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Featured Artist – Ashu Pine

Ashu Pine to exhibit at World Art Dubai

Meet our featured contemporary artist Ashu Pine from Tokyo, Japan.

Contemporary Works By Tokyo-Based Artist Ashu Pine
Contemporary Works By Tokyo-Based Artist Ashu Pine

At an early age Ashu had a connection to art and with the support of her parents she could begin her journey as an artist.

She is known for her abstract artworks that are unique and mind blowing. She manages to reflect the darkness from experiences from the past in her art. By doing this, she adds an extra dimension to her art which makes onlookers think deeper about the meaning of the art. As a special touch she also incorporates gold and platinum foils together with oil colors, making the artworks look magical.

A spokesmen of Ashu Pine was said “Every stroke seems to be a masterpiece and she is glad at the kind of fan following she has and the amount of love she has managed to get.”

Besides creating abstract paintings Ashu thinks that “the beautiful body itself is the best campus. I model and paint my own body. I want many people in the world to see myself as a work of art.”. We couldn’t agree more, especially if you take a closer look at the beautiful execution of these artworks.

I want many people in the world to see myself as a work of art. “

From March 16th until March 19th in 2022 she will take part of the world art Dubai exhibition. If you are visiting Dubai you can visit her beautiful work which will be showcased there.

If you would like to know more about Ashu Pine, make sure to visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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