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8 Benefits of Taking an Art Class

8 benefits of taking an art class
8 benefits of taking an art class

Whether you’re here to find out the benefits of art classes for adults or children – the incredible benefits are pretty similar! With the recent boom in pop culture, creativity and inspired thinking, art classes have become increasingly popular! We found 8 benefits of taking an art class.

If you’re considering taking an art class, why not go for one online and check out our article with our selection of the best online art classes.

Why should you be taking an art class?

Art and creativity is no longer confined to art professionals but is being adopted into the lives of any and every one. Now more so than ever, people are diving deep into their creative side and exploring the art world. What better way to do that than by taking art classes?

The advantages of art classes are endless, from mental health benefits to improved spatial awareness, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be getting involved in an art class or 2!

Whether you’re an art student, aspiring creative or looking to instill more creativity in your children – attending art classes is a great way to start! Doing so, you’ll be able to ensure that you start off on the right foot. When you’re looking to get a solid start in a particular field, passion or hobby, taking formal classes can be increasingly beneficial. It’s also important to note that art classes are not only created for those who are looking to become a professional artist, but are in fact highly beneficial for everyone!

Research has shown that taking art classes has a long list of advantages for those who decide to partake. Sound interesting? Well, in this article we’re going to be taking a look at some of the benefits of taking part in (online or real life) art classes, for both children and adults. Let’s dive in!

8 Benefits of Taking an Art Class

1. Art classes are a time to relax

Although it is possible to spur some creativity in the comfort of your own home, we all know it can be a particularly distracting place – whether it be your children, spouse or a ping of a notification on your phone.

Art class is a time to relax
Art class is a time to relax – Picture by Pavel Danilyuk via Pexels

Taking an art class counteracts all distractions and gives you that time to unplug and switch off from the world for a few hours. Research has shown that attending to phone calls, texts and emails can be significantly detrimental to both your physical and mental health. This research also showed that removing yourself from these technological distractions can improve your mental and physical health when you create art for a good amount of time, on a regular basis.

In a similar way to meditation, taking part in art classes can lower your blood pressure and reduce tension.

2. Spur creativity

The somewhat monotonous and mundane nature of our everyday lives can sometimes dull or distract us from any thoughts of creativity. Consistently sitting at a computer attending to emails or tasks solely occupies the left side of your brain – often used for problem solving and analysis.

The right side however, is where creativity and intuition thrives! By taking part in art classes, you’ll be able to reactivate the right side of your brain that is often neglected during our stressful daily schedules.

All you really need is a canvas and some drawing mediums and you’ll be on your way to igniting your inner artist.

3. Expand your perspective and spatial awareness

I’m sure there have been times in your life where you have attempted to draw an object in front of you and have been disappointed at how dissimilar it looks. This is due to an underdeveloped sense of spatial awareness and perspective – all of which can be developed with the help of art classes!

In art classes you’ll be forced to see objects rather than simply look at them. You’ll learn how to apply these concepts into your art and develop your art skills, particularly with added practise. Although it may seem difficult to grasp at first, each time you begin a new sketch or painting, you’ll be able to replicate it more accurately with a heightened sense of perception, distance and space.

4. Socialise and join the creative community

In addition to learning both practical and theoretical skills in your art classes, you’ll also be able to meet and interact with others who have the same goal as you – get creative! Joining an art class is a great way to meet new people who have similar interests as you. You’ll also be able to learn by observing others; their skills, techniques and perhaps some advice, tips or tricks.

Art class is fun
Doing Art class is fun – picture by Pavel Danilyuk via Pexels

Essentially, art class will be a space to unwind, socialise and immerse yourself in the creative community. This can have countless advantages for your long term physical health, mental health and emotions. For more on the importance of creativity in your daily life, check out our article here.

5. Develop your skills fast

As we mentioned earlier, instilling a sense of creativity at home can be an incredibly difficult task. Often you’ll manage to set up a creative station, gather your materials and then can’t quite bring yourself to be creative after all.

Luckily, art classes are often taught in a large group by an experienced teacher, so you’ll be in good hands. This kind of environment is likely to surprise you with how quickly you can develop your art skills if you really put your mind to it. In no time you’ll have reached the end of your class and have a large pile of artworks to show for it.

