Whether you’re creating a poster, advertisement, logo or design project, it can be quite time consuming deciding which font combinations work best for you. We’ve put together a list of our top 15 best font combinations of 2022 that will undoubtedly complement your design project, in a way that reflects both you and your brand.

If you’d like to create your own font combinations or want to know more about the subject, make sure to read our ultimate guide on How to Choose the Best Font Combinatons.

The 4 Major Rules of Font Pairing

Create Harmony Not Conflict

When deciding between which fonts to pair, it’s important to take into consideration whether they create harmony or conflict. Conflicting fonts are often those that are too complex, bold or decorative together. In this case, fonts will seem to complete for the viewers attention. So, stay away from that.

Instead, pair two fonts that create a sense of harmony. Make sure to look for fonts that complement each other without being too similar, the goal is to create a sense of visual diversity!

Stick to One Typeface Family

Fonts tend to go together well when they both come from the same typeface family. By choosing two harmonious fonts that belong to the same typeface family is almost a sure-fire way to ensure that you won’t go wrong!

Within each font there are options of different variations, such as bold, light, heavy, roman and condensed to name a few. A well-known example of this is Calibri (Body) and Calibri Light. This way, you have a range of stylistic options when putting together your font pairing.

The Rule of Opposites

It might be worth remembering the classic line ‘opposites attract’ because in the case of pairing fonts, they really do! Like colours and patterns, typefaces can create a conflict when paired together if they are too similar.

When done in the correct way, two completely contrasting typefaces can create a great balance. For example, a delicate Sans Script paired with a modern Sans Serif will undoubtedly create a great font duo.

Know Who’s in Charge

Knowing which font will be your main font and which will be your secondary font is very important. Ideally, the typeface intended for your title should be the one that is the most eye-catching and stands out. Your secondary font should be different in some way, whether it be in weight, style or colour.

15 Examples of great font pairings

We’ve put together a list of 10 of our favourite font pairings that you can use for your next creative project, organized by typeface classification!

Sans Serif & Serif

1. Oswald/ Calisto MT

Oswald - Calisto
Oswald – Calisto

2. Josefin Sans/ Playfair

Josefin Sans - Playfair
Josefin Sans – Playfair

3. Ubuntu/ Lora

Ubuntu - Lora
Ubuntu – Lora

4. Helvetica Neue/ Garamond

Helvetica Neue - Garamond
Helvetica Neue – Garamond

Serif & Sans Serif

5. PT Serif Bold/Open Sans

PT Serif Bold - Open Sans
PT Serif Bold – Open Sans

6. Source Serif Pro / Source Sans Pro

Source Serif Pro - Source Sans Pro
Source Serif Pro – Source Sans Pro

Script & Sans Serif

7. Lobster/Lato

Lobster - Lato
Lobster – Lato

8. Abril Fatface/Josefin Sans

Abril Fatface - Josefin Sans
Abril Fatface – Josefin Sans

9. Stint Ultra/Amiro

Stint Ultra - Arimo
Stint Ultra – Arimo

10. Sacramento / Montserrat Light

Sacramento - Monsterrat Light
Sacramento – Monsterrat Light

Script and Serif

11. Patua One / Lora

Patua One - Lora
Patua One – Lora

Sans Serif & Sans Serif

12. Oswald Heavy/ Open Sans

Oswald Heavy - Open Sans
Oswald Heavy – Open Sans

13. Oswald/Nunito

Oswald - Nunito
Oswald – Nunito

Serif & Serif

14. Quando/Fauna One

Quando - Fauna One
Quando – Fauna One

15. Rockwell Bold/Bembo

Rockwell Bold - Bembo
Rockwell Bold – Bembo


Do you want to know more about font pairing? Make sure to read the ultimate guide to font pairing written by Canva.

You can also use the Font Combinations Tool from Canva to help you find the perfect font combination!

Also make sure to read our article on How to Choose the Best Font Combinations, which is a great guide to get started!

Interesting Font Bundles

Some font bundles that we can advise and are a great addition to your font collection.

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  1. ritusharma

     I just love to use the combo of Serif and San-Serif fonts for heading and paragraphs respectively. One of my favorite combo is Lora with Roboto font.


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