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Best of Huevember

If you’re a creative that regularly takes part in art challenges, you probably know that after Inktober, comes Huevember. Huevember is an art challenge in which each daily prompt is a new colour hue, in comparison to Inktober where each daily prompt is a new ‘subject’. The artistic style of the artists that participate in Huevember seems to be different than that of the Inktober participants. If you think you know why, let us know in the comment section!

Our Best of Inktober 2020 article was extremely well-received, so we thought, why not write one on the Best of Huevember? Although Huevember is growing in popularity, it’s not quite as big as Inktober (yet?), so instead of a daily update, we’ll do a weekly one.

The Huevember Prompt List

As a quick reminder, this is the official Huevember 2020 Prompt List:

Official Huevember Prompt List 2020
Official Huevember Prompt List 2020

The Best illustrations of Huevember 2020

Let’s dive in – here are some of the Best Illustrations of Huevember 2020!

Best of Huevember Week 1

Here is a selection of 9 illustrations from the first week of Huevember 2020 that we liked most! We’ve sorted the illustrations by colour hue.

Make sure to check out the artists who created these works. Thank you liyajuly_, mahou.shoujo, kyarix_, art_of_tate, shakalkatia, clarissaanello, suvmagnolia, heyphifi and lunacy hilly for your colourful and inspiring works!

Best of Huevember Week 2

For the second week of Huevember we have selected these 8 beautiful artworks created by the following talented artists: oretsuu, shakalkatia, chasing.mania, danie_mahaffey, kyarix_, steph_mckee_art, lindseyrmunson and depxri.arts. Make sure to check out their profiles and give them some support!

Make sure to come back next week to see our favourite illustrations of Huevember Week 3…

Best of Huevember Week 3

Feel free to leave a comment if you have suggestions on who to follow or if you think we should feature your art!


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