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Featured Artist – YOOKI

This space is dedicated to featuring some of our favourite up and coming designers. Every week we’ll be scouting some hidden talent and featuring them in an article. We aim to showcase their work and share a little about them as an artist.

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Featured Artist, YOOKI

22 year old illustrator, Yooki was born in Malaysia and moved to Japan in 2015. Her theoretical and practical artistic skills were learned during her years at the Animation College in Japan. Although primarily focussing on Japanese illustration, Yooki’s definitive art style is still to be determined. Solely using digital software to create her illustrations, she predominantly uses programs such as; CLIP Studio Paint, Paint Tool SAI and Procreate.

A lot of other creatives inspire me, such as animator Yoshinari Yoh and illustrator Saitou Naoki

Yooki’s motivation lies in the fact that she alone can create her unique art based on what she sees and feels. In addition to that, stumbling across concepts or skills that she is unfamiliar with drives her to refine her skill further. Throughout the day, Yooki finds herself jotting down ideas regarding subjects, situations and dialogues for future pieces. She is also incredibly motivated by engaging with creative friends.

Already incredibly talented, Yooki is dreaming big; she aims to one day become a character illustrator in Japan, as well as work as a web advertisement illustrator. Yooki gained notable experience during her position at well-known Japanese animation studio Bones.

You can find out more about Yooki on:

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