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Featured artist – Shakyra K. Sanders

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Featured Artist, Shakyra K. Sanders

Meet featured artist Shakyra K. Sanders from Wisconsin, in the United States. Now thirty six years old, Shakyra began creating art at the young age of four. Immediately recognizing that art was her passion, Shakyra began her journey as a self-taught creative.

Ambient Beast / Shakyra K. Sanders
Ambient Beast / Shakyra K. Sanders

Shakyra believes that through the process of tapping into one’s emotions, you can create beautiful pieces. Her medium of choice is usually acrylic and oil paint, as well as charcoal and pencil from time to time.

Love is my inspiration. I have a passion for art, it’s who I am and I fully embrace that.

Also pursuing a music by releasing an album last year, Shakyra really is an all-round creative who takes on the motto that anything is possible in life. Throughout her life, Shakyra has been placed in a number of situations that have increased her awareness in regards to her existence on earth. She works to express these experiences through her art and music.

Find out more about Shakyra K. Sanders and his art at:


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