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Create Beauty Photos using RGB Lights on a Budget

Lia Konrad, also known under the pseudonym “Liancary“, has been a fantasy and beauty photographer for 6 years. Lia is incredibly talented and can be considered an authority when it comes to beauty and fantasy photography.

We are proud to feature a few “how to” articles in which Lia shares a few of her photography and editing tips and tricks. These guides will help you get started and improve both your fantasy and beauty photography skills. In this first episode Lia explains how to create beauty photos with a low cost studio setup.

Liancary Photographer
Lia Konrad, better known as Liancary, a talented beauty and fantasy photographer

How to setup a budget photo studio?

When it comes to popular colour effects in studio photography, the most commonly heard term is “photography gels”. Photography gels are a very inexpensive coloured layer that you can place over your Studio Strobe Flash Light. Unfortunately, a Studio Strobe can cost over €100 and not everyone (especially beginners) has the budget to afford a complete home studio.

So, is there an alternative to an expensive home studio? The answer is yes. For my latest Editorial for the French Beauty Magazine MALVIE I’ve built an entire set on a low budget.

Low Budget Studio Setup by Liancary
Low Budget Studio Setup by Liancary

This is how I did it: I pinned a simple black fabric over my background system and placed various chiffon colours on top.

In my opinion, chiffon is a great choice because it barely wrinkles, is relatively cheap and can be quickly retouched. I usually pay less than €10 for my chiffon backgrounds.

The light setup

From the left side, I used a cheap soft box and a normal RGB light bulb for home usage (€10). This created the coloured effect for my model. For the main light, which was positioned from the front, was a soft box with a daylight bulb (links attached at the bottom of the article) Canon 6D – F/4 – 1/160 – 800 ISO.

Equipment I’ve used

Here’s a short shopping list of the equipment (or similar) used:

In the end, it really just comes down to playing around with the setup and finding what works for you. I think we tend to learn the most by practising and trying out different things.

I hope you find that this brings you some kind of inspiration and try it out for yourself!

Want to know more about Lia Konrad? Make sure to visit her Instagram page or her website: www.liancary.com.

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