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Featured artist – Estelle Asmodelle

This space is dedicated to featuring some of our favourite up and coming creatives. If you’d like to take part in something similar, make sure to reach out to us via our Featured Artist page.

Featured Artist, Estelle Asmodelle

Meet featured artist Estelle Asmodelle from Australia. Asmodelle started painting at the age of 5, as her mother was an artist and taught her how to paint at an early age. In regards to finding inspiration for her pieces, Asmodelle notes that she is increasingly inspired by nature, unusual events and mythology.

Estelle Asmodelle - Abstract Painter
Meet Estelle Asmodelle and her incredible abstract art in the gallery

Her love of abstract expressionist painters is another source of inspiration for her pieces. Asmodelle mostly uses synthetic polymer acrylics, as well as oils and inks from time to time.

Number 78 abstract expressionism by Estelle
Number 78 – Abstract Expressionism by Estelle Asmodelle

“I love to paint emotional pieces, that beckon the inner part of ourselves. I also believe that the longing and desires that we hold are just under the surface can be released easily using abstraction. It is not what is seen in art but in ourselves, that is art’s greatest gift.”

Estelle has won dozens of art prizes and awards, and has held exhibitions in a number of different countries. Of all the places she has visited, her favourite has been her exhibit at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum as part of the UNESCO International Friendship Exhibition.

Colour Sanctuary – Abstract Expressionism by Estelle Asmodelle
Colour Sanctuary – Abstract Expressionism by Estelle Asmodelle

In addition to these, there are a number of online galleries that sell Asmodelle’s work. Examples include SaatchiArt, Artfinder, Bluethumb and Zatista to name a few.

Find out more about Estelle Asmodelle and her art on abstractartist.info.

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