Meet the Artist – Luba Vega

Interview with Illustrator Luba Vega

In this month’s Meet the Artist interview we meet Luba Vega – an illustrator from Belarus. She shared with us the details of her creative journey, what drives her as an artist as well as her thoughts on the big changes happening in the world as of late. We take a deep dive into not only her thought processes surrounding the creative industry, but also how she likes to take on life as an artist.

Hi, I’m Luba! I’m very excited to share my experience, creative path and the details about my creative process with you all!

Where are you from?

Female with Flowers Illustration from Luba Vega

I was born in Belarus, but now I live in France – in Lyon. I really love this country and city, it’s so incredibly beautiful, has very interesting traditions and the people are so nice. The country as a whole facilitates an inherently good and bright energy for creativity.

What type of artist would you consider yourself to be?

I am a graphic designer – I focus mainly on line illustrations that lean towards a mystical, bohemian style. For me, art is a way for me to express my emotions, my love and my vision of the world.

The world is changing very fast and it is a very strong effect on my creativity. I want to go along with fashion in design and also have my own style. So I always try to combine these things еo make it interesting for me and for all people.

If you completed any studies, where did you study?

Female with Flowers Illustration from Luba Vega

When I was а little girl, I went to art school. This is how and where my love for creating began. I later went to college where I studied interior design.

My path as an artist, together with the search for myself within my illustrations has been a long and interesting one. As I improve every day, I am constantly experimenting and learning ways in which to better understand both my desires and the source of my creativity and inspiration.

I have gone through a number of stages in the development of my creativity; each period giving me more strength and confidence in both myself and my talents. For example, after I graduated from college, I abandoned art entirely, but soon after, I began to draw again. From there, I started to earn money off my illustrations. This ultimately gave me more confidence and proved that I had made the right choice.

What is the ‘artist’ community like in your town/city?

Lyon is a very creative city. It constantly has some kind of exhibition or interesting event. However, I’m usually more inclined to communicate with my colleagues online, even if they live in my city. This is the case more so now than ever, due to COVID-19.

What do you find to be your biggest inspiration?

I really enjoy drawing and usually paint whenever I have free time. I tend to look for inspiration in nature walks, in silence, from within my heart and in anything that gives off both pure and light energy. These places work to energize me and therefore influence my creativity.

I am always eager to learn and thoroughly enjoy discovering new things. Perhaps this is what drives my creativity and interest in design. I can’t be anyone else, so it’s very important to me to ensure that I maintain a sense of uniqueness and am not repeatable – this is my credo.
Style and mood are always conveyed through illustrations and if we are honest with ourselves, we can immediately see it in an artist’s work.

Walk us through your creative process, step by step

Illustration of female by Luba Vega

I usually start my illustration process by scrolling through Pinterest until I get hooked on an idea.
I then close the illustration and start drawing on paper. It often happens that the idea that hooked me turns into something else (very often actually). The most important thing to note here is that when there is a desire to draw something, make sure you do it. Whatever ends up happening in the end – time will tell. So essentially, my inspiration is ignited both before and during the process of illustrating.

Then, I finalize the sketch on a graphics tablet, turning it into a digital version. During this part of the process, technical skill is more important. Once I have the digital version I can then change or alter some elements in Adobe Illustrator.

In my opinion, experience and courage are very important when pursuing life as an artist.

Do you have any words of advice for aspiring creatives?

In my opinion, experience and courage are very important when pursuing life as an artist.

With experience comes a greater understanding of many things. Having courage tends to bring out something new and unique in illustrations.

Over time, you come to understand what exactly you want to draw, what color palette you want to use and how you want make it come to life. Therefore, the main thing is not to stop, make sure that you’re constantly developing your skill and learning something new. This is the path I know and from my experience it seems to be a path that leads towards success.

Is being an artist your main job or more of a hobby?

Being an artist is my whole life. This is me. This is what surrounds me. When I don’t paint, I find myself unhappy. For me, this is more than just a hobby and just a job. Creativity is my universe and my love.

What mediums/software do you use?

My favorite programs as of today is Adobe illustrator. I also use a graphics tablet, on which I use the Vectornator program quite often.

How did you begin selling your art?

At first I was a freelancer, after which I then moved on to selling my illustrations on microstocks platforms.

Today, I sell my illustrations on Design Bundles, Creative Market, The Hungry JPEG and a few other platforms.

What has the journey been like since you started, leading up to now?

Illustrator Luba Vega - Meet the Artist Interview Xquissive
Luba Vega

When I started working online as an illustrator, I worked a lot because I wanted to try out as many styles and techniques in illustration as I could. I wanted to move away from academic drawing and the knowledge that I had formed during my time at educational institutions. I wanted to try something of my own, something that was more commercial. In doing so, I moved away from the knowledge and rules that I was previously taught.

As of today, I have acquired a ton of experience which has given me a sense of both calmness and confidence in what I am doing.

Has the pandemic affected your creative process in any way?

The pandemic we are currently all experiencing has interestingly had a positive impact on my life as an artist. I have more time for creativity as well as more time to direct my creative path.

Usually, during any time of significant, unexpected change, I try and look for the good in it, finding its inherent benefit.

What platforms do you use to sell your art?

I really like Design Bundles. I think this site is very promising – they have a good relationship with both artists and customers, which I feel is very important for a good business.

But besides Design Bundles, I also use Creative Market, The Hungry JPEG and Shutterstock.

Do you have any favourite designers that you draw inspiration from?

No, I don’t really have any favorite artists… I make a point not to resemble anyone else. I just want to be myself because like our creativity, we are all unique.

I don’t necessarily look for inspiration in someone particular … I just paint. More often than not, I just take on what my imagination puts out.

Do you have a vision for the future?

I kind of just take on the future as it happens, trusting my inner impulses and inspiration. As for creativity, I would like to learn more about symbols, to be able to incorporate it into my art. So, I wouldn’t necessarily say I have anything specific in mind for my future – the world is changing at a very fast pace, now more than ever. I am also changing fast, my desires and my vision of my future in illustration.

Make sure that you visit Luba’s store and take a look at her work. You can also find her on Instagram at @luba_vega_

Luba’s gift: The Free ‘New Life’ illustration Bundle

Luba has gifted us her ‘New Life’ illustration pack! This hand-drawn, delicate, nature themed pack is now available for free download. The pack itself is incredibly diverse and upon review seems too good to pass up!

Free New Life Illustration Bundle by Luba Vega
Meet the Artist - Luba Vega 14

Visit the free download page to download this generous gift from Luba.

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Some of the lovely products that Luba sells in her designbundles store:

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