in a stress free, fun way!

Are there any rules?

The only rule is to create a new artwork every day throughout the month. This challenge welcomes any and all ages and experience levels!

What Materials Do I Need?

All you’ll really need is something to draw or paint on and something to draw or paint with. There are no restrictions on what mediums you can use, so feel free to use whatever you like!

Join the community!

If you decide to take part in Tinkerlab’s April Art Challenge, make sure to share your work across social media using the hashtag #tinkersketch. By doing so, you’ll be able to share your work with other creatives, or view the work of others, as well as get involved in the Tinkerlab’s community.

Prompt List Tinkersketch April Art Challenge

April Art Challenge Tinkerlab 2022
April Art Challenges 24

For more info visit their website.

Inky April Drawing Challenge

Inky April Drawing Challenge
Inky April 2022 Art Prompts

What is Inky April?

Run by Kick in the Creatives, this art challenge is centred around inky art! This challenge encourages creatives to not use a pencil and eraser in the month of April. This unique challenge challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and look at things a little differently.

Are there any rules?

The only real rule of this challenge is to push yourself to step out of your usual comfort zone and only use ink.

InkyApril prompt list

Inky April 2022 Art Prompts
Inky April 2022 Art Prompts

What Materials Do I Need?

You are encouraged to experiment with different tools, such as dip-pens, fountain pens, biro pens, a brush pen, even a twig! So remember, it must be INK alone!

Join the community!

If you decide to take part in the Inky April challenge, why not share your work with other creatives?

Kick in the Creatives encourages you to post and share your work online across any and all social media platforms. If you decide to do so, make sure to use the hashtags #kickinthecreatives and #AbstractArtApril, as well as tag @kickinthecreatives. You could be featured on their blog!

For more info visit their website.

You can also checkout the other 2 art challenges Kick in the Creatives host:

Adventure April

What is Adventure April?

This unique challenge was created by @mattydraws prompts creatives to create fantasy character designs every day during the month of April.

The goal is to expand and push your creativity throughout the month. Whether you decide to take on large canvases or doodle on an old receipt, all that matters is you create something new every day!

Something that is emphasized in this challenge is its stress free nature. If you happen to miss a day or start late, it’s no problem at all – post when you can.

Are there any rules?

Other than using the prompt list as inspiration and trying to complete a new, unique piece every day, there are no rules!

What Materials Do I Need?

For this challenge you can use any medium you’d like, so have fun! You can use pencils, pens, markers, paint or even resin – it’s completely up to you!

Join the community!

If you decide to take part in Adventure April, make sure to share your work across social media using the hashtag #AdventureApril. By doing so, you’ll be able to share your work with other creatives or view the work of others!

Prompt List AdventureApril

Let us know in the comments what your favourite art-challenge of this month is! Which one are you participating in or did we miss one? If you want to learn more about the basics, make sure to read our art challenge guide.

Do you want to improve your drawing skills? Make sure to read our article where we take a look at the Best Art Classes you can follow online. Combining an art class with an art challenge is a great way to get started! You could also take a look at our curated top 10 of drawing books to help you improve your drawing or for extra inspiration or new techniques.

If you’re curious about other art challenges coming up this year, make sure to check out our overview of yearly art challenges or our art challenge calendar. If you are looking for drawing inspiration, make sure you check out our drawing ideas generator.

Courses & Tutorials

Why not improve your skills or learn some new incredible techniques by taking a course? See all our courses or check out one of these selected courses here:


Interested in taking part in any of these challenges this month? We’ve got some resources just for you to give you a kick start!

Traditional Drawing equipment

Check out the sketchbooks, pencils and other tools below that will help you build a daily routine in practicing your creative skills.

Digital Brushes

If you’re a digital artist, make sure to check out these great Photoshop and Procreate ink brushes from Grutbrushes. These realistic, responsive and natural brushes will inspire you without a doubt. Grutbrushes offers a lot of free samples, so you can try anything without risk. Check out our Grutbrushes review if you’d like to know more and see more (free) samples.

Reatlist Watercolour Brush for Photoshop from Grutbrushes
Demo of the Grutbrushes Watercolour Brush which is perfect to use for Huevember

Digital Hardware

A drawing tablet could definitely help you in your creative flow too. Most drawing tablets are touch sensitive and are highly accurate. The main advantage of a drawing tablet is the natural feeling when drawing. They are perfect for creating detailed illustrations, drawings or digital paintings.

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