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7 Best October Art Challenges

October is an incredibly creative month, with a number of art challenges running all around the world. We’ve put together a list of our top 7 favourite challenges that you can take part in every October!

1. Inktober

With October already in full swing, make sure to check out the Inktober Art Challenge! Founded by Jake Parker, Inktober is based on promoting growth, improving your skills and sharing your work with fellow artists.

Each year, Inktober puts out a prompt list that you can follow throughout the month. These serve as your inspiration and hopefully get your creative flow going! There aren’t too many rules, with the main one being that you have to use ink. Share your work on social media using the hashtag #Inktober #Inktober2020.

Inktober 2020 prompt list
The official Inktober Prompt list for 2020

Check out our article on Inktober 2020 for more information regarding the creator, rules, inspiration and more!

All about Inktober

Read all about the Inktober art challenge with more information regarding the creator, the rules, inspiration and more!

Inktober 2020 - Art challange

Also make sure to visit the Inktober.com website for more information.

2. Drawlloween

Also based in October, Drawlloween has no media restrictions and is monster themed. Creator and fellow artist Brian Soria created this challenge with Halloween-loving artists in mind. Drawlloween also puts out a new prompt list each year, including a wide range of themes and topics. Make sure to use #drawlloween or #Drawlloween2020 to share your work with other artists on social media!

Drawlloween Prompt List - Inktober Alternative
The Drawlloween Prompt List

Find out more about Drawlloween at drawlloween.com.

3. Doodlewash

Each year, Doodlewash puts out a different art challenge. This year, the theme is Autumn Fun! The rules are limited, other than having to use watercolours, drawing materials or a mix of both. With this emphasis on watercolour use, the Autumn Fun challenge is centred around both autumn and Halloween themes.

If you participate and would like to share your work online, make sure to use the hashtags #doodlewashOctober2020 and #WorldWatercolorGroup if you used watercolours. Check out the Doodlewash prompt list for 2020:

Doodlewash Prompt List - Inktober Alternative
The Doodlewash Prompt List

Check out doodlewash.com for more.

4. Tinkerlab

Brought to you every October, Tinkerlab has created their own October art challengeTinkersketch! Although centred around an Autumn theme, the Tinkersketch prompt list is inclusive enough to accommodate artists in all parts of the world. The challenge is intended to invite artists to experiment with their drawing skills, in a fun, stress free way!

Use the #Tinkersketch hashtag to share your sketches on social media.

October Art Challenge Prompt List - Inktober Alternative
The October Art Challenge: Tinkersketch Prompt List

Check out tinkerlab.com for more.

5. Witchtober

As I’m sure you have guessed – the theme of this October challenge is Witches. For this challenge, there is no limitation as to what media you can use, just make it witchy! Unlike the other October challenges, Witchtober has a number of prompt lists created by fellow artists. We’ve added a couple examples below by Annie Hsu and Arturo Rose:

Make sure to use the #Witchtober and #Witchtober2020 when sharing your work.

6. Inkt-tober

Created by Patrizia Kruger, Inkt-tober is centred around tattoo art. The aim is to inspire artists to create as many amazing tattoo-style illustrations as they can during the month of October. This is a great opportunity for aspiring or professional tattoo artists to create some new, exciting October-themed designs for your clients!

Make sure to use the hashtag #INKTtober when sharing your designs online.

Inkt-Tober Prompt List - Inktober Alternative
The INKT-Tober Prompt List

You can find out more about Inkt-tober and its creator at trishargh.com.

7. Goretober

Started in 2014, Goretober is centred around, you guessed it, gore. As with the other challenges, Goretober puts out a prompt list for artists to draw inspiration from. There are no rules regarding tools or media, simply use whatever you prefer; traditional or digital mediums.

Goretober Prompt List - Inktober Alternative
The Goretober Prompt List

You can use the hashtags #Goretober #Goretober2020 when sharing your art.

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Alternative Art Challenges

Did you miss this months art challenge? Don’t worry! Be sure to check out our list of Yearly Art Challenges. If you don’t want to participate in an art challenge, but if you’re just looking for some drawing ideas, be sure to check out our drawing ideas generator! By the way, are you participating in Huevember?


Let us know which challenges are your favourite and if we missed any other October challenges in the comment section.


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