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The Body Kun Figure, or The Panacea for The Drawing Artists!

While the result from exceptional and largely innate talents, drawing and art also relates to precise mathematical notions. Geometry is present everywhere, and 3D modeling has in one way or another its role to play in supporting artists. This is why we propose to you today to discover body kun dolls, a technique trendy in Japan and the world of manga for a breathtaking result.

Body kun or Body chan?

Body Kun or Body Chan

Among you, the manga artists will most of the time already be familiar with these Japanese articulated figurines of extreme precision. The others will have recognized the English word body. 

The manga fans that you already know that kun will refer to male figures, while chan concerns their female counterparts. From a technical point of view, they are accurate, neutral models that draw characters with fair and realistic proportions. The articulation of these drawing figures enables them to be positioned in postures and attitudes entirely in tune with reality. 

Their hands and fingers can hold an infinite number of objects at their scale, just like real human beings. Usually light grey, beige or black (depending on the artist’s needs), the whole is stable, allowing long-term use. Photographers may also be interested in a quality body kun. 

This revolution is for everyone, amateurs as well as professionals. You will also be able to quickly find the best perspective or angle for a given scene. 

The Usefulness of these Amazing Body-Kun Drawing Figures for Artists

Indeed, suppose some drawers manage to do without any form of model (human being as a figurine) relying solely on their imagination’s mental strength.  And this is precisely what the body kun is for, which allows you to make the drawing of your choice in real life before reproducing it on paper. 

The ultra-flexibility of the best body kun drawing mannequin allows you to give free rein to all your desires, board by board. Your artistic creations will be all the more successful!

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