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Daz Studio – Free 3d scene creation and rendering application

Daz Studio is a free 3D scene creation and rendering application that is incredibly easy to use. With the free plugins, Daz Studio works seamlessly with Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema4d and Unreal. Daz also has one of the largest 3D marketplaces where you can find both free and premium 3D Models and Assets.

Daz Studio is created by Daz 3D. They are a 3D-content and software company that employs around 60 people. Over the past few years, Daz 3D has acquired several notable 3D applications, like Bryce, Hexagon and Carrara. Daz 3D developed Daz Studio as an alternative to Poser (a 3D rendering package for the posing, animating and rendering of 3D poly-mesh human and animal figures).

What can I create with Daz Studio?

You could describe Daz Studio as a personal, virtual photography studio, where you can create complex scenes. You’re able to customise the models, props and set-up the lighting and cameras. You can then decide whether to create stills or animated renderings. This short video gives you a good impression of what Daz Studio offers.

A glimpse of what Daz Studio can do

Genesis technology

With the introduction of Daz Studio 4 in 2011, the company introduced Genesis. Genesis is an updated approach to 3D character building which is compatible with most digital creation tools. Since the launch in 2011 the Genisis platform has gone through several versions, introducing Genesis 2, Genesis 3 and the most recent Genesis 8.

Michael & Victoria 4 were the first 3D characters of their time with a high polycount, high-resolution modern UV maps and abilities for infinite morphs.

The introduction of Genesis brought with it morph projection. You are now able to fit clothing to fit figure’s body morphs. It also came with the unique ability to share clothing between genders.

With Genesis 2 Daz 3D updated the Genesis Architecture. Genesis 2 gives better control, articulation and movement. It also offers gender-specific sculpting and high definition morphing.

Genesis 3 brought more improvements, including a higher definition and heightened photo-realism. Advantages of Genesis 3 in general are the improvements in detail, compatibility across the platform and unique facial expressions. These include improved eye reflection and twice as many points of articulation for life-like movement.

The latest and most advanced version is the Genesis 8 figure platform. It’s extremely versatile and one of the most realistic figure platforms available. Some key features include the automatic muscle flexing, improved expressions and default poses for new content.

Genesis 8 – Features and Advancements

According to Daz, the “Genesis 8 figure platforms is more than just a figure or a character. It is a true character engine that allows you to choose characters that appeal to you, modify and enhance them to meet your needs, or even mix and blend them with other characters to create your own, unique vision. All of this while providing a huge library of content that will adjust to fit your characters and a global network of thousands of top artists constantly creating even more”.

6 key features of the Genesis 8 figure platform

Ultra Realistic

Ultra Realistic

The more detailed a character is, the more realistic and life-like it becomes. The HD-morphs have been programmed to develop with more realistic body parts as a result.

Facial Expressions

Facial Expressions

With the click and drag interface you can create both hyper realistic symmetrical or asymmetrical facial expressions.

Articulation & Flexing

Articulation & Flexing

The Genesis 8 figure platform offers more organic bends and articulation. The abdomen, shoulder and collar are included. To improve realism even further it also includes flexing of major muscle groups as the figure bends and poses.



You can create any type of person or creature with the morphing capabilities. They allow you to adjust muscularity or change various body sizes and shapes.

Male and Female Basis

Male and Female Basis

Both male and female forms are available and provide even more control in creating increasingly realistic characters.



Genesis 8 is fully backward compatible. You are able to use most items that were created for the older Genesis figure platforms in Genesis 8.

Getting started with Daz Studio

You can Download Daz Studio for free once you have created an account. And don’t worry, you won’t be asked for any CC information. After registration, Daz Central will be installed. This is an application that you could consider your Daz Dashboard. It’s the place where you can install main applications, but also access your library – where you can find the Assets and Plugins you’ve downloaded.


Daz offers a free application that you can install too.

Daz Studio is your main application – it’s the virtual photography studio we mentioned earlier. You can also download and install the free Hexagon software. Hexagon provides the tools that you need to create detailed, 3D models that are ready for import into Daz Studio for their final render. The software has an intuitive user interface which makes creating your own 3D models both easy and fun. The free 3D modeller also comes with features like freehand modelling brushes, advanced 3D paint and sculpted primitives. You can see it in action in the video below.


Daz Studio is compatible with all mayor 3D software packages available, including; Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max and Unreal. You can use the free Daz Bridges plugins to easily transfer your Genesis 8 and 3 content directly from Daz to one of these packages.


As mentioned earlier, Daz offers one of the largest 3D marketplaces available. You can find complete scenes, wearables, animals, creatures, animations, poses, additional resources, add-ons and much more on the marketplace. The marketplace offers great content, but it could use a make-over to improve the searchability.


There is a big and active community available that can help you with any questions you might have. Daz also organizes regular user contests and events to keep engagement high.


For your inspiration we have selected some incredible 3d artworks created by talented 3d artists using Daz Studio.

Download Daz Studio

You can download Daz Studio for free! Make sure to give it a try if you are looking for a new and improved 3d scene creator and modeller. It’s a powerful application with limitless possibilities when creating fantastic 3d artworks.

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