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13+ Best Face Mask Mockup Templates

13+ Best Face Mask Mockup Templates

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, face masks have been trending! Unfortunately, it’s not because we love them, but because it’s crucial that we wear them during this difficult time – either due to government regulations or to protect yourself and others around you.

Thankfully, face masks don’t have to look so clinical any more, with designers and brands putting out new mask designs daily. We as designers are working to put out designs that make a statement, so that even when you’re wearing a face mask, you definitely won’t be looking like a dentist. If you are a designer yourself who is looking to find great mockups of face masks to showcase your designs on, you’ve come to the right place.

We have made a selection of the best face mask mockups we could find. Let’s take a closer look.

Face Mask Mockups / Without Model

In this section we feature the best face mask mockups without a model. If you are looking for the face mask mockups with a model, then click here to jump to that section.

1. Face Mask Mockup Templates

Face Mask Templates Mockup

Yogurt86 has created a collection of 9 different photo-realistic face mask mockups. The collection contains images with and without a mannequin. The mockups are easy to edit using the Smart Objects with organised layers too. Customising these mockups is incredibly simple.

2. Cotton Face Mask Mock-ups Set

The Cotton Face Mask Mock-ups set comes with one type of face mask shot from 12 different angles. This mockup set is created by Mocca2go. The face masks look photo-realistic, so you’ll easily be able to visualise the actual printed product. The mockups don’t have any background.

3. Scuba Face Mask Mockup

Skuba Face Mask Mockup

This facemask mockup is created by Afahmy. It’s usage of Smart Objects makes it incredibly easy to use. Simply change the design in the Smart Object and you’re done. It’s fast, easy and it’s perfect for displaying different face mask designs on your website or online store. All of the elements are isolated, which makes specified customisation very easy.

4. Rectangle Face Mask Mockup

Rectangle Face Mask Mockup

VictorThemesNX has created this Rectangle shaped face mask mockup. It looks clean and simple and it’s easy to adjust because of the Smart Object support. This template has organised and labelled layers and is easy to adjust.

5. Face Mask Side View Mockup

Face Mask Mockup Side View

If you need a side view of a face mask, then Eightonesixstudio has got you covered. The background colours can be changed and of course the face mask can be too using the Smart Objects.

6. Medical Face Mask Mockup

Medical Face Mask Mockup

This Medical Face Mask Mock-Up Template is easy to customize, well grouped with named layers and uses Smart Objects to customize everything with ease.

7. Face Mask Mockup Template

face mask mockup template

This Face Mask Mockup Template is easy to customize, well grouped and uses named layers. With the Smart Objects it’s easy to replace the design with your own. The mannequin comes in two colours (black and gold). Eightonesix did a nice job with this one.

Face Mask Mockups / With a Model

8. Face Mask Mockup v2

This face mask mockup bundle was created by 2dsight. This collection contains 7 different customisable mockups of a woman wearing a face mask. The 7 different PSD files are easy to edit because of the Smart Objects, resulting in incredibly realistic mockups.

9. Youth Face Mask Mockup

Mae Middleton has created a youth face mask mockup. This template of a young girl wearing a face mask is perfect to promote face mask designs that are suited for children’s sizes.

10. Female Face Mask Mockup

Mae Middleton has also created an adult female wearing a face mask mockup. This template shows a woman wearing a face mask. It’s super easy to edit, due to the Smart Object use.

11. Male Face Mask Mockup

The last one from Mae Middleton is of an adult male wearing a face mask mockup. This template shows a male wearing a face mask. Like the other templates she has created this one is of a good quality and easy to edit because of the Smart Objects.

12. Female Face Mask and T-shirt Mockup

This download contains 9 different images of a woman wearing a face mask mockup and a t-shirt.
The unique thing about this one is that you can change the face masks on each image as well as the t-shirt design. This makes it perfect to showcase various designs.

The layers are named and every image is easy to edit. This mockup collection even comes with a help file to get you on the way.

13. Woman wearing a cloth Face Mask Mockup

Woman wearing a cloth face mask mockup

AndrewThimoty has created this must have collection of 7 realistic cloth face mask mockups. These mockups are perfectly suited for all kinds of anti-pollution, virus outbreak and pandemic campaigns. The cloth face mask PSD files are of high quality and are easy to edit via Smart Objects.

Alternative face mask mockups

As an alternative to buying mockups, download them and then edit them, you can also consider using a service like placeit.net. You can use your designs and create instant mockups of your designs on any product, with any environment and any target audience.

placeit.net for mockups and templates

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