Develop your art skills
Develop your art skills – Picture by Ekrulila via Pexels

It might also be important to note that there are a number of different art classes suited for different ages and skill levels. With this in mind, make sure to join the class that best suits you and your needs. You’ll be on your way to creative genius in no time!

6. Push yourself

Sometimes we tend to get comfortable in our routines and schedules, which after some time can diminish some of that life spark and creativity you may have once had. Taking part in art classes is a great way to challenge yourself – whether it be a new technique, material or medium. Once you begin to learn from these challenges, you can begin to muster strength and confidence for other ventures you may decide to take on in future.

7. Decorate your space

With the artworks you’ve created, why not consider setting aside your favourites to frame and display in your home? If you’re not feeling too committed to that idea, why not stick some of your art on the fridge?

Decorate your home with your own art
Decorate your home with your own art – Picture by Anthony Shkraba via Pexels

This is a great way to make sure you are consistently reminded of art and creativity whilst you are home. For more on the importance of instilling creativity in your daily life, you can check out our article here.

8. Develop focus and perseverance

Being creative or making a piece of art of any kind can be an incredibly long process. This process requires a good amount of concentration and will power to push on, as creativity after childhood often fades. If you’re here for the benefits of art classes for your children, note that art classes are likely to develop your child’s craft and manage their expectations. By doing so, they will learn that the creative process is built up over time and should not be rushed.

If you’re an adult looking to take part in an art class, the same goes for you! Art classes can work to improve focus and reduce the impatience that so many of us feel in our fast paced lives. These are incredibly crucial life skills that should be nurtured and encouraged.

Have you ever participated in an art class (either virtual or real life). How did you experience that? Let us know in the comments!

Considering taking an art class? Why not go for one online and check out our article with our selection of the best online art classes. Not ready for an art class? You can also check out our article with the best books to learn to draw or to improve your skills.

Best Free Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android

Best Free Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android
Best Free Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android

With convenience at the core of today’s society – photo editing on the go is an essential for most creatives. With the right editing apps, you can turn a good photo into a great photo in a matter of minutes!

Whether you’re looking to enhance colour, crop or make adjustments – there are a number of apps available to help you do just that. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of our Top 5 favourite photo editing apps of 2021 or both iOS and Android devices that will work to elevate your photos simply, efficiently and effectively.


Perhaps one of the most popular photo editing apps amongst the younger generations, VSCO cam takes our number one spot as the best free picture editing app.

vsco mobile free photo editor
Best Free Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android 10

Available on both iOS and Android, this minimalistic app features a simple, user friendly interface with a range of features. Its strongest point is the incredibly large selection of free, up-to-date filters. VSCO offers an in app camera, editing tools, photo gallery as well as an online ‘VSCO’ community. Adding that vintage, analogue film camera touch – the filters offered on VSCO provide a timeless feel, without the feeling that your photos have been over-edited.

Are you finding that the filter isn’t quite suiting your image? No problem – you can adjust a number of individual settings using a slider for increased control. Settings include brightness, contrast, tone, temperature, shadows, highlights, cropping, borders and vignettes to name a few.

Once you’re happy with your final product, you can either export it to your camera roll or share it with the VSCO community. You can also share to other social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp or Twitter, using their built in sharing feature.

Download for Android, Download for iOS

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Up next we have Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC – a great app for intermediates and professionals looking to make some fine tuning adjustments to their photos. What’s great about this app is the ability to carry out personalized, professional editing in high resolution.

Available on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, Adobe Lightroom works with a number of photo file types – including RAW images.

free adobe photoshop lightroom cc
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Unlike most apps, Adobe Lightroom caters to a specific audience and doesn’t try to please the masses. Essentially, if you’re looking for increased control over the specs of your images, this is the program for you!

If you’d like, you can also subscribe to the Adobe Creative cloud, where you can gain access to additional editing features like the Adobe Sensei and selective editing. If you run into any problems navigating the app or program, there are a number of walk-through tutorials available online.

