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Featured Artist – Namitha Raveendranathan

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Featured Artist, Namitha Raveendranathan

Apparel Designer by profession and a freelance illustrator, Namitha hails from a small southern state in India called Kerala. Namitha completed her post graduate degree in Apparel Design from the prestigious National Institute of Design and her undergraduate degree in Fashion Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology.

I started sketching when I was 5 years old and still consider myself to be on the continuous path of becoming an artist.

Exploring her style in the digital medium, Namitha absorbs the expressions of her subjects into her artworks – notable in her watercolour. Local landmarks and life scenes also serve as an inspiration.

Namitha was a national prize winner in an art competition conducted by Idea and has won many regional competitions.

Currently, Namitha is working on a series of Digital Illustrations of certain moments she has witnessed in her life while being at home and while travelling.

Find out more about Namitha:

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