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Featured artist – Maurizio D’Andrea

This space is dedicated to featuring some of our favourite up and coming creatives. If you’d like to take part in something similar, make sure to reach out to us via our Featured Artist page.

The landscapes of the unconscious in the painting of artist Maurizio D’Andrea

Maurizio D’Andrea, born in Italy at the foot of the volcano Vesuvius, is an international artist and author of refined, cultured and introspective painting. He loves to represent the most hidden meanderings of our soul and does so with courage and strong impact. One cannot remain indifferent in front of his works, which strike for the depth of their message and the energy they leave with the visitor. D’Andrea does not like shapes and is in love with bright and energetic colours that convey movement and drive to inner rebellion. His bond with the canvas is visceral, indissoluble and neurotic and leads him to a continuous, even destructive, ‘dialogue’.

His works can be framed in the field of lyrical-informal abstraction. Nor do they exclude a symbolic perception of reality. Gestures, nervous jerks, impulses, oscillations of the body make his painting very expressive and strong.

His art is based on a continuously evolving of the modern perceptive abstractionism that also takes into account geometries that are never trivial in their extrapolation. Each work is a scream of the psyche, of his restless unconscious. The colours are very strong, vivid, brilliant, demonstrating his great inner strength.

“Each work is a scream of the psyche, of his restless unconscious.”

IN VIAGGIO 50X50 painting by Maurizio D'Andrea
In Viaggio – by Maurizio D’Andrea

The whole is in a continuous movement that shakes the soul and converges towards the deepest intimacy.

He has exhibited in the most important Italian cities in group and private exhibitions. His works have been admired all over the world, arousing considerable interest. He has won numerous prizes and awards.

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