FREE Little Munstar – The Monster Font

The Square Cute Emoticon Clipart Collection contains 24 FREE emoticons and is perfect for scrapbooking, sticker printing, card making, invitations, blog and web design, business cards, promotional banners and more!

FREE Script Font – Beach

Beach Script a free lovely fresh & modern script with a handmade calligraphy style, beautiful decorative characters and a dancing baseline. This is the perfect font for invitations, greeting cards, logo's, quotes, posters, t-shirts and so on.

FREE Alterlight Script Font

This great handwritten script font is  available as a free download. Even though Alterlight is a handwritten script font, it does combine a rough and modern feel, which is perfect for projects that require a bit of 'edge' to them.

FREE Larquette Font

The handwriting font Tragic Marker is available as a free download. This font is perfect for occasions where you need a good readable marker style handwriting font.

FREE Olivia Script

This free font called Olivia Script. It's a modern calligraphy typeface, which is both sophisticated and graceful.

FREE Canvas Script

This beautiful FREE script font is called Canvas Script and has some lovely splash effects included.

FREE Cute Punk Typeface

This FREE punky font is created by Flou.

FREE Jennet Brush Font Family

This beautiful handwritten font is created by CreativeWhoa and it's FREE!

FREE Le Super Serif

This FREE font is a beautiful handwritten font created by SuperBruut.

FREE Celestina Font

This FREE font is a beautiful handwritten font created by Antonina Zhulkova.
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