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10 Best Food Inspired Fonts for Logos and Labels

Designers use many elements to bring out their creativity and optimize their designs to suit various purposes. The types of fonts used in creating logos and labels play a crucial role in the design’s overall presentation. Aside from adding to the creativity of the design, it also passes a precise message. 

Food typography complements the catchy nature of gastronomical images while creating logos or labels. These food-inspired fonts make it easy to differentiate food-related logos and labels from other types. 

Below are impressive and easy to read food fonts that can enhance food logos and labels that can fit anywhere in the food industry. These food-inspired fonts will not only project your creativity; they will also help you to pass a precise message. 

1. Two Shots Label Font (by Vozzy Vintage Fonts)

Two Shots label font By Vozzy Vintage Fonts

The two shots label font is best for food labels. They offer great representation and commanding outlook. This font will not only help your design catch your audience attention; it is also easy to read. The font has Multi Language support feature and can come in various file formats, including TTF, OTF, WOFF, and WOFF2. This food font is great for posters, labels, food blogs, and other food projects. 

2. Bake House Label Font (by Vozzy Vintage Fonts)

This food typography is another impressive food font for various logo and label designs. The Bake House Label font comes in three categories; thin, light, and regular. All three types are easy to read and help you manage space. This font has Multi Language support feature and it allows TTF, OTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 file formats. 

3. Orange Squash Script Font (by Khurasan Studio)

Orange Squash Script Font By Khurasan Studio

Orange Squash Script is one of the most modern food typographies with various features. These features include punctuation and numeral, upper case, lower case, and it supports Multi Language, including Italian, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. It supports PUA Unicode and file formats like OTF and TTF. This font is bold and fresh; thus, making it easy to read and attractive.

4. Potato Chip Font (by Khurasan Studio)

Potato Chip Font By Khurasan Studio

The Potato Chips Font is another food typography that can help you develop a strong food impression. This font gives a bold display that commands attention, and it is easy to read. This font supports Multi Language, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French. It also supports various file formats, including OTF, TTF, and WOFF. The font is great for various food magazines, food recipes, and food posters.

5. Tarquin Typeface (by Alterna Typefoundry)

Tarquin Typeface By Alterna Typefoundry

This food font does not only offer a beautiful outlook; it also offers a great level of flexibility. It is carefully and beautifully handcrafted to give a unique and amazing outlook. The Tarquin Typeface comes in three beautiful styles which are Shadow, Stencil, and Regular. These styles allow you to choose any one that best fits for design. This font supports OTF file format and various languages, including Zulu, Turkish, German, French, Portuguese, English, Dutch, etc.

6. Peach Cuties (luxury signature fonts) by ErgibiStudio 

Peach Cuties by ErgibiStudio

Peach Cuties is remarkable for its beautiful and classy signature. This food typography beautifies labels, logos, and other food designs without leaving out legibility. It supports OTF and TTF file formats, and it is ideal for food invitations, food branding, and watermarks. Peach cuties also support various languages, including Latin, Irish, Italian, Jamaica, Albanian, French, German, English, and Dutch. 

7. Fast Food Layered Typeface (by Vozzy Vintage Fonts) 

Fast Food Layered Typeface By Vozzy Vintage Fonts

Vintage Fast Food Layered Typeface is a vintage label font that is perfect for vintage designs for labels and logos. It is also perfect for vintage style posters, inauguration posters, and restaurant flyers. This font is particularly applicable in food illustrations such as burgers, pizzas, donuts, and drinks cups. Fast food labeled typeface supports multi-language and formats like OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2. 

8. Macaron Handcrafted Typeface (by Alterna Typefoundry)

Macaron is one of the unique handcrafted type food fonts with a beautiful outlook. This font is lovely and beautiful and passes yummy food impressions to complement the various colors and images you will use for your food labels and logos. It is mostly suitable for headlines and the catchy part of the design. This font supports the OTF file format and various languages, including Spanish, Turkish, English, Latvian, French, and Italian. 

9. Emirose (by ErgibiStudio)

Emirose Font by ErgibiStudio

Emirose is a sweet and elegant font that consists of 4 different weights or presentations; bold, regular, thin, and light. These options add flexibility to your design and allow you to use the same font for diverse applications. This font uniquely has cute alternative letters that can give your logo a classy outlook. It works for logos, labels, and other brand packaging purposes. It supports OTF and TTF file formats. It supports various languages including; German, French, Italian, Irish, Swedish, Latin, etc.

10. Osaka Chips “Fun Font” (by ErgibiStudio)

Osaka Chips Food Font is all you need if you intend to include a funny font in your design. It is particularly ideal for fun packs like snack packaging, food packaging, chips packaging, and other fun food packaging labels. It supports OTF and TTF file formats. It supports different languages including; Estonia, Dutch, English, Polish, Serbian, Latin, and Italian. 


Fonts are a critical part of any design. It complements colours, images, and other design elements to pass the intended message at first glance. Food font plays a similar role with every other font. It is suitable for various food labels, logos, and packaging. The list above presents food fonts that are suitable for a variety of food designs. They improve your creativity and pass a clear message. 

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