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Best of Inktober 2020

Many artists around the world participate in the Inktober 2020 challenge. Every day in October, people are challenging themselves to create some awesome art – based on this list:

Inktober 2020 promptlist
source: Inktober.com

Best artworks of Inktober 2020

Every day during Inktober 2020 we will select a few of the coolest artworks that have been posted on Instagram tagged with #inktober2020 or similar and feature them in this article. Are they the Best of Inktober 2020? Let these great artworks work as an inspiration to you!

What is Inktober?

That’s a good question, but we are not going to talk about that here :)
Read all about Inktober here and get some great tips and tricks too!

1. Fish

These are the interpretations of the first day of Inktober 2020 by 1ika11, Missdemure_ink and Panxiart. They all have different styles and interpretations, but WOW, aren’t these awesome?

2. Wisp

Day 2 of Inktober 2020 delivered so many new, beautiful submissions. It was difficult to select just 3. Check out these awesome interpretations of prompt 2 – ‘Wisp’ by the talented theart_of_a_wolf, art_bohdan and drbn_ln.

3. Bulky

Day 3 of Inktober 2020 gives us the prompt 3 – ‘Bulky’. Check out these three totally different interpretations and styles by yorgos_jok, scarletcolour and victorkevruh.

4. Radio

Today’s Inktober prompt number 4 – ‘Radio’. It has brought us some incredible artworks by
_andrea.arts_, bro_ka_li and jomeeo.

5. Blade

‘Blade’ is prompt 5 of todays Inktober. If you have never done so, we highly recommend to search daily on Instagram for #inktober2020 or #inktober2020theme, where you replace ‘theme’ for the prompt of today.

Today we feature the original artworks of kayoko9070, kozo4ka_a and mmmylennaa.

6. Rodent

For today’s Inktober prompt number 6 – ‘Rodent’ we have found three fantastic artists with totally different styles and interpretations of today’s theme. Make sure to check out the profiles from alex.terez, ronchurchill.art and tequil.art on Instagram.

7. Fancy

We assume that you expect some fancy art over here, since today’s Inktober prompt 7 is ‘Fancy’. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed with these great illustrations from coolarthere, juliver.art and kloodwig.

8. Teeth

‘Teeth’ is todays prompt for Inktober 2020. Today we feature the submissions from arja_art, annagenetta.art and annafleet_illo. What we like is that there are so many styles. Don’t be limited to just one style. Dare to experiment!

9. Throw

Doodleyounge, Ilaroseart and irenebofill_ilustracion have created beautiful illustrations for today’s prompt number 9: ‘Throw’.

10. Hope

We love today’s Inktober prompt ‘Hope’ for what it stands for. Artists kotha.arts, relatable.chaos and rudoi made lovely interpretations of the subject.

11. Disgusting

Disgusting‘ is the prompt of day eleven of Inktober 2020. We have selected truly disgusting artworks (in this case that’s a compliment) from gx470madu, scrambled_lines and tara420.

12. Slippery

Today’s Inktober prompt is ‘Slippery’. Valio_art, habbenink and alyssiabenard managed to stay out of the obvious and have create these beautiful creative illustrations.

13. Dune

We’re almost halfway one of the largest art contests of the world: Inktober 2020. We are stunned by the quality of the artworks and it’s a pleasure to search the web every day for the best and most creative submissions.

Today’s we feature the creations of la.la.lev, mr.gribouilleee and myweirdart_ for the prompt of today ‘Dune’.

14. Armor

‘Armor’ is today’s prompt of Inktober 2020. You won’t be able to shoot any holes into the selection of today (har har). Make sure to check out the Instagram accounts of vrushankgajjar, arianabarreno, dannartstagram.

15. Outpost

Wow! The first half of Inktober 2020 went by fast! We are so proud to have featured so many incredibly talented artists so far! Don’t forget to check the Instagram profiles of the artists when you like their art, because there’s more to discover on their profiles.