Lightroom for Android, Lightroom for iOS, Lightroom for Desktop


Available on both Android and iOS, Snapseed is another great app for professional photographers looking to make high resolution, professional edits to their photos. With over 29 different tools and filters, JPG and RAW functionality as well as the ability to create presets – it’s clear to see why this is in our Top 5 selection. Another great function is the ‘precision masking tool’ that allows for blurred backgrounds and the addition of depth to your pictures.

snapseed free mobile photo editor

Snapseed allows users to easily edit their work using stacks or layers. These allow individual edits to be removed, rearranged or shifted. If you prefer to use premade edits, there are a variety of existing Snapseed filters, brushes and editing tools that will undoubtedly take your photos to the next level. You can also share you work across a variety of platforms using the export tool.

We’d say the only noticeable downside to this app is its lack of an auto-save feature. What could be regarded as both a pro and a con, is Snapseed’s aim towards more professional, experienced users.

Snapseed for Android, Snapseed for iOS

Adobe Photoshop Express

This readily accessible, easy to use sister of well-known Adobe Photoshop is every photo editors dream. Available on both iOS and Android, this free app features a faultless user interface and functionality. Functions offered include the highly sought after straighten and flip tool – not often found in most editing apps. Known as the developer for designers,

Doe meer met Photoshop.
Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe includes a number of advanced tools in Photoshop Express including advanced cropping, red eye correction, borders, saturation and smart filters to name a few. Smart filters are autocorrect filters that work to automictically correct any existing issues in your photo such as temperature or contrast.

You can take photos in the app itself, upload one from your camera roll or import one from your Adobe Creative Cloud account. Once edited, you can export your picture directly to your camera roll or share it to various social media platforms. Before you can use the app however, you will have to register for a free Adobe ID.

Photoshop Express for Android, Photoshop Express for iOS, Photoshop Express for Desktop

Afterlight 2

What began as a paid app is now available on both iOS and Android for free. Afterlight 2 coins itself as the ‘all in one, feature packed’ editing app which we think we’d agree with. Offering its own modified camera UI, you can manually change camera settings such as white balance, shutter speed and focal length.

afterlight 2 free mobile photo editor
Afterlight 2

Keep in mind that these are pro features not often seen in free editing apps. Of course, Afterlight 2 also offers the basic editing tools such as contrast, brightness, saturation and tone to name a few. Added functionality of this app includes adding and customizing text, over 70 frames and countless filters.

Famous for its ‘vintage’ effects, Afterlight 2 is sure to add a special touch to any of your photos – offering various textures, prism effects, light leaks and dust film overlays. Afterlight 2 is also compatible with both JPG and RAW files on both iOS and Android.

Afterlight 2 for Android, Afterlight 2 for iOS

Best colouring books for adults

Best colouring books for adults
Best colouring books for adults

As we learned in our previous post on childhood creativity, creativity is an integral part of one’s formative years. It is however equally as important in adulthood. Art, creativity and design work to make life increasingly more interesting, fulfilling and fun! Altering the monotonous and mundane nature of everyday life, creativity works to create meaning and form unique, previously disregarded connections between concepts and ideas. Why not turn the ordinary, into something extraordinary!

Why adults should start colouring

By carrying out regular creative practises, you can develop artistic motivation, stimulate imagination and become increasingly inventive! Additionally, there are a number of psychological advantages to colouring. Colouring can reduce stress and anxiety, exercise your brain, improve focus, spark creativity and displace negative emotions. For more on the effectiveness of colouring for adults, you can check out our article that highlights the psychology behind this new trend, whether it’s an activity for everyone as well as 6 of the leading benefits of coloring.

As we know, making a new habit stick requires a fair amount of consistency – which can be difficult with the fast paced nature of life.

Unlike children, who have a good amount of free time in their day to day life, being an adult is a little different. With this being said, it can become increasingly time consuming to set up creative activities and tasks each and every day. That’s where we come in! We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite colouring books for adults available right now.

Best colouring books for adults

Why not treat yourself, a friend or loved one to one of the adult colouring books listed below to relieve some of that adult life stress! We’ve also linked some of our favourite colouring materials too! Let’s dive into some of our favourite colouring books available right now!

Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book

By Johanna Basford

Perhaps one of the most popular adult colouring books right now, Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book is a worldwide bestselling adult colouring book of 96 pages. This interactive book takes you on a journey through a beautiful garden illustrated using pen and ink by Johanna Basford. This colouring book however, is unlike most as it includes much more than simple drawings to be coloured in. Included in this book are pictures to colour in, patterns to complete, mazes to solve and space to create your own sketches. You can opt for coloured pencils, markers, watercolours or even crayons to add splashes of colour to your colouring book. Despite being Johanna Basford’s first book, she has sold over 21 million copies around the world since it was published. Additionally, Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book is available in over 44 languages! With all this being said, it’s not hard to see why we had to include it in this list!

“Colouring in isn’t just for kids. These intricate, magical drawings from Secret Garden by Johanna Basford are just waiting to be brought to life.” – The Guardian

Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book (For Adults, mindfulness coloring)

 in stock
53 new from $6.99
100 used from $1.53
Free shipping
as of December 6, 2022 15:19

The Mindfulness Colouring Book : Anti-stress Art Therapy for Busy People

By Emma Farrarons

Another worldwide bestselling adult colouring book, The Mindfulness Colouring Book is a great way to soothe anxiety and eliminate stress. As we know, carrying out creative activities each and every day can be time consuming and difficult to keep up with – but The Mindfulness Colouring Book is pocket-sized! Meaning you can take it with you on the go and colour in whenever you have a free moment, or when you’re feeling a little strained. This book also offers a practical exercise in mindfulness that fosters creativity and develops focus.

Included in The Mindfulness Colouring Book are templates of beautiful scenes and patterns illustrated by Emma Farrarons that prompt you to meditate on your artwork and mindfully fill the pages with colour. Why not colour your way into a sense of peace and calm?

“Free of any distracting themes, full of soothing waves and geometric patterns, this mindfulness-oriented colouring book will pack an extra punch of calm.”—Huffington Post

The Mindfulness Coloring Book: The Adult Coloring Book for Relaxation with Anti-Stress Nature Patterns and Soothing Designs

$9.95  in stock
38 new from $6.50
98 used from $1.23
Free shipping
as of December 6, 2022 15:19

The Harry Potter Colouring Books

By Warner Brothers

These official Harry Potter colouring books are sure to delight any and all Harry Potter fans! This 80 page book is jam packed with stunning artwork and images from the official Warner Brothers archive, allowing fans of the franchise to colour in many well-known settings and characters from J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world. Why not destress while bringing to live some of your favourite Harry Potter moments? The Harry Potter Colouring Books are filled with both illustrations and detailed designs that were used in the making of the films themselves. Explore Hogwarts castle and the Forbidden Forest, or experience the Sorting Ceremony and the Final Battle by bringing the scenes to life in your own unique way. Filled with fan favourites, The Harry Potter Colouring Books are sure to capture your attention as you work through this unique and interactive colouring book set. The authors recommend the use of colouring pencils to colour in the images and bring the book to life!

“A treat for all Harry fans, it has gorgeous line drawings.” ― The Sun

Harry Potter Postcard Colouring Book

$12.21  in stock
3 used from $12.21
as of December 6, 2022 15:19

Harry Potter Magical Creatures Colouring Book 2

$12.44  out of stock
8 new from $11.57
20 used from $2.76
Free shipping
as of December 6, 2022 15:19

Harry Potter Magical Places and Characters Colouring Book 3

$13.31  in stock
8 new from $12.44
12 used from $2.92
as of December 6, 2022 15:19

Outside the Lines: An Artists’ Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations

By Souris Hong-Porretta

Designed especially for those who have an innate love for contemporary art and creativity, or simply enjoy the practise of colouring in – Outside the Lines: An Artists’ Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations is a colouring book like no other! Souris Hong-Porretta has carefully put together an incredible collection of illustrations from over 100 creative masterminds! Included in this book you’ll find work from cartoonists, illustrators, animators, fine artists, graphic designers, musicians, photographers, street artists and pixel artists to name a few. Outside the Lines: AnArtists’ Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations features work from big names like AIKO, Keith Haring, Ryan McGinness, Keita Takahashi, Jen Corace, Shepard Fairey and Exene Cervemka among others. Souris Hong-Porretta has put together an incredible selection of edgy, creative and imaginative pieces waiting for you to add your unique, special touch! Now a New York Times bestseller, Outside the Lines is a great option for anyone wanting to stimulate their creativity or relieve some daily stress.

