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Artist of the Week – Amy Ayanda

This space is dedicated to featuring some of our favourite up and coming designers. Every week we’ll be scouting some hidden talent and featuring them in an article. We aim to showcase their work and share a little about them as an artist.

If you’d like to take part in something similar, make sure to reach out to us via our Featured Artist page.

Meet artist of the week, Amy Ayanda

From Cape Town, South Africa, talented local artist and musician Amy Ayanda is leaving her mark on the creative industry. Her brightly coloured work is based on local landscapes and its surrounding flora. She features the national flower – the protea, as well as fynbos and city skylines. Her strong tie to her country, family and history are clearly noted in her work.

As of late, Amy has begun working on children’s bed time stories for her daughter. Her work has been exhibited in a number of shows and exhibitions around the country.
“Home has always been super important to me.”

Home has always been super important to me.

Find out more about Amy at:

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