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Snow Adorable Winter Illustration Clipart Kit

Cute and Adorable Winter Illustration Clipart Kit

The designed illustrator Pretty Little Lines has created an adorable collection of cute winter bears, foxes and reindeer illustrations that are perfect for your next creative project!

This large collection of winter clipart illustrations is delivered with over 154 wonderfully illustrated design elements. These winter themed illustrations are perfect to create festive greeting cards or invitations, but also for designing incredible wall art or surface pattern designs. You could also use these designs for other design projects where you need sweet and adorable bears, foxes, birds and other elements.

Included in this beautiful set:

  • 11 Brown Bears
  • 11 Snow Bears
  • 11 Little Foxes
  • 6 Reindeer
  • 5 Birds
  • 12 Hot Cocoa Hot Tubs
  • 11 Snow Globe Elements
  • 3 Sleds
  • 6 Stockings
  • 1 Lamp Post
  • 4 Presents
  • 1 Toy Bunny
  • 37 Flowers & Leaves
  • 13 Pre-made Arrangements
  • 10 Floral Wreaths
  • 3 Plain Double Hoops
  • 10 Ribbons

This beautiful Illustration Clipart Kit is available now for only $28.

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