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Featured Artist – Nikitha Paulson

This space is dedicated to featuring some of our favourite up and coming creatives.

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Featured Artist, Nikitha Paulson

Born and raised in Calicut, Kerala – Nikitha has always had a passion for design. As a child, she often asked to redo the colours of her room and frame her paintings or doodles on the wall.

Years later she attended the Bachelor’s in Animation and Graphic design and specialised with a Master’s in Graphic Design at M.G University. Nikitha conducted a 4-day solo exhibition back in 2013 at the Lalithakala academy in Calicut, with the theme “Enjoyment of Recreation“.

Nikitha has completed 19 paintings based on a mix of Warli art and African tribal art. Looking back at her school days, she often participated in cartoon drawing and painting competitions.

Currently, Nikitha works as a creative designer in Bangalore and is looking forward to more mixed-media based art exhibitions in the future.

Find out more about Nikitha:

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