The prompt for day 15 is ‘outpost’. Check out the beautiful artworks of mariarigaart, izigaieski and devisoewono.

16. Rocket

Today’s prompt is ‘rocket’. Talented mari.volkova, quintocestudio and tonigalmesdibuixos have created really creative illustrations.

17. Storm

‘Storm’ is today’s prompt for Inktober 2020. Every day it seems harder to find the Best Illustrations of Inktober 2020, but we think we found three awesome ones for today!
Make sure to check out and follow _its.justceleste, lerennis and re_stephenson who we feature today.

18. Trap

Prompt 18 of Inktober 2020 is ‘Trap’. We are happy to have found the beautiful interpretations of todays prompt from eliedwardart, nleigh_artsy and pollisgallery.

19. Dizzy

‘Dizzy’ is the prompt for day 19 of Inktober 2020. Thank you andiawanart, purealism and stevenwen for creating these beautiful illustrations.

20. Coral

Today’s prompt ‘coral’ is a tough one. How are you going to capture something as colourful and beautiful like coral with mainly black ink? Today’s featured artists, stroke.and.stitch, pola.libra and alx.fsl did a wonderful job.

21. Sleep

With the days becoming shorter and colder, today’s prompt ‘Sleep’ must be everyone’s favourite activity… well, aside making art of course! One thing is for sure: heohlart, shinkareva_draw and seicospb have created beautiful illustrations of today’s theme.

22. Chef

So what’s cooking today with today’s prompt number 22 ‘Chef’? We know the recipe, but what do the creative cooks create with their equipment? Check out these awesome works of art by frozen_illusionist, Luigi.kemo and katinka_artt.

23. RIP

RIP? Well no rest in peace for the participants of Inktober 2020 yet, because we still have one week to go! Check out the fantastic artworks of harerta.t, lmathilde_art and no_n_draw for today’s prompt ‘RIP’.

24. Dig

Today’s prompt for Inktober 2020 is ‘Dig’. We found these beautiful submissions for Inktober by lethalchris, marshallalmeida and michaelbuntyn. Make sure to visit their Instagram profiles for more incredible work.

25. Buddy

‘Buddy’ is today’s prompt for Inktober 2020. After two somewhat depressing prompts this one has some more compassion. We found three artists who created illustrations with a compassionate touch in it. Visit koningmeteenkroontje, malinina.paint and meufouine to see more of their artwork.

26. Hide

You can run but you can’t hide from Xquissive. We will search the web and find you the best free and premium products, write cool articles and find you the best illustrations of today’s prompt ‘hide’.

The illustrations from annagriot, g.r.e.t.a.m.a.r.i.e and timrees96 are beautiful. Make sure to check out their profiles for more awesome art.

27. Music

Today’s Inktober 2020 prompt is ‘music’. A drumroll is in place while I introduce the fantastic illustrations of andre.passos, lisafieldsill and mariajosecabralilustra.

28. Float

Today’s Inktober prompt is ‘float’. We selected 3 beautiful illustrations from alona_dekan, irina_vegele_art and zsifis_tattoo. Make sure to check out their Instagram profile!

29. Shoes

Only a few days to go and Inktober 2020 is a wrap. Today’s prompt is ‘shoes’, so take those shoes on and follow me to the most eye-catching illustrations of today!
Thank you ilustratorium.sara, namitha_raveendranathan and velillart for these great submissions.

30. Ominous

‘Ominous’ is the second last prompt of this year’s Inktober 2020. Check out what a great illustrations alexamakes_, matto.arts and anselmyew created.

31. Crawl

It felt like Inktober never was going to end! We have great respect for all the artists that kept on going and posted one artwork every single day, it’s really a tremendous performance!

Prompt 31 is ‘crawl’. Thank you sashagrr_illustration, svetlana.ihsanova and rosen.arts for your beautiful work.

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