Photoshop Splatter Brushes

We would like to introduce this premium Photoshop Splatter Brush collection to you created by the talented brush creator Grutbrushes.

This Photoshop brush is perfect if you need ink splattering, ink drips or any other ink effect for your artwork, graphic design, crafts, scrapbook or project.

This fantastic brush collection contains a whopping 100 Photoshop Splatter Brushes and Tools. The creator has made sure that these dirty, messy and splattery ink brushes respond to the pressure and motion of your styles. Because of that, no two brush strokes will ever be alike.

  • Ink splatter brushes
  • Thumb and palm print brushes
  • 7 messy Mixer and Blender brushes
  • Spatters
  • Ink drop brushes
  • Wet ink bleeds
  • Droplet Spray brushes
  • Photoshop Ink spray brushes

Huge collection of brushes and effects

This splatter brush contains the following brushes and effects:Photoshop Ink Splatter Brush

Some examples of the Ink Splatter Brushes

To give you an impression of these brushes awesomeness, check out the following examples. Each of the examples below was painted in Photoshop with about 3 to 6 different Inky Leaks FX brushes.

Above you can see that combining Drips, Splatters and spray brushes with the mixer brushes can create some very smeary messes.

Disastrously large messes can flood your page quickly with a firm stroke of the stylus.
Switching between the brushes to combine digital ink drops, streaks, stains and droplets enables you to create a record of artistic accidents that lend organic authenticity to your digital creations.

Various sprays, speckly droplets and a variety of ruinous marks from a fine mist to a blustery torrent spew from your stylus as you drag it across your canvas.

Stains, smudges and other water damage created with the Inky Leaks Photoshop brushes which add special depth to the ink .

The Photoshop Splatter brushes are dynamic and produce a different spray pattern with every stroke

The best ink splatter brush for Photoshop?

Well, we have seen great splatter brushes, but these were all just static. This collection gives infinite possibilities to variate and add your own touch. No artwork will ever be the same. Below you can see the Pow Splatter Brush and C brush in action. This will give a good impression on how dynamic these brushes are.

The Pow Splatter Brush:

The Finger Linger and Palm Linger Brush:






Download this fantastic brush at Grutbrushes now.


If you want to know more about Grutbrushes, check out this article: Where to get high quality Photoshop Brushes



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