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Featured artist – Carla White

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Featured Artist, Carla White

Meet abstract artist Carla White, who began her creative journey in 2000. She began delving into jewellery design, labels, packaging designs, greeting cards and hand painted furniture but has recently found her passion – resin art and art pours. Her transition to fine art from functional art has allowed for the creation of larger pieces.

Her unique, innovative and elegant style is largely because of her newly found love for experimentation with resin, dyes, ink, paints and wood. Her paintings leave any viewer mesmerised, as they appear to be fluid yet frozen in time.

Her paintings leave any viewer mesmerised, as they appear to be fluid yet frozen in time.

Although she was born and raised in Syracuse, New York, Carla currently lives in Los Angeles, California and is developing her methods of creative expression. Carla attended both SUNY Oswego and the University of Northern Colorado.

Her most recent pieces demonstrate her personal experimentation with movement, linework, colour and space to portray original, minimalistic artworks that will undoubtedly appeal to the eye of any viewer. Her pieces are available in a range of sizes, perfect for all kinds of locations. She also offers custom framing and sizing upon request.

Carla has also had some of her freelance designs published with Design, Design, Inc., a well-known greeting card company.

Find out more about Carla and her art at:

Some of the paintings are available for rent for the TV & Film industry: espart4film.com
For interior designers: level57art.com
For art rentals: turningart.com
For prints & reproductions make sure to visit https://carlawhite.pictorem.com.

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