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September Art Challenges

With summer coming to an end and fall approaching, you may feel ready to get back into the swing of things, maybe develop a new skill or tap into your inner artist! Well, if that’s the case then you’ve come to the right place. Consider stepping out of your comfort zone this September and take on an art challenge!

Tapping into your creative side can be a great outlet for stress and anxiety and has a number of other great, positive benefits. Essentially, art challenges inspire creativity and allow you to create art in a fun and stress-free way. Additionally, art challenges work to stimulate your imagination as well as act as a form of catharsis. Catharsis is the process relieving strong or repressed emotions.

It’s no secret that life can become exceedingly overwhelming at times, so why not relieve some of that stress by being creative and take part in one the September art challenges? Consider putting some time aside this September to create a unique piece of art every day, develop your art skills or maybe form a new, positive and productive habit!

We’ve put together a list of some art challenges taking place this September that you can take part in. Feel free to involve your family, friends and loved ones too. Let’s dive in these September Art Challenges!

Sketchathon September Kick In The Creatives

September is right around the corner and you probably still haven’t gotten around to using that sketchbook to bought at the beginning of the year. If this sounds like you then listen up – Sketchathon September is an art challenge by Kick In The Creatives running throughout the month of September.

Sketchathon September challenges you to fill up at least one sketchbook page every day during the month of September. The objective of the challenge itself is to form a sketching habit and create a beautiful, full sketchbook by the end of the month.

Sketcathon September Art Challenge
The Sketcathon September Art Challenge

The rules are simple – make at least one sketch every day throughout the month. The theme or subject matter of your sketches is completely up to you. After all, it is YOUR sketchbook so fill up the pages however you like!

You also have complete freedom on the medium you use, so get crazy with it! Consider mixing mediums like pens, pencils and even some watercolors! The last and final rule is to use a different page in your sketchbook every day.

Kick in the Creatives suggest that you carry your sketchbook with you every day throughout the month, making it increasingly easy to squeeze in some creative time while on the go. It’s also recommended to keep things simple and use a sketchbook no larger than size A4. If you choose to take part, make sure to post your artworks on social media and tag #kickinthecreatives and #SketchathonSeptember.

Wondering about inspiration? If you know of any other creatives that would enjoy Sketchathon September, why not encourage them to take part too! You can also post your sketches on the official Kick in the Creatives Facebook page.


Sketchtember is an art challenge put together by AM Sketching. The main goal of this challenge is to create one digital or tradition sketch every day throughout the month of September. It is important to remember that you should strive for daily sketches and not worry too much about unfinished illustrations. This challenge also has the goal of creating a creative habit for partakers – so try to be as diligent as possible!

We know that daily sketch challenges are not easy, as life can often be busy and unpredictable. However, it’s important to be as dedicated as possible, because falling behind can add even more stress – which is definitely not the goal here. Although you may not feel motivated 100% of the time, the important thing is to never give up. Even if you only spend 15 minutes on your sketch, try and enjoy it! Let it be a time to turn off your thoughts, relax and have fun for a bit!

Luckily, AM Sketching has create some Sketchtember prompts that you can follow! These will help you on days where you imagination is lacking a little and you need some guidance. Whether you prefer using your own ideas or using the daily prompts – it is completely up to you.

How does it work?

Because the month of September has 30 days, the challenge has been sectioned into a series of 6 topics, with each topic spanning over 5 days. If you decide to use the prompts, try and complete at least one sketch per topic. You can also however create as many sketches from any given topic you prefer. Again, the challenge is in your hands!

Sketchtember is a great way to try out any new ideas you may have, as well as various mediums or techniques. If you decide to take part in this challenge and happen to post your work online, make sure to use the hashtags #sketchtember and #amsketching to share your work with other fellow creatives.

