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Artist of the Week – Shahul Hameed

This space is dedicated to featuring some of our favourite up and coming designers. Every week we’ll be scouting some hidden talent and featuring them in an article. We aim to showcase their work and share a little about them as an artist.

If you’d like to take part in something similar, make sure to reach out to us via our Featured Artist page.

Meet artist of the week, Shahul Hameed

From the town of Palakkad in Kerala, full-time mural and street artist Shahul Hameed began painting at a young age. His work varies in genre and highlights the importance of colour selection and combination.

Shahul Hameed - mural and street artist

Through my art, I want to capture the emotions of a moment I witnessed or experienced, and render them to the onlooker in a way that they are also able to savour the same.

Find Shahul Hameed at:

1305 5867191305


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