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Catawiki: The Place to Buy Premium Street Art on Auction

Street art has been a relatively hot trend for a while now. The world of interior design has taken to the trend by incorporating eye-catching unique pieces as wall art or décor around the house. Finding the perfect street art piece can be a difficult task – that’s where we come in. We’ll tell you where to buy street art online.

We’ve put together some example pieces that are available for auction at the time this article is being written. However, if you’re reading this at a later time, Catawiki has an incredible selection of street art that is constantly being updated, so you’re sure to find something you like no matter when you come across this article!

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A small selection of the hundreds of Street Art Auction Items being sold at Catawiki.

Moabit – A Drop of Street Art

This original Moabit piece called A Drop of Street Art is by one of Europe’s most up and coming artists. The mixed media painting was created on high quality, heavy print canvas and measures around 80 x 188cm. According to the artist, “The dollar bill/money here works as a background instrument for pumping out as much graffiti and tags as possible.”

When purchasing this piece, it will also come signed and numbered for authenticity. The anonymous artist has become known in art lovers circles for his dollar bill series. This playful, vibrant piece is sure to add that finishing touch to any bare wall!

Sheefy – Freak Out

Artist Tashif Turner aka Sheefy McFly bases his street art on both graffiti and counter-culture. Working as a well known American artist, muralist, rapper and DJ – it can be said that this piece is the work of a legend.

Adopted and celebrated by critics and the public, this piece is a unique, neo-Cubist portrait.

Taking on a contemporary Picasso-esque style, this art piece is sure to add a pop of colour and style, no matter where you decide to place it. It measures around 60 x 45cm, is signed by the artist, numbered and belongs to a limited edition collection of 100 pieces.

Taki 183 – Untitled

Originating from the Olivier Dahan collection in France, this unique piece is undoubtedly a lucky find. American street artist Taki 183 was born in Greece and created this piece based on his address of 183rd Street in New York.

His art was recognized by the New York Times in 1971, following which he went on to dominate the American street art movement.

This piece was created in 2012 using mixed media – namely, spray paint and markers on high quality canvas. The artwork measures at a large 209 x 128 cm.

Cheko’s Art 977 – In Love

Chekos’art 977 - In Love
Chekos’art 977 – In Love

This incredible piece was created using a number of contrasting art styles and techniques to create a quintessential piece of street art. It is both hand signed and paired with a certificate of authenticity.

The artist used silk screen stencil and spray, a perfectly abstract piece for any art lover’s collection. The artist himself was born in a small town in the south of Italy and grew up in Milan during the early 90s, surely contributing to his love of street art. Now dominating urban art with his personal style, the creator of this piece now works as a graphic artist, muralist and street artist.

You’ll find his pieces scattered through the world; in Italy, Spain, Portugal, NYC, India, Tetovo and England to name a few.

Santicri – Spinario

Renowned artist Sancriti takes on sculpting in this piece, in order to depict the famous ‘Spinario’. Using solely resin, Santicri created 100 unique, limited edition pieces that are hand-signed and paired with a certificate of authenticity.

The artist was born in Marcerata and carried out a career in architecture, which led him to resin art.

This piece takes on a street art quality with the inclusion of Balenciaga shoes in the sculpture, a prominent piece seen in streetwear in previous years. The piece measures at H17 x L10 x D10cm and is being sold by the artist himself. Make sure to snag this showstopping piece while you can!

Are you interested in learning more about Catawiki and how it works? Check out our article that covers all the ins and out of the Catawiki platform.

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