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Artist of the Week – Claire Prouvost

This space is dedicated to featuring some of our favourite up and coming designers. Every week we’ll be scouting some hidden talent and featuring them in an article. We aim to showcase their work and share a little about them as an artist.

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Meet artist of the week, Claire Prouvost

French illustrator and graphic designer, Claire Prouvost takes on a minimalist, brightly coloured and bold style.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Claire has worked with a number of notable names including; Gucci, Lavazza, Becks and Image Magazine to name a few. Her influence within the art world is undeniable, as she strives to create a space that is safe, fun and inspires, as she shares her creative journey with the world.

Claire is represented by illustrator agency Monica Velours in Paris. As seen in the images below, her work is incredibly eye-catching and unique!   

To all of you working so hard on yourself, your life, your ideas and goals, all of you running a business and bringing up the next generation… you are amazing! You are a powerhouse! Whether you’re juggling with many plates or doing your best at one.

Find out more about Claire:

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