The state of affairs: The year 2020 has been tumultuous. It feels like an understatement to say that the worldwide pandemic has changed our lives dramatically.  As I write this today, 135 million people have contracted the disease and over 3 million have died.  Living with the pandemic has changed how we live, interact and communicate:  We have grown accustomed to a world of closed borders, social distancing, mask-wearing, lockdowns and a life spent largely indoors.

It is difficult to estimate the scope of the economic repercussions. Analysts have stated that COVID-19 has triggered the worst recession since World War 2: People all over the world have lost their jobs; companies have gone bust and the IMF estimates that the global economy has shrunk by 4,4% in 2020. 

While this new reality we have entered may feel like a bad, never-ending dream, it has also given many of us the chance to hit pause, look around and within:  Challenging times force us to confront ourselves and can be turned into times of growth. While times such as these can be disorienting, they can also make us ask the important questions, help us separate the essential from the superfluous and create space for us to listen to our inner voice: What is really important to me?

Where do I want to focus my time and energy?

These are essential questions that can be asked on a personal level, but also regarding your professional life and your business.

If you are a freelance designer or business owner, the pandemic may have helped you re-think your business strategy and priorities.  As the world around us has ground to a halt many of us have received the most valuable good:

  • Time
  • Time to reflect
  • Time to go within
  • Time to question, to re-set, to plan…

Despite the introduction of the vaccine, the uncertainty regarding the present and future is far from over. But not all hope is lost: In January 2021, the IMF projected 5,5% of global economic growth in 2021.

What does this mean for the Print on Demand businesses?

Despite the recession, 2020 has seen a continuation of a global increase in e-commerce. Projections show that this trend will continue. For example, MordorIntelligence predicts a CAGR of 2,24% between 2021 and 2026 in the commercial printing market. This is hardly surprising given that the lockdowns have forced us to move most of our lives online.

While many have lost during the pandemic, there are also some clear winners: The platform Amazon upped their annual revenue by 38% in 2020.  The platform Printful has experienced an “80% year over year increase in order count over the last three quarters of 2020”. In the midst of the pandemic, Etsy reported a 16,4% year over year growth in active buyers, whereas the number of active sellers increased by 26,4%. All this shows that while POD is becoming an increasingly saturated market and there is a growth in supply, there is also a growth in demand. Due to the recession, people have less money to spend. More people are trying to make a quick buck online.  

On the other hand: Being homebound gives everyone a lot of time to shop online…

Why not use this time to either start or grow your own POD business?

It is likely that being stuck at home allows you to do just that!  

Of course, success will not come by itself.  There is plenty of competition and the times are unpredictable. However, employing the right strategy will heighten your chances of turning a profit.

The question is: How?

Gatis Dukurst (co-founder of Printify) predicts in this article that “online shopping will gain greater momentum” in 2021. He advises POD sellers to “think more about their target audience before designing products”, stating that “next year’s leaders could be the ones who follow trends; target lucrative, personalized markets; and offer differentiated products that fit that specific niche”, concluding that “nimbleness will win the day in 2021”.

To see the full article from Forbes magazine (which we highly recommend), click here.

Adaptability seems to be the word of the day

If you are in the POD business, finding the right niches is essential. It can make the difference between wasting your time and creating a profitable business.

And this is where The Heidorn 1000 Ultimate Niche list comes in….

Heirdorn Niche Report Review
Heirdorn Niche Report Review

The Heidorn 1000 Ultimate Niche List Review

So, how do you find the right Niche for your POD business? The Heidorn 1000 Ultimate Niche List promises to help you do just that. For the price of only $ 6,99 you will get a comprehensive list of 700+ niches and 1100+ subniches ranging from “Aerobics” to “Zoology”.  For each niche you will receive the following information:

  • A list of sub-niches
  • An indication of whether the niche (or subniche) has a seasonal demand (including the time period and peak volume)
  • average monthly search volume for that niche (Amazon-specific)
  • monthly Amazon-specific search volume for the niche in combination with a particular product type (t-shirt, hoodie, stickers)
  • Christian Heidorn’s assessment of the relative attractiveness of the niche for different product categories (clothing, footwear, phone cases, bags, homeware, stationary, kitchenware, wall art)

The report is 53 pages long and everything is arranged in a way that makes it incredibly easy to find the necessary information. Moreover, you will get lifetime access to updates.

Seems like a no-brainer, right?

The worst that can happen: You have invested $ 6,99 and it turns out the report was not as useful as you hoped.

In the best-case scenario, the report will help you identify where to put your time and energy as you build your own POD business. To put it simply: It will save you time and help you make money by supplying you with well-organised market niche research.

Niche List Heidorn
The Heidorn 1000 Niche List

What we think of The Heidorn 1000 Niche List


We believe that The Heidorn 1000 Niche List is great value for money. Most of the people who have made the purchase seem to be satisfied: Out of 41 reviews, 80 % of customers have given 5 stars.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the research it offers is Amazon-specific. This means that if you are offering your products on other platforms, you should use the data offered as an indicator and complement it with your own research.  While it is likely that the given niche is equally attractive (or unattractive) at alternative POD selling platforms, the customer base may be different.

niche list animation
The Heidorn 1000 Niche List

It is also important to keep in mind that anyone can buy the report: Your competitor’s can get access to the same information for the same price and might end up going for the same niche as you.  The report is not a quick fix for your business: While the information it contains may be valuable, what matters (as always) is how you use it.

Last, but not least

If you should not be satisfied with the report, Christian Heidorn promises to give you a full refund within the first seven days after your purchase.

You can get the free list of Niches and the pro-version (including all the information mentioned above) here: 


An alternative to The Heidorn 1000 Niche List could be:

You can also consider to follow this course of Ryan Hogue: POD Niche Research. Learn from an expert what (free) tools, search methods and identifying trends you can use to find the perfect niche to work on next.

YouTube video
Learn more about the POD Niche Research course from Ryan Hogue.

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Did you find this article useful? We would love to hear what you think:

How has the year 2020 treated your POD business? Have you tried the Heidorn Niche List? Has it helped your business? Has this article answered your questions about the Heidorn Niche List? What else would you like to know? We would love your feedback!

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