“…a seriously awesome twist on the childhood classic featuring pages designed by some of our favorite artists.” – NYLON

An Inspired and Inventive Coloring Book by Creative Masterminds Outside the Lines, Too (Paperback) - Common

$56.90  in stock
1 used from $36.72
as of December 6, 2022 15:19

Splendid Cities: Color Your Way to Calm

By Rosie Goodwin and Alice Chadwick

Particularly for those who are lovers of travel and beautiful places – Splendid Cities: Color Your Way to Calm by Rosie Goodwin is an adult colouring book that is sure to transport you to some of the world’s most splendid cities! The cities included in this book are both real and imagined – all ready to be brought to life with your unique, creative colouring  choices.

Whether you’re looking to work on your creative skills, reduce stress and anxiety or explore fun and exciting places, this is the book for you. Immerse yourself in a world tour that takes you on a journey through sky cities and floating kingdoms, stopping by the famous domes of Moscow and the tip of the Eiffel Tower to name a few. The creators urge you to take your time when working through the illustrations, relax and let your imagination run wild! For this book you can use any medium of your choice, whether it be pens, coloured pencils, markers or crayons.

Splendid Cities: Color Your Way to Calm

$16.00  in stock
12 new from $9.71
76 used from $1.00
Free shipping
as of December 6, 2022 15:19

Art Supplies

Don’t forget to purchase any of these excellent pencils with your colouring book!

Easy Peasy Animal Drawing Kit Review

Cute Animals Drawing Kit
Cute Animals Drawing Kit

Are you looking to develop your animal drawing skills? Or ready to take your drawing skills to the next level? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The Easy Peasy Animal Drawing Kit teaches you to draw cute animals like a pro, no matter what your skill level is.

After using the kit you should be able to create professional drawings that you’d be proud to sell! Or use it to create art that you love! How about creating handcrafted cards for family and friends? They will love it!

Learn to draw with the The Easy Peasy Animal Drawing Kit

This kit removes the ‘guessing process’ that you often need to tackle in when deciding on the proportions of your drawing. To counter this, simply toggle layers on and off to create a base you’re happy with. You can then choose from 37 different clothing pieces that have been designed to match your animal’s body perfectly. You’ll also have access to over 21 accessories!

Animal Drawing Kit Character Builder
Animal Drawing Kit Character Builder

In addition to this, you’ll be given 14 colour palette options as well as a helpful guide on which would be best suited for you! If you feel like you’d prefer to create your own colour palette, that is also an option with this easy peasy kit. You’ll be given a guide on how to create a suitable colour palette, along with a step by step guide for each version of the software.

Are all of these choices making you feel overwhelmed? They’ve got you covered. You can choose one of 10 preexisting animals that can simply be added to a file on which you can sketch or colour in.

In this kit you’ll be granted access to professional support as well as an extended license for both personal and commercial projects.

Animal Drawing Kit Handmade Card for Children
Learn to create a Handmade Card for Children

This kit is perfect for you if:

  • You’re not sure where to start, but would love to be able to draw cute animals!
  • You need to brush up on your proportions and poses
  • You struggle with deciding which clothing or accessories will take your animal drawing to the next level
  • You’re short on time and need a helpful tool to help you create animal drawings you’re proud to sell
  • You want to have fun and feel confident when creating animal characters


Software Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CS6 (and higher), Adobe Photoshop CS6 (and higher), Affinity , Procreate.

Animal Drawing Kit Reviews
Animal Drawing Kit User Reviews

More from this author – learn to draw:

Voxel Art 101: The Ultimate Guide


Before we dive into what voxel art really is, it’s important that we first make the distinction between pixel art and voxel art. As we learnt in our previous article on Pixel Art, pixel art is essentially an art form in which small details make up a bigger picture.

