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Best Products & Categories At MasterBundles Marketplace 

The Most Useful Products At MasterBundles Marketplace:  Explore The Range

Design is what you need in literally every area of life — for instance, branding a company, creating advertising, designing social media or clothing, and so on. And sometimes hiring a specialist to create a product appearance from scratch is difficult, time-consuming and costly. So, what is better to do?

In this case, it’s quite rational to pay attention to special platforms where customers can find a variety of designs — both complete ones and various details. One of these portals is MasterBundles, whose products we will discuss in the review.

masterbundles categories
Best Products & Categories At MasterBundles Marketplace  6

№1: Graphic Design Elements

As first in the list of categories, customers can explore the elements of graphic design — in this tab you can find more than ten thousand different products or bundles. By going to this page, the user sees the usual grid with products (1), premium options marked as “Editor’s Choice” (2), as well as filters (3) and subcategories (4). A similar structure is maintained in each category.

Subcategories include:

  1. Backgrounds with 370+ options.
  2. Badges with 90+ options.
  3. Graphic Design Patterns with 1900+ options.
  4. T-Shirts with 900+ options.
  5. Textures with 350+ options. 
  6. Characters with 130+ options.
  7. Icons with 340+ options.
  8. Illustrations with 5300+ options.
  9. Infographics with 60+ options.
  10. Logos with 2200+ options.

All of these elements, from infographics to background images, can be used by a variety of users, including designers who want to refine their products with side details.

№2: Fonts

The font is a very important component of an attractive design, it is used wherever text is needed. But it happens that the usual public options do not fit your product or you want to find something original. Then it’s worth exploring the range of fonts in MasterBundles — customers will find great sets in one of five subcategories.

You can also find themed fonts on the eve of the holidays. For example, there are currently over twenty options for Halloween designs on the site.

masterbundles fonts
Best Products & Categories At MasterBundles Marketplace  7

№3: Add-ons

Sometimes the basic functionality of some editors is simply not enough to implement all the designer’s ideas — then it’s time to apply useful plugins! On the marketplace, users can download add-ons for popular applications, namely, Lightroom, Photoshop and Illustrator.

masterbundles Add-ons
Best Products & Categories At MasterBundles Marketplace  8

№4: Templates

Also, users often need high-quality design templates — the presence of such a set makes it possible to significantly reduce the time to create beautiful and aesthetic decor for a presentation, resume, UI kits, mockups, magazine, social media & landing pages, and so on. At the moment, site customers can use 5000+ templates from different subcategories, but their number continues to grow.

masterbundles Templates
Best Products & Categories At MasterBundles Marketplace  9

№5: Stock Content

High-quality vector images for 30+ topics, footage, audio and photo content are available in this category of products. In addition to the variety and convenient filters, visitors to this tab will also be pleased with reasonable prices — here you can find good sets even at a price of $ 1-4.

masterbundles stock content
Best Products & Categories At MasterBundles Marketplace  10

Why Become a Buyer on MasterBundles?

At the moment, users can find dozens of different marketplaces, although not every one of them can talk about total customer focus, like MasterBundles. Here are some critical reasons to become their client:

  1. A decent assortment with 20,000+ bundles, which allows you to find a product for every taste — both narrowly themed and for general purposes.
  2. Product customization. Most of the options are easy to customize to suit your project needs. For example, if you want to add brand colors or change the font to a corporate one.
  3. An excellent site interface with easy navigation and clear management of the buyer’s account, it will take just a few minutes to get used to it.
  4. Mandatory moderation. The marketplace is concerned about the fact that buyers choose the ideal option only among high-quality products, so all the work of designers is subject to mandatory moderation.
  5. The presence of freebies. You should not think that if the design is free, then its quality is certainly low. Most designers offer freebies to clients to introduce them to their products and to help them understand whether their other work will be relevant for specific projects or not.
  6. Informative blog. This section is updated regularly and offers a wealth of useful information for all users including shoppers – aesthetic design listicles, trending stuff, how-to guides, inspirational interviews and more.

In addition, the company’s mission is to offer not only a wide assortment of high-quality designs but also make them as affordable as possible. While other platforms take big commissions from designers and make a large markup on their products, which customers don’t usually like, MasterBundles focuses on bundles (discount packages of themed products).

Thus, if a dozen great fonts individually cost about $300, then the bundle will sell for only $18-$20! The platform earns its profits through mass sales, the designer is satisfied with the regular income, and the client is delighted with the ratio of quality & affordability!

Who Can Use MasterBundles` Products? 

The presented products may be of interest to many user groups. Firstly, designers who lack some details, but don’t want to draw them on their own. Secondly, they are ideal for marketers and SMM professionals who want to create a design in time but don’t want to hire artists to create decor from scratch. And, of course, the marketplace will be of interest to small business owners for testing various hypotheses or crafters who constantly need high-quality SVG objects.


So let’s recap! The MasterBundles website has a lot of cool graphic elements including texture images, icons and more, as well as templates, fonts, add-ons and stock content — all of which will be of interest to anyone who constantly works with visuals. So be sure to visit the site to see for yourself.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we might earn a commission. It will not cost you anything more. The earnings will help us to provide you with more content. Our opinions are not influenced in any way by this. 

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