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Photo art as a gift

Don’t you know what present to give to your friend for this special occasion, like a birthday? We are sure that you are looking for an original present, something special. Do you want to find a gift that is anything but boring and inconsequential, but rather extraordinary in the best sense of the word? 

Then these great pictures, which are often referred to as “split portraits” (because of their division into a photo and a drawing part) are definitely the thing for you!

split portrait
Split Portrait – Where photography and illustration meet

A split photo is not only the perfect gift idea as a birthday present for loved ones. It is also a successful surprise at Christmas in the family or as a spiced up couple photo to give as a present at Valentine’s Day. With a present like this you not only show creativity, but also express that you have thought about the ideal gift for someone who is particularly dear to you .

You can order this Photo Art at this website. If you order, then you will receive an individual work of art that is unlikely to exist a second time. It comes with a separate beautiful picture frame

We know for sure the receiver will never expect a gift like this and that they will definitely treasure it.

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