Fun and Effective Learning: Stress-free Effective Learning for Adults

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If you are reading this page, you probably struggle with your studies, either at university, or aside from your full-time job. If so, you are in the RIGHT place.

How many times have you found yourself having to study and being stressed? Not being able to get started, and procrastinating? When you get enough traction to learn for 2 minutes, and then your focus shifts somewhere else…

Does that seem familiar?

Hi there!

My name is Marcel. I am a Life Coach and a Scientist, and I have studied for many many years. In fact, to this date, I continue learning every day while working on a full time job. Since very little, I have been obsessed with productivity and how to do things faster and better, and learning more quickly always seemed like a superpower. If I could learn fast, I thought, I can do whatever! I can learn it all by myself!

Let me tell you a little bit of my story…

I remember vividly that day. I was in front of my notes. I had to study for the ‘Antennas’ exam for my telecom bachelor. I thought two days were enough to learn a whole semester of material. However, I was confident I could do it. I had attended all the lectures and did the exercises, and although it all felt like a ball of concepts that were not yet understood and untangled, I was confident I could pass that exam.

The first hour of studying was challenging. I started realising that there were many concepts that I needed to learn, and there was no time to slow down! I had to go fast, as I only had two days to study! Three hours later, I was in a café wondering if it made sense to continue studying. I continued a bit more until my brain could endure and went home.

The following day was even more complicated. Not necessarily the material, which I could not get properly, even a single thing with that feeling of rushing, but it was my head telling me that there was no chance to do well in that exam. There was frustration and a lot of negative self-talk. In the end, I didn’t even go to the exam. I gave up and failed without even trying.

I was crushed…

If I had taken the time to simplify the concepts and go one step at a time, then that ball of complex facts I needed to know where we were coming from would not have been there in the first place. But I procrastinated. I waited until the end to study, deluding that that could be any good. Not only that, but I also failed three more subjects, passing only one out of five subjects that semester. That is quite devastating for a person who has never really failed any subject.

As I reflected on what happened, I thought I did not see things from the proper perspective or was not studying well. So then, I started learning how to do things better and more straightforwardly and be more productive while enjoying the study time. I attended courses and read all the books and articles that were crossing in front of my eyes.

Afterwards, I started getting really good scores, honours in some subjects, to finally obtain a Ph.D. in medical imaging, a career as a scientist in industry, as well as a second career as a Life Coach.

I made many mistakes…

For this reason, I designed this step by step course to skyrocket your studying skills with all this in mind. Not only that but also to lower your stress levels. In the beginning, it might feel strange. But, almost as if you are cheating, because you will feel less stressed, you will find yourself having more fun and accomplishing way more.

In this course, I take you through the skills necessary to gain affinity in the five main concepts that will get you to mastery in your studies.



Information Quality

Study Strategies


If you master them all, you will be years ahead of your current version, and I want to witness that, so please do not forget to send me a message explaining how you achieved it! You are the reason this course exists!

Within the course, we will first start by looking at time management. Specifically, how to efficiently process the vast amount of information we receive daily. First, we will form the basis of a system that handles all the information. Then, we will talk about the importance of motivation, mood, nutrition, and exercise, the role they play in learning, and how to use them in our favour to enhance our learning capabilities. Then, we will learn a technique to create our study guide, a guide that will turn unstructured documentation into a highly customised learning highway. Effective use of time and recall is the following topic, where we will learn techniques to use time and recall efficiently the information we have previously known, as well as strategies as necessary as the use of spaced repetition with software like Anki. Last but not least, we will discuss focus, an essential aspect of learning to decrease study time while maximising productivity.

Here is some amazing feedback

***** Ignacio Paz Agile Coach

This is a fantastic course that helps me to improve my time to get things done and adopt techniques to achieve my goals!

***** David Bofill Data Science Lead

Great content, easy to follow and understand. It gives a nice prespective on the subject. Totally recommended!

***** Marlene Hofer Teaching Enthusiast

I learned a lot in this course. I really found the information shared very useful and interesting. The newly acquired knowledge can be very easily and effectively applied to everyday situations when trying to learn as an adult. I highly recommend this course to anyone thinking on starting a new learning journey, and wants to do it stress-free.

About the author

Marcel is an enthusiastic, fast learner. He likes to learn everything that makes him happy, even if that involves complicated matters. He firmly believes that complex things can be simplified into simple issues.

After +15 years of experience in continuous fast learning, he holds a bachelor’s in telecommunications engineering from UPC, Barcelona, and a masters in computer vision. A masters, and a Ph.D. in Medical Imaging at UCL. He is also a life coach, and founder of Inspiring Personal Growth.


What Will You Learn?

  • How to focus quickly.
  • How to retain the information you study.
  • How to study even when there is no time.
  • How to organize large amounts of knowledge effortlessly.
  • How to create habits that will build your success over time.

Course Content

Dump the tasks off your head

  • How to use the course
  • Information overload
  • Priorities
  • The actionable task list
  • The monthly and weekly tasks list

Mood, nutrition and excercise

Crafting your study guide

Use time and recalls effectively


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