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Where to get high quality Photoshop Brushes?

Every artist knows how important it is to have good brushes. Sure, you can create fantastic pieces of art with just the circle brush in Photoshop, but sometimes it’s nice to switch things up. A large (and good) collection of brushes can be the source of inspiration. In my personal experience, playing around with different brushes definitely helps to keep the creative flow going.

On my search for inspiration and new brushes to use in Adobe Photoshop, I stumbled across Grutbrushes. The creator of the Grutbrushes has put together an incredible collection of realistic brushes. His collection of Photoshop brushes is made up of over 300 unique brushes.

The Photoshop Brushes are both realistic and responsive for digital artists. The brushes mimic the behaviour, look and feel of working with natural artist’s media. Almost any type of natural media can be found in their extensive collection library. Natural brushes like oil paint, pastel, chalk, pencil and charcoal are all available. In addition to this, they also offer one of the most realistic, pressure responsive watercolor brushes out there!

The creator of the Grutbrushes has put together an incredible collection of realistic brushes

photoshop brushes live 4

If you have a drawing tablet, like a Wacom Cintiq, you can take advantage of all the high end features. The Photoshop brushes will respond in great detail to the pressure, speed and direction of your brush strokes. With this, you’ll undoubtedly be able to create digital artwork with both the character and style that you'd find using natural artist’s media. No two brush strokes will ever be the same!The brushes mimic the behavior, look and feel of working with natural artist’s media.

Managing the brushes

It can be a pain to go through so many brushes. To help you manage this large collection of brushes, you can download the GrutBrushes Photoshop CC plugin for free.

Great value for money

The GrutBrushes plugin

I know what you must be thinking, I can't afford to spend $200 on a collection of brushes. To be honest with you – me neither! And even better, you don't have to! Because this collection includes 300+ brushes for only $20.

The bundle also includes a 60 day free membership that gives you access to all the newly added brushes. You can purchase the collection right here. If you feel you don’t need to purchase the whole collection, individual brushes are also available for $1 each.

Free samples

You can also check out the free sampler set with 10 Photoshop Brushes or the free watercolor brush. With this, you’ll be able to try out the brushes for free and without risk. New brushes are added to the collection weekly, for free!

The Cordon Mulch a Free Photoshop Oil Brush


+ A large range of high quality brushes that can be bought individually, or in an all-in-one package deal
+ Works flawlessly in Adobe Photoshop.
+ You also receive a free Grutbrushes Photoshop Plugin to manage the brush collection.  

– Only works in Adobe Photoshop.  

Update: Check out the new 2019 review of Grutbrushes here

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