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December Art Challenge by Xquissive

This year we from Xquissive have finally released our own art challenge, the Xquissive December Art Challenge . Any suggestions for a better name are welcome, but after thinking of inspirational names like Xcember, Themecember and many nothing better came out. So leave a comment and make a suggestion!

What is the Xquissive December Art Challenge?

The Xquissive December Art Challenge has a different touch than the regular art challenge. Since December is quite a busy month for the most of us, we thought it would be a good idea not to go for daily prompts, but weekly prompts. The prompts are also different than you are used to, because instead of a prompt, we want to tickle your imagination with a short sentence.

Reading or hearing a short sentence stimulates your brain (whether you like it or not) and you will visualize it. So take your time… close your eyes and imagine that scene in your mind…

When you are done visualizing, grab any creative gear you have and get creative. There are no rules, so grab your pencils, brushes, 3d software, Photoshop, camera or cosplay costume, anything goes!

Xquissive December Art Challenge Prompt List

December Art Challenge by Xquissive
December Art Challenge by Xquissive

We would love to see your interpretations, so tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #Xcember or even better @xquissive.

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