How to create a cinematic effect using Depth of Field

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Ever wondered how to get that cinematic look to your videos and give that professional touch?

Something you really want to pay attention to when shooting your own footage is how you are using depth of field. Using depth of field the right way ensures that your audience experiences the video the same way as you want them to.

Depth of field is the zone within a photo or film that appears sharp and in focus. Depth of field in a photo refers to the distance between the closest and farthest objects that appears acceptably sharp. It is the effect where you see a subject sharp in full focus on the foreground, but where the background is not and you get the cinematic blurry effect.

In this video Invideo explains the 3 types of depth of field that are most frequently used by PRO creators and filmmakers and how they can be mixed and matched to keep your audience hooked to your videos.

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to make your videos look cinematic and more professional
  • Learn how to better control focus depth and in turn be more creative with their photography.
  • Learn how to isolate subject from, or include subject into background.

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