Where to get high quality Mockups?


Download the above template from FREEMAN STUDIO at Designbundles.

Where to get high quality Mockups?

There are many occasions where you would like to see how a design that you’ve created looks on an actual product. If not to make sure that the t-shirt design you’ve created looks as awesome as you think, then another reason could be to create a realistic impression to share your design on social media for your audience or for your client. You really can’t go without the use of mock ups to give your customers a boost in imagination so that they can actually see how great your work looks in action.

There are several ways to get your hand on realistic representations of a product’s appearance.  The most common ways are either to create them yourself using a mockup or use one of the mockup creators on the internet. Xquissive takes a look at a few solutions to help you on your way.

Do it yourself

If you are familiar with Photoshop then you can download free or paid mockups of almost any subject you can think of.  Most of them are made in a way that it’s super-easy to replace the design in the mockup with your own design. Yes, that is without complicated tweaking or anything, but with incredible results! A few excellent resources with a wide selection of premium quality mockups are:


CreativeMarket offers a HUGE collection of over 28,000 mockups of almost any object and situation you can think of.  Most of the offered mockups are of an excellent quality, because of their high product standards. With a price range between $2 to $10 you really can’t go wrong. Visit CreativeMarket now.


With almost 14,000 available product mockups, Graphicriver is definitely worth checking out. The cheapest mockups are already available starting at $2.00. Visit Graphicriver today.


Designbundles is a bit smaller than CreativeMarket, but it still offers over 2,000 different premium quality mockups. Pricing starts at $1.50. Check out the collection of mockups at Designbundles now.


TheHungryJPEG has grown rapidly and offers over a few thousanth mockups at the moment. It’s also the cheapest one, starting as cheap as $1.00. Visit TheHungryJPEG and check out their collection.

(Online) Mockup Generators

As an alternative you can also use special designed mockup generators. The main advantage is that they are super easy and that you have hundreds of templates to scroll through.


Placeit is on of the most complete mockup generators that you can find online. They offer thousandths of templates which cover many different categories. You can create mockups for free to start with. High quality mockups can be bought individually, as image packs or you can take a subscription.

You can find templates for devices, like phones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops and so on. They cover them by brand too, so if you’re looking for a mockup template of a Galaxy S9 or the latest iPhone, they got you covered!

You can also find mockups in many other categories, like t-shirts, hoodies, books, brochures and so on. They also offer great design templates where you can create beautiful logo’s, book covers or social image banners.

One of the most exciting features of Placeit is that you can create mockup video’s. Imagine a real person in an actual environment showing of your t-shirt!

Creating mockups isn’t much more complicated than uploading the picture from you device to Placeit!

Imagine your design on this shirt…  All in one click!

Check out Placeit now and create stunning mockup images or videos.


Smartmockups is a bit different. Smartmockups is a downloadable application for either Windows or the Mac. After paying a one time fee you’ll be able to use the app forever including future updates. So, no hidden fees, no subscription. This will give you a collection of 600+ handcrafted scenes that you can use.

Before you decide to make the purchase you can download a free trial to try it out. The only limitation in the trial version is that the images are generated with a watermark.

Visit Smartmockups and download the free trial version.