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Woody Photoshop Design Kit

The Woody Photoshop Design Kit

If you want to make a text look like wood, create a wooden sign or decorate a text with leaves, you really should check out this design kit. It contains all the tools that you will need to do just that… and a lot more!

This incredible design toolkit contains 76 layer styles and a lot of extra’s and is created by Graphic Spirit.

The video below shows the Photoshop Toolkit in action and gives a good impression on the ease of use and possibilities:

YouTube video

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This amazing toolkit contains the following styles and extra’s:

76 LAYER STYLES (72 and 300 dpi):

  • 12 Wood
  • 7 Bark
  • 3 Charcoal
  • 1 Corkwood
  • 1 Firewood
  • 14 Leaves
  • 7 Old Wood
  • 6 Painted
  • 3 Parquet
  • 16 Planking
  • 2 Sawdust
  • 2 Nail Heads
  • 2 Carving


  • 50 Badges PNG
  • 9 Chains PNG
  • 32 Leaves PNG
  • 27 Nail Heads PNG
  • 14 Ropes PNG
  • 19 Signs PNG
  • Laconic Long Shadow Actions
  • Leaves Brushes

Can you even imagine what cool stuff you can do with this toolkit to create authentic wooden designs in a flash?

A Commercial Licence is included.

This toolkit is available for download at designbundles.com.


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