The phenomenon was born in the 1970s during the boom of computers and digital art in which it gained its popularity. For those unfamiliar with what a pixel actually is, a pixel can be compared to the most basic cell in a living thing. It is the most basic structural unit of digitized media, named by its components: picture and element.

Snow Scene created with MagicaVoxel
Snow Scene created with MagicaVoxel

With this being said, a voxel adds volume to this existing picture element. In this way, a third dimension is introduced in which the then two dimensional square is transformed into a now three dimensional cube. This provides countless possibilities to digital artists or game designers to create unique, life like characters, settings and environments that are both impactful and pleasing to the eye of the viewer.

Voxel art within the gaming industry was made popular by Minecraft. This then inspired a number of other voxel designers and artists to build upon the genre itself.

What is Voxel Art?

Voxel art is an art form in which three dimensional models are created solely out of 3D cubes – referred to as voxels. Artists and designers create voxel models using a software called a voxel editor. Voxel art can then be used in a number of ways, namely – to create photos, share to various social media platforms, export as a 3D model file or use in a digital 3D animation or game.

What is a Voxel?

The word voxel is derived from the two words ‘volumetric’ and ‘pixel’. A voxel represents a particular value on a grid in 3D space. Think about it in the same way as a pixel existing in a two dimensional space. It is important to note that 2D and 3D digital art have very similar characteristics.

Both a voxel and a pixel can only contain a single colour at one time. They also both occupy a particular position inside of a grid, with a pixel having an exact position inside of a picture.

The main difference between the two lies in the fact that a voxel has an extra axis – the Z axis that allows it to occupy a three dimensional space. Within this space, it has a volume as well as a height, length, width and depth too.

Who makes voxel art?

Any and every one can become a voxel creator, which is formally known as a voxel artist. A voxel artist creates art using 3D models that are comprised entirely of voxels. Completed pieces are either images, art or video games to name a few.

Check the incredible work of Hifoo (Paul Riehle) which are true works of art. He used MagicaVoxel to create it.

How do you make Voxel Art?

Although you can create voxel art manually by writing out positions within a text file, this isn’t a sustainable or easy method for many voxel artists.

From this discomfort, a number of voxel art software was launched to cater specifically to voxel artists. These programs, software and tools provided artists with the tools to efficiently and effectively create models out of voxels without the hassle of worrying about file codes.

Church scene created with MagicaVoxel
Church scene created with MagicaVoxel

Currently, there are a number of different options to choose from when it comes to finding the right voxel editor for you. We’ll be breaking down a few of our favourites next.

Voxel Art Software


One of the most well known voxel editors, MagicaVoxel is a great choice when looking to create and put out voxel art. Art and projects that are created using this software is mostly created using .VOX file types (the embedded file format of MagicaVoxel).

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – MagicaVoxel is free to download and use! The .VOX file is also used with most platforms that sell voxel art or models and can be used in a number of voxel editors. If you’re a beginner and are unsure of where to start, MagicaVoxel is the place to start.

YouTube video
This video gives a good impression of what you can do with MagicaVoxel and how it looks and feels.

VoxEdit Beta

Released fairly recently, VoxEdit Beta is a newer voxel editor that is still currently in beta form. However, the software itself is both stable and very usable. Like MagicaVoxel, VoxEdit is a free voxel modelling tool that can be used to create 3D assets that can be used in game development and voxel based art.

What sets VoxEdit apart from other voxel art software is its inclusion of tools such as ‘bone rigging’ and animation tools that are not usually found in other software of the same kind. VoxEdit Beta is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. With all this being said, it’s clear to see why this software had to hold a place on our list of favourites.

YouTube video
This video gives a good impression of VoxEdit.


Created by Guillaume Chereau, Goxel is another voxel editor that is available on a range of devices. This free, open-source editor is available for free on macOS and Windows, and available via a fairly priced app on iOS and Android devices – allowing you to work on your voxel art projects on the go!

As an alternative, you can also access this software via the web-based version on any given browser. A downside of this app however, is that it is not yet as stable as other voxel editors. Goxel is a great editor if you’re looking to get started with 3D model creation.

