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TshirtBundles Review

Are you in the POD merchandise industry or simply looking to create your own custom-design for yourself, your friends, family, sports team or business? If you want to save time and are looking for templates to use, buying design bundles might be the right option for you. T-Shirt bundles  (tshirtbundles.com) is one of the many websites offering T-shirt design bundles that you can download, edit and use for both private and commercial purposes. But is it the right choice for you? We hope that this review will help you decide.

What is tshirtbundles.com and what does it sell?

TshirtBundles.com is registered in the USA and operates from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. They sell instantly downloadable T-shirt design bundles and Mockup design bundles that you can use for your merch business.

T-shirt Design Bundles

The website currently offers a selection of about 250 different T-Shirt Design bundles. A single T-Shirt Design bundle is usually based on a specific theme (ranging from “Independence Day” to “COVID-awareness”) and contains between 50 and 2000 individual designs for a price ranging from $9.00 to $69.00.  

The bundles are instantly downloadable in Photoshop (PSD) and multiple other formats (such as AI, PNG, EPS, SVG, DFX, JPEG).  You get lifetime access, have the possibility to edit and, most importantly, the rights to use the designs for personal and commercial purposes in an unlimited number of projects.

The cheapest T-Shirt Design bundle we could find has 85 dog related designs for only $9.00:

Dog Designs T-shirt Bundle
Dog Designs T-shirt Bundle

The most expensive T-Shirt Design bundle comes with a whopping 1000+ designs for $69.00. It’s called the Combo Pack and there are three different kinds. This massive bundle contains premium designs in vector format that are perfect for t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and other sublimation items too. The designs are completely editable and pixel perfect vector files you can adapt these designs to any size.

1000+ designs T-shirt Bundles Combo Pack
1000+ designs T-shirt Bundles Combo Pack

Mockup Bundles

The mockup-bundles contain between 6 and 9 editable pictures for a price ranging from $5.00 – 9 $. There are 11 options to choose from and there is also an option to buy a Master Collection with over 300 individual mockups for $29.00. 

Mockups t-shirt models
Mockups of t-shirt models

The Mockups are downloadable as a fully layered Adobe Photoshop document, giving you the possibility to edit and adapt them to your needs.  You also get lifetime access and the right to use the bundle for commercial purposes in an unlimited number of projects.

The cheapest Mockup Design Bundle: 5 male t-shirt mockups for $5.00.

Male t-shirt Mockup
Male t-shirt Mockup Preview

The most expensive Mockup Design Bundle: Over 300 t-shirt mockups in one buy for only $29.

300 Mockups for Apparel
300 Mockups for Apparel

Important Note: Make sure you double-check the exact formats and terms of the bundle you are buying, because the specifics can vary!

How much does it cost? What are the different pricing options?

The following pricing options are available:

  • Buying individual T-Shirt bundles (Starting at $9.00 for a bundle containing 85 designs)
  • Buying individual Mock-Up bundles (starting at $5.00 for one bundle)
  • Buying the 3 month premium pass (VIP Pass Plus) for $99.00:  This pass gives you instant access to the entire shop and already existing products as well as upcoming products for the 3 upcoming months.
  • Buying the 1 year Premium VIP pass for $297.00: This gives you instant access to the entire shop of already existing products as well as all upcoming products for an entire year.
  • Buying the Lifetime pass for $396.00:  This gives you access to the entire shop and all upcoming products for eternity. 

Click here to see the current price list.

Tip: The website advertises the prices above as “only today” but checking the site repeatedly over a longer period showed that these prices basically stayed the same. So: Make sure to check the current prices and conditions before you buy, but don’t let the “only today” sign fool you.

Tip: Check the “Special Offers” Section for short-term deals.

What do we think of tshirtbundles.com

The website structure and layout

The website is well-organized and easy to navigate. There are some spelling mistakes in it but nothing too dramatic.

