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Drawcember Art Challenge

Are you still motivated even though Inktober and Huevember have come to an end? Whether you took part in Inktober or Huevember or not, it’s a great idea to take part in this upcoming month’s art challenge – Drawcember!

What is Drawcember?

December time can come with its cold, wintery days that are most likely spent indoors. Drawcember has got you covered! Daily illustrations during the month of December is a great way to not only pass the time but also refine your creative skills.

Drawcember, taken from the words ‘draw’ and ‘December’ is a daily art challenge run throughout the month of December! Artists all around the world take part in the challenge, creating illustrations every day. The Drawcember Challenge was created in 2012 by Disney Create and has gathered other organizers and sponsors over the years. Unfortunately, last year there was no official sponsor, however, the challenge still has a huge community of creatives that will continue to participate each year!

Are there any rules?

There aren’t any rules regarding medium, subject matter or composition! Any medium is allowed, and you don’t need to follow the official Drawcember prompt list (the official Drawcember accounts seem to have been abandoned). There are a number of prompt lists put out by creatives within the community that you can use, what’s important is that you keep up the habit of creating an illustration every day during the month of December!

Official Drawcember prompt list 2020

The first and (as far as we know) official Drawcember 2020 prompt list created by @dyl_pixels.

Drawcember Prompt List 2020

Past and alternative prompt lists

Prompt list by Tumblr user: https://lobie-the-cartoonist.tumblr.com/

2018 drawcember prompt list

The Drawcember 2019 prompt list by @dyl_pixels.

image 2.png

Official Drawcember prompt list of 2017

Official Drawcember prompt list of 2017

Share your work

Share the work that you’ve created this December with your friends, family and fellow creatives by using the hashtag #Drawcember and #Drawcember2020. By sharing your art, you’ll immerse yourself within the Drawcember artist community, get a chance to show off your work, as well as view the work of others!

How to make time every day

A key tip would be to manage your time well and plan ahead. There will come a day (or a few days) in the month of December where you feel incredibly demotivated and uninspired – but that’s okay! Drawcember is about having fun and working on your skills, so make sure to find a plan, timetable or process that works best for you. Flow with what you enjoy and feel driven to do. Remember to be patient with yourself and by the end of the month you’ll have a collection of work you’ll be incredibly proud of.

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Drawcember alternative

Make sure to check out the 2021 December Art Challenge by us! Read all about it here.

December Art Challenge by Xquissive
December Art Challenge by Xquissive

Overview of yearly art challenges

10 Yearly Art Challenges
Yearly Art Challenges

Need some resources?

Check out these great Photoshop ink brushes from Grutbrushes to get started on your digital ink drawings with realistic, responsive and natural brush styles.

Reatlist Watercolour Brush for Photoshop from Grutbrushes
Demo of the Grutbrushes Watercolour Brush which is perfect to use for Huevember

Why not combine the art challenge with an online art class to improve your drawing skills? Make sure to read our article where we take a look at the Best Art Classes you can follow online. You could also take a look at our curated top 10 of drawing books to help you improve your drawing

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