Cute and Adorable Winter Illustration Clipart Kit

Grab This amazing and cute Winter Illustration Clipart Kit for ONLY $28 Today with over 154 elements, this pack will cover all your winter designing needs and you’ll have an absolute blast doing it!

Included in this kit are carefully crafted set of winter bears, foxes, reindeer and bird clipart with everything you’ll need – from the adorable characters to winter accessories, to all the floral Do It Yourself and make fun creating your next big design.

Included in this set:

  • 11 Brown Bears
  • 11 Snow Bears
  • 11 Little Foxes
  • 6 Reindeer
  • 5 Birds
  • 12 Hot Cocoa Hot Tubs
  • 11 Snow Globe Elements
  • 3 Sleds
  • 6 Stockings
  • 1 Lamp Post
  • 4 Presents
  • 1 Toy Bunny
  • 37 Flowers & Leaves
  • 13 Pre-made Arrangements
  • 10 Floral Wreaths
  • 3 Plain Double Hoops
  • 10 Ribbons
cute bears with deer and sleigh
bears on hot cocoa tub
bears on big socks and snow globe
brown bears
cute 11 pink bears

deer and birds
flowers and leaves arrangements
flower and leaves wreaths
cup , sleigh, boxes and socks elements

This design comes with a Premium License which allows Commercial and Personal Use. You can also download this at