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Huevember 2020

What is Huevember?

This November based art challenge is a sure favourite of ours! The challenge sets itself apart from other art challenges as it uses different colour hues as daily prompts. Each year a new official prompt list is put out by the creator of the challenge, Matthieu Daures. However, there are a number of other prompt list variations in which artists have taken it upon themselves to create their own unique colour palettes for other creatives to use. 

Official Huevember Prompt List for 2020

Official Huevember Prompt List 2020
Official Huevember Prompt List 2020

The Huevember rules according to the creator Matthieu Daures:

  • 1 drawing per day
  • 1 main hue per day
  • Any medium

Each day gives you the hue of the colour, but of course you can change the value and the saturation of that colour.

You can put all the colours you want in your drawing, as long as the hue of the day stays the main visible colour of the image.

Alternative Prompt Lists for Huevember

Below we’ve added some alternative prompt lists created by creatives that you can follow this Huevember too. Prompt lists by @harlequinsiren and @aztiluth on DeviantArt

Share your work

Share your work with your friends, family and fellow creatives online! No matter your preferred social media platform make sure to use the hashtag #Huevember when sharing your work online. By sharing your art, you’ll immerse yourself within the Huevember artist community, get a chance to show off your work, as well as view the work of others!

Below you see some of the submissions of earlier editions of Huevember. Be sure to follow a_bluebanana, byrowanne, oryaakov.art, saren_hale, sepezzz, squidneydoodles and yookikiku.

We reached out to Huevember’s creator Matthieu Daures to tell us a little bit more about Huevember.

Where it all began

“So I started Huevember because my friends and I were taking part in the Inktober challenge; we were really motivated at this time and we thought it could be cool to take part in a  challenge the following month. I thought it would be nice to have one based on colour. I personally wanted to get better at using colour and digital painting so – I had the idea of Huevember!”

Any rules, tips or tricks?

“The main idea is: 1 hue per day. You’re invited to make a painting (illustration, whatever you like) that is based predominantly around this hue. This means that you can use any other colours in your work too, but if you were to blur your completed drawing until it resembles one distinct colour – that colour should have the hue of the day. The idea was that at the end of the month, when you put all your artworks next to each other in order, you’d notice a sense of continuity through the colours, like some kind of subtle rainbow.”

You are free to use whatever other colours you’d like. There are also no limitations regarding medium – so have fun!

robyn williams huevember
Robyn Williams huevember 30

Think outside the box

“One important thing to understand is that the prompt list wheel gives you the main hue, but that’s it. You are free to use the value and the saturation you want, and even other hues, as long as the final result gravitates mainly around the hue of the day. I see a lot of people creating super brightly coloured drawings because the hues on the wheels are set at maximum saturation. You definitely don’t have to – it’s simply an example to demonstrate your level of freedom!

But I would also add that everyone is free to interpret the challenge however they like – follow my rules, don’t follow them, the important part is that the challenge gets you motivated to draw or paint. Hopefully you’ll enjoy yourself and learn something new about colours.

Any medium can be used. Someone once took part in Huevember by making plushies, which was amazing!”

Words of advice

“Your motivation and how much of yourself you choose to invest in the challenge is entirely up to you. You shouldn’t put yourself under any unnecessary pressure – you’re meant to have fun! Don’t worry about missing a day during the month because you couldn’t find the motivation or the time. What’s great about Huevember is that even if, for example, you were to only take part every other day (or less often), you’d still have a beautiful gradient of hues at the end of month where you’ll be able to put together all the images you made.”

carmina louise san juan huevember
Carmina Louise San Juan huevember 30

How to make time everyday

A key tip would be to manage your time well and plan ahead. There will come a day (or a few days) in the month of November where you feel incredibly demotivated and uninspired – but that’s okay! Huevember is about having fun and working on your skills, so make sure to find a plan, timetable or process that works best for you. Flow with what you enjoy and feel driven to do. Remember to be patient with yourself and by the end of the month you’ll have a collection of work you’ll be incredibly proud of.

Set up a workspace

By having a workspace already set up for your November creative adventure you’ll avoid wasting time and energy setting up a space every day. It has also been proven that having a designated workspace greatly supports productivity and will undoubtedly help while you try to adjust to this new daily routine. As a tip, try setting up both your space as well as a resource bank of tools, inspiration and creative ideas that you can easily access throughout the month.

elena mozhvilo watercolour workspace huevember
Elena Mozhvilo – watercolour workspace huevember

Yearly art challenges

Would you like to take part in other art challenges running throughout the year? Check out our Yearly Art Challenge article that unpacks all our favourite creative challenges that you can take part in! If you don’t want to participate in an art challenge, but if you’re just looking for some drawing ideas, be sure to check out our drawing ideas generator!

Need some resources?

Check out these great Photoshop ink brushes from Grutbrushes to get started on your digital ink drawings with realistic, responsive and natural brush styles. Grutbrushes offers a lot of free samples, so you can try anything without risk. Check out our Grutbrushes review if you’d like to know more.

Reatlist Watercolour Brush for Photoshop from Grutbrushes
Demo of the Grutbrushes Watercolour Brush which is perfect to use for Huevember

A drawing tablet, like one from the Wacom Intuos series, could help you in your creative flow too. Most drawing tablets are touch sensitive and are highly accurate. They are perfect for creating detailed illustrations, drawings or digital paintings.

If you’d like to familiarize yourself with using different colour palettes or learn more about the importance of colour itself, check out our articles about Colour Theory in Design and our review of the 3 best Colour Palette Generators to find perfect matching colours.

Oh and one last thing. If you are too late for Huevember, or Huevember isn’t your kind of challenge. Make sure to check out our article where we take a look at other Yearly Art Challenges, like Inktober, ArtvsArtist and many other trending art challenges.

For more about the challenge and examples of Huevember work you can visit https://facebook.com/huevember/ or https://huevember.tumblr.com

Best of Huevember 2020

Our Best of Huevember 2020 article is live! It’s updated a few times in the week during Huevember 2020, so make sure to follow it! During this month you can let us know which artists we should follow or feature, so make sure to tag anyone who deserve it!



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