Sketchtember Prompt List
The Sketchtember Prompt List

Super September! by Doodlewash

A little different to the challenges we’ve mentioned previously, this challenge invites creatives to dive into the world of watercolours and draw/paint their way through the month of September. This Doodlewash challenge is open to people of all ages, and encourages partakers to experiment with sketching, watercolour painting or a mix of both.

If you decide to post your work online or on social media, make sure to use the hashtag #doodlewashSeptember2021. If you happen to use watercolours in your work, you can also use the hashtag #WorldWatercolourGroup so that Doodlewash and other fellow creatives can find you! You can also join the Doodlewash Club and post your work there! Visit doodlewash.com for more.

At the time that this article is being written, there is no official prompt list for the 2021 Super September art challenge – but in the mean while you can use the 2020 prompt list below:

Doodlewash September Art Challenge Prompts
The Doodlewash September Art Challenge Prompt List

This prompt list was created by a Doodlewash community member Mary Roff. This varied list will provide many interesting opportunities to create new and exciting art every day.

TinkerSketch September Art Challenge

The TinkerSketch September art challenge is put together by Tinkerlab and runs throughout the month of September. This challenge is a daily sketchbook practise that invites partakers to develop their creativity, experiment with different techniques, ideas, mediums and materials in a stress-free, fun and imaginative way.

Luckily, TinkerSketch has provided a prompt list that you can follow! Each day you’ll be given a new prompt which you can then interpret in any way you’d like. It’s all up to you – the possibilities are endless. Use these prompts to inspire creativity in those around you, whether it be in your home, your class or simply amongst your friends and family.

With summer coming to an end, Tinkerlab has implemented the theme of yin and yang often seen in this time of year. Around this time, fun and business seem to blur into one, which is reflected in the duality of this experience.

For this challenge, you’ll need to carve out a minimum of around 5-10 minutes each day during the month of September to create new artworks inspired by the official prompt list. If you decide to share your work online, make sure to use the hashtag #tinkersketch to share your work with other fellow creatives.

There are no restrictions regarding medium for this challenge, just remember to use the prompt list and create something every day. Because this challenge prides itself on being stress free, make sure to push yourself but don’t hesitate to give yourself a day off if needed. This is about enjoying yourself!

September Art Challenge TinkerLab Prompt List
The September Art Challenge TinkerLab Prompt List

Let us know in the comments what your favourite art-challenge of this month is! Which one are you participating in or did we miss one?

Do you want to improve your drawing skills? Make sure to read our article where we take a look at the Best Art Classes you can follow online. Combining an art class with an art challenge is a great way to get started! You could also take a look at our curated top 10 of drawing books to help you improve your drawing or for extra inspiration or new techniques.

If you’re curious about other art challenges coming up this year, make sure to check out our overview of yearly art challenges or our art challenge calendar. If you are looking for drawing inspiration, make sure you check out our drawing ideas generator.

Courses & Tutorials

Why not improve your skills or learn some new incredible techniques by taking a course? See all our courses or check out one of these selected courses here:


Interested in taking part in any of these challenges this month? We’ve got some resources just for you to give you a kick start!

Traditional Drawing equipment

Check out the sketchbooks, pencils and other tools below that will help you build a daily routine in practicing your creative skills.

Digital Brushes

If you’re a digital artist, make sure to check out these great Photoshop and Procreate ink brushes from Grutbrushes. These realistic, responsive and natural brushes will inspire you without a doubt. Grutbrushes offers a lot of free samples, so you can try anything without risk. Check out our Grutbrushes review if you’d like to know more and see more (free) samples.

Reatlist Watercolour Brush for Photoshop from Grutbrushes
Demo of the Grutbrushes Watercolour Brush which is perfect to use for Huevember

Digital Hardware

A drawing tablet could definitely help you in your creative flow too. Most drawing tablets are touch sensitive and are highly accurate. The main advantage of a drawing tablet is the natural feeling when drawing. They are perfect for creating detailed illustrations, drawings or digital paintings.

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