YouTube video
Get a good impression of the look and feel of VoxEdit in this video.

The software itself includes a number of innovative tools such as the ability to have an unlimited scene size as well as layers – features difficult to find in most voxel editors. Consider which features are more important to you and make your pick!

Mega Voxels Play

Unlike the previous voxel editors we’ve mentioned in this list, Mega Voxels Play isn’t a desktop software but a mobile app instead! Mega Voxels Play was developed by the Mega Voxels team for operating systems iOS and Android.

In this app you’ll be granted access to a standard set of voxel editing tools that are commonly found on most voxel editing software. The biggest pro of Mega Voxels Play is its usability on virtually every smart device. Remember the .VOX file we mentioned in our first review? Well, Mega Voxels Play supports these files for import from MagicaVoxel.

YouTube video
Short video of Mega Voxels Play

In addition to this, it also has its own shop where you can access a vast library of different models. Export formats include .VOX, .OBJ, .PNG and .MP4. As a free app, Mega Voxels Play is a popular choice for many voxel art beginners.


Last on our list of favourite voxel editors, we have Qubicle – a very popular choice within the voxel community, particular for game developers. With that in mind, if you’re more interested in voxel game development, this may be the perfect software for you.

YouTube video

This program uses a unique file format .QBCL and is very easy to use. Perfect for beginners too, Qubicle supports a number of different export formats, including the famous .VOX file type.

Popular Voxel based Games

Nowadays, Voxel art had become increasingly immersive. Voxel based games are in many ways an ode to sprite based games that instil a strong sense of nostalgia in most of us today. As voxel based games evolve with the latest advances in digital technology, voxel sizes are now smaller than ever before. This is allowing for increasingly interactive, atmospheric and immersive voxel built environments and game plays.

Below we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite voxel based games

  1. Minecraft
  2. Crossy Road (mac / android)
  3. Industries of Titan
  4. Teardown
  5. The Touryst
  6. Cloudpunk

10 Best Food Inspired Fonts for Logos and Labels

10 Best Food Fonts for Logos and Labels

Designers use many elements to bring out their creativity and optimize their designs to suit various purposes. The types of fonts used in creating logos and labels play a crucial role in the design’s overall presentation. Aside from adding to the creativity of the design, it also passes a precise message. 

Food typography complements the catchy nature of gastronomical images while creating logos or labels. These food-inspired fonts make it easy to differentiate food-related logos and labels from other types. 

Below are impressive and easy to read food fonts that can enhance food logos and labels that can fit anywhere in the food industry. These food-inspired fonts will not only project your creativity; they will also help you to pass a precise message. 

1. Two Shots Label Font (by Vozzy Vintage Fonts)

Two Shots label font By Vozzy Vintage Fonts
10 Best Food Inspired Fonts for Logos and Labels 74

The two shots label font is best for food labels. They offer great representation and commanding outlook. This font will not only help your design catch your audience attention; it is also easy to read. The font has Multi Language support feature and can come in various file formats, including TTF, OTF, WOFF, and WOFF2. This food font is great for posters, labels, food blogs, and other food projects. 

2. Bake House Label Font (by Vozzy Vintage Fonts)

This food typography is another impressive food font for various logo and label designs. The Bake House Label font comes in three categories; thin, light, and regular. All three types are easy to read and help you manage space. This font has Multi Language support feature and it allows TTF, OTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 file formats. 

3. Orange Squash Script Font (by Khurasan Studio)

Orange Squash Script Font By Khurasan Studio
10 Best Food Inspired Fonts for Logos and Labels 75

Orange Squash Script is one of the most modern food typographies with various features. These features include punctuation and numeral, upper case, lower case, and it supports Multi Language, including Italian, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. It supports PUA Unicode and file formats like OTF and TTF. This font is bold and fresh; thus, making it easy to read and attractive.

4. Potato Chip Font (by Khurasan Studio)

Potato Chip Font By Khurasan Studio
10 Best Food Inspired Fonts for Logos and Labels 76

The Potato Chips Font is another food typography that can help you develop a strong food impression. This font gives a bold display that commands attention, and it is easy to read. This font supports Multi Language, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French. It also supports various file formats, including OTF, TTF, and WOFF. The font is great for various food magazines, food recipes, and food posters.

