How to find inspiration and beat creative block

Finding inspiration to draw, paint, write or make music can sometimes be tricky. Even though a creative block is super annoying, you don’t worry about it. It will pass. It’s normal to feel stuck in a creative rut and find yourself lacking in motivation and inspiration every once in a while.

Fortunately we have good news for you on how to beat that creative block. Soon you will have new drawing ideas and know how to handle that art block. There are several effective strategies you can use to help reignite your creative spark and get your drawings flowing.

In this post, we share some great tips on how to get drawing inspiration in a way that is both helpful and enjoyable. We will go over the various types of inspiration approaches, from finding inspiration in everyday life, to using creative sources such as books, music, and art. We’ll provide practical advice and tips on how to channel inspiration and make it last.

So, if you’re looking for ways to get inspired and get drawing, this post is for you.

What is a creative block? (or Art block)

A creative block (also known as artist’s block, writer’s block, or blank canvas syndrome) is a phenomenon experienced by many creatives in which they are unable to access their internal inspiration and therefore cannot produce creative work. It can be likened to growing flowers in a garden: There is a cycle of germination, growth, and harvest that must take place before one can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

A creative block is not just about being unable to think of ideas; it’s about feeling uninspired or unmotivated and being stuck in a state of low creativity. It’s good to realize that everyone has felt this at some point; however there are ways to help break through the barrier or find ways around it. It’s important to remember that creative blocks are normal and that you should never give up on your creative endeavors! So heads up and let’s take a look on what you can do about it.

How to beat the creative block?

1. Look at other works of art

One of the best ways to get drawing inspiration is to look at other works of art. By studying the works of different artists, you can learn new techniques and gain insight into different styles. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one genre either.

Visit (online) galleries, look at online collections, or even rent art books from your local library. You can also look at illustrations and photographs for ideas. Take note of the colors, textures, and composition and use them as inspiration for your own works.

A few great places to start are Pinterest, Artfinder, Saatchi art, The National Gallery, The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art or the The British Museum.

2. Visit a museum

Visiting a museum is a great way to get inspired for your next drawing project. Museums are full of incredible works of art from different cultures and time periods, which can help to spark new ideas.

visit a museum to get inspired
Visit a museum to get inspired – Image from Pexels by Loïc Manegarium

Make sure to take a look at the different colors, styles, and techniques used by different artists. Note how they use scale, texture, and light and you’ll find yourself with plenty of creative ideas. Maybe even better, you’ll learn about the history of art as you explore, which can further inform and inspire your own work.

We’re not going to make any recommendations here. Yes, the large museums can be super-inspiring, but so can a local museum be. Just take a look online what museums are available in your region and which ones appeals you.

3. Take a nature walk

Prepare yourself a lovely lunch, grab a picknick basket and find a beautiful spot of nature to visit. Taking a nature walk is a great way to get inspiration for drawing.

get inspired by nature
Get inspired by nature – Image from Pexels-by David Bartus

By exploring the natural beauty of nature, you can find inspiration all around you. Look for patterns and textures in leaves, the way the light hits the trees and the way the shadows play on the ground. Take a sit on that rock, take a deep breath and pay attention to the way the clouds move in the sky and the sound of the wind. All of these things will help you to come up with creative ideas for your drawings. Don’t forget to pack your camera, so you can take photos of what you see during your walk to use as reference material later.

4. Draw from life

Buy a small sketchbook, some soft pencils, watercolour or any other medium that you like. Drawing from life is a great way to find inspiration. It encourages creativity, allows you to tap into your own imagination and express yourself in unique ways. It is also a great change of pace from the usual routine and can open up new avenues of exploration. Drawing from life also helps us connect with nature more deeply, as it enables us to observe things that we may not have noticed otherwise. Furthermore, drawing from life can teach us valuable skills such as perspective and composition that will help us create better artworks later on. Finally, it is a great way to practice our skills and become better at creating art in general.

Therefore, if you are looking for some creative inspiration or just want to explore something different than what you usually do, then drawing from life should definitely be considered!

5. Try a new medium

Are you still painting on canvas? Still drawing on paper? Why not try something else to paint one? Trying a new medium is a great way to find inspiration and develop your creative skills. Whether it’s charcoal, ink, watercolor, or colored pencils, experimenting with a new material can open your mind to new possibilities and techniques and give a boost to your inspiration and creativity.

try new media for inspiration
Try new media – Image from Pexels by Fallon Michael

You can explore how different materials interact with each other in new ways and create something unique that only you could imagine. Trying a new medium can also help you build confidence in your abilities as an artist, as well as give you an opportunity to learn about techniques that are unfamiliar to you or combine them! 

Taking on a new style of drawing can also help you think differently and come up with fresh ideas. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and give something new a try. Who knows, you might even find a new favorite!

6. Participate in an art challenge

Participating in an art challenge is a great way to find inspiration and develop your creative skills. The reason for that is that challenges provide structure and guidelines that help push you out of your comfort zone, while also giving you the opportunity to explore different ideas within the constraints of the challenge.

Interacting with other artists and seeing what they create on social media within a specific theme can be incredibly inspiring. Just search for Inktober on Instagram and see the incredible works of other people. Art challenges also give you an opportunity to step back from current projects or low periods of artistic energy, refocus on something new and exciting, and reignite enthusiasm for creating art. Finally, taking part in an art challenge will open up new possibilities for experimentation, help stretch your imagination and sharpen your skills as an artist.

If you like to know more about art challenges, then make sure to check out the Art Challenge Calendar which covers most of the art challenges. If you don’t want to participate in an art challenge, then you can use our drawing ideas generator which will generate a subject for you to paint.

7. Use an AI Art Generator

What? AI Art isn’t good? AI art can’t be inspiring? Think again, the developments has been sky-rocketing last months!

Using an AI art generator can be a great way to find inspiration and create stunning visuals. Artificial intelligence algorithms take the mystique out of ideating a new artwork, while still creating thought-provoking images.

midjourney ai art for inspiration
This are examples of the Midjourney gallery. Everything you see is created using a text prompt. AI renders it to stunning images.

With AI tools like OpenAIs DALL·E 2 system, Midjourney or Stable Diffussion, it is now possible to transform simple sentences (also called prompts) into fully fledged pieces of art. Advanced algorithms are using machine learning to create art based on patterns learned from neural networks, allowing for incredibly complex visualisations with limitless potential. Using an AI art generator is not only a great way to get creative ideas but also helps save time and hassle in the ideation process. For example, some artists use an AI Art Generator to help visualize an idea and then use it as a reference for their oil-painting. How cool is that!

If you want to start creating AI generated art, but also want to explore other types of AI (AI writer, AI pattern creator) then we recommond you to look at CreativeFabrica Spark.

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