Customer Service and Technical Support

In our own experience (and based on the reviews of other customers) the customer service/ technical support is reliable and fast. This is pretty special considering that is such a low-cost store. 

What we think of the T-shirt Design Bundles

+ Very large selection, good quality design, very good value for money, most of them are editable and can be adapted to your needs.

– Your competitors can buy and sell the same designs. 

Our recommendation: The selection is large and covers all kind of Niche-Areas. The bundles are good value for money in terms of quantity and quality. If you are in the POD merchandize business these design bundles can help you create a large selection very quickly and increase your sales. If you customize the designs you can create hundreds of variations which creates even more value for money.

Of course, what matters most in terms of making your business a success is how you use the bundles and what you do with the time you save:

If using bundles allows you to invest more time into other areas of your business that are important to you (designing your own work, marketing, etc..), then we definitely recommend this option.

What we think of the Mockup Bundles

+ The mockups are cheap and simple to adapt to your specific needs.  You can easily add your own design, choose the T-shirt color or the background color. They come with an extended license. This means that once you buy them you can use them forever and for as many commercial or personal projects as you like. At a quick first glance the mockups look professionally done.

If you zoom into the pictures it becomes obvious that the background, the model and the T-shirt design are photoshopped together. Many of the model-poses look unnatural and they look more like very posey normal people than professional models.  (On the other hand: A “normal person” may be just what you are looking for.)

Our recommendation:  If you are just getting started in the Print on Demand business and looking for an easy, quick and cheap way to create a professional online store then this could be the right option for you. Once you have generated some income, you may look into doing your own photoshoot with a model that truly represents your artistic work. Make sure to read our article about the best websites to buy mockups and templates.

What to keep in mind before you buy

TshirtBundles.com does not offer refunds except in very exceptional circumstances, but they have an extremely fast response time and are ready to help you with any technical problems or questions.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: OUR TOP PICKS:

We have looked through hundreds of pictures and chosen the winners in the following three categories:

The Good (our Favourite Bundle):

You can’t go wrong with this Handmade Typography Bundle that contains 150 designs: It is simple. It is good value for money and it gets the message across: Price: $12.

We also love the design of this Frida Kahlo T-Shirt, taken from the Concept Art bundle, which contains 50 designs and is only $19.

frida kahlo t shirt

The Bad (The Bundle that made us Cringe… and Giggle)

This picture, taken from the male T-shirt mockup bundle, shows us what would happen if identical triplets made a boygroup:

Preview 4 40784a64 bb8a 4932 abdc
Boygroup or the perfect male mockup?

The Ugly

They even have an ugly Christmas Sweater bundle (no joke) which has 55 designs and costs $39.

To be honest: We don’t find these designs all that ugly, they are perfect for an ugly sweater Christmas party!

To Conclude

TshirtBundles.com is a great time and money- saver and helps you create a greater number of options for your POD merch business. It can give you a way of increasing the quantity of what you have to offer with a minimum amount of work and help you generate more sales. 

The website has received numerous top-reviews and their customer service  and technical support is excellent. They don’t offer refunds (which is understandable given that they are an online business and cannot “take back” your downloaded goods). We like their T-shirt selection more than their Mockup-selection, but both offer quite a lot of value for very little money.

It is also important to remember that anyone can buy these design bundles, meaning that what really matters is not whether you buy them but what you DO with them and what you do with the time you save… or how you use your creativity to adjust them to your style!

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Website structure
Customer Service and Technical Support
Quality and Value of the Design Bundles
Quality and Value of the Mockup Bundles
This post may contain affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we might earn a commission. It will not cost you anything more. The earnings will help us to provide you with more content. Our opinions are not influenced in any way by this. 

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Tshirtbundles.com is an excellent place to get your hands on affordable t-shirt design bundles. They are perfect to scale up your print on demand business. The quality of the mockup bundles are so-so and could use improving. But... they are cheap and good enough to show how your design will look like on a product.TshirtBundles Review