The Cute Animals Coloring Book for Children

Develop creativity, focus,
motor skills and color recognition while having fun!

Cute Animals Coloring Book for Children


This coloring book is not your average coloring book. It’s created by me, Richard Eijkenbroek, owner of Xquissive. The idea for the coloring book started when we recently published an article about The Importance of Creativity in Childhood Development and it made me wonder on how to stimulate and to enthuse children to do creative activities. In this case, have fun coloring, but also give them the option to learn to draw their favorite images.

During the creation of the coloring book I wanted to make sure that the images to color would have a fun and happy vibe. So what better way to do so then create super cute happy animals! It’s perfect for kids, because they can imagine being in their world and color them in any way that they think the animal should look!

I’ve also made sure that children would have the option to redraw the coloring page. The idea is that they could use the light grey template to redraw or create their own version of their favorite animal. And since it’s on another page, it doesn’t ruin the large coloring image.

As we all know from when we were kids ourselves, is that coloring is a fun activity! Just grab any available coloring pencil and color the pages imagining you are part of that world. But coloring also is also very important to for children to develop artistic motivation, stimulate their imagination and become increasingly inventive!

What’s inside

The Cute Animals Coloring Book has over 70 pages of coloring fun. The coloring book comes with over 30 full-size coloring pages, as well as a half-size illustration of the coloring page. It’s a perfect space for your child to add their own extra elements or to try out different colors before using them on the large coloring page.

Underneath that illustration, there is a box where your child can learn to draw the illustration! To help them out a little, there is a very lightly colored outline of the cute animal above. They can trace or draw it in their own style. It’s a great way to have fun, develop drawing skills and stimulate creativity!

Cute Animals Coloring Book for Children inside view
Cute Animals Coloring Book for Children inside view

As you know that by carrying out regular creative practices, children can develop artistic motivation, stimulate their imagination and become increasingly inventive? Additionally, learning to color within the lines will help to further develop the fine motor skills of your child, and let’s not forget: it’s great fun too!

This coloring book also comes with several tips on how to help children with coloring. For example – how to correctly hold art tools, use different techniques, and how you as parents can encourage them.

I have chosen to offer both a paperback edition and a digital edition of the Cute Animals Coloring Book. The main difference is that with the digital version, you are able to print out as many repeats of the coloring pages as you like (for private use). This is perfect if your kids love a specific coloring page or if you’d like to distribute multiple pages as a group activity for example (like a coloring contest on your kids birthday party!).




Print Length



8.5 x 11 inch
21,6 x 27,9 cm
  • 74 pages of coloring fun!
  • Created for kids age 3-10 (but honestly, every age can have fun with this)
  • Learn to color and learn to draw your favorite animals!
  • Created with stimulating creativity and fun in mind
  • Each illustration is hand-drawn by a talented illustrator. Each animal looks super cute, but is still very recognizable. They are also called by name, so while coloring your children will learn the name of the animal.
  • 30 unique animals to color
  • 4 bonus coloring pages included
  • Valuable creative coloring tips for children included
Cute Animals Coloring Book for Children Video
Cute Animals Coloring book for Children 11

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Customer Reviews

I wish I could say that the coloring book wasn’t tested on children, but it has been.
It resulted in kids having fun, developing their fine motor skills, and stimulating their imagination ?.
Use at your own risk!

The Cute Animals Coloring Book is great. My son loves the cute illustrations and enjoys redrawing them in his own way!

father testimonial
John E.


The illustrations are simple, but very well done. My granddaughter loves to color them and it’s great to see her smile when she’s in her own world. The giraffe is definitely her favorite!

grandmother testimonial
Maria E.


Thank you for this beautiful coloring book. My kids love the Cute Animals Coloring Book! The animals look so adorable! It’s a great way for the kids to learn about the animals by name.

mother testimonial
Sharon K.


Cute Animals Coloring Book for Children 6
Cute Animals Coloring book for Children 12