5. Tarquin Typeface (by Alterna Typefoundry)

Tarquin Typeface By Alterna Typefoundry
10 Best Food Inspired Fonts for Logos and Labels 77

This food font does not only offer a beautiful outlook; it also offers a great level of flexibility. It is carefully and beautifully handcrafted to give a unique and amazing outlook. The Tarquin Typeface comes in three beautiful styles which are Shadow, Stencil, and Regular. These styles allow you to choose any one that best fits for design. This font supports OTF file format and various languages, including Zulu, Turkish, German, French, Portuguese, English, Dutch, etc.

6. Peach Cuties (luxury signature fonts) by ErgibiStudio 

Peach Cuties by ErgibiStudio
10 Best Food Inspired Fonts for Logos and Labels 78

Peach Cuties is remarkable for its beautiful and classy signature. This food typography beautifies labels, logos, and other food designs without leaving out legibility. It supports OTF and TTF file formats, and it is ideal for food invitations, food branding, and watermarks. Peach cuties also support various languages, including Latin, Irish, Italian, Jamaica, Albanian, French, German, English, and Dutch. 

7. Fast Food Layered Typeface (by Vozzy Vintage Fonts) 

Fast Food Layered Typeface By Vozzy Vintage Fonts
10 Best Food Inspired Fonts for Logos and Labels 79

Vintage Fast Food Layered Typeface is a vintage label font that is perfect for vintage designs for labels and logos. It is also perfect for vintage style posters, inauguration posters, and restaurant flyers. This font is particularly applicable in food illustrations such as burgers, pizzas, donuts, and drinks cups. Fast food labeled typeface supports multi-language and formats like OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2. 

8. Macaron Handcrafted Typeface (by Alterna Typefoundry)

Macaron is one of the unique handcrafted type food fonts with a beautiful outlook. This font is lovely and beautiful and passes yummy food impressions to complement the various colors and images you will use for your food labels and logos. It is mostly suitable for headlines and the catchy part of the design. This font supports the OTF file format and various languages, including Spanish, Turkish, English, Latvian, French, and Italian. 

9. Emirose (by ErgibiStudio)

Emirose Font by ErgibiStudio
10 Best Food Inspired Fonts for Logos and Labels 80

Emirose is a sweet and elegant font that consists of 4 different weights or presentations; bold, regular, thin, and light. These options add flexibility to your design and allow you to use the same font for diverse applications. This font uniquely has cute alternative letters that can give your logo a classy outlook. It works for logos, labels, and other brand packaging purposes. It supports OTF and TTF file formats. It supports various languages including; German, French, Italian, Irish, Swedish, Latin, etc.

10. Osaka Chips “Fun Font” (by ErgibiStudio)

Osaka Chips Food Font is all you need if you intend to include a funny font in your design. It is particularly ideal for fun packs like snack packaging, food packaging, chips packaging, and other fun food packaging labels. It supports OTF and TTF file formats. It supports different languages including; Estonia, Dutch, English, Polish, Serbian, Latin, and Italian. 


Fonts are a critical part of any design. It complements colours, images, and other design elements to pass the intended message at first glance. Food font plays a similar role with every other font. It is suitable for various food labels, logos, and packaging. The list above presents food fonts that are suitable for a variety of food designs. They improve your creativity and pass a clear message. 

Food font inspiration

Hiring a Graphic Designer 101: The Ultimate Guide

How To Hire a Graphic Designer

Whether you’re looking to hire a graphic designer for a new logo, print on demand designs, branding, web page, brochure or advertisement, making the right choice for you and your company is important when trying to make the best impression. Although going through an agency is relatively efficient, it can be rather impersonal when compared to hiring a freelance graphic designer.

When working together with a freelance designer, consistent communication, a close relationship with clear expectations and goals is almost always guaranteed. In addition, freelancers tend to be more cost effective as they are usually paid either by project or by hours, and are on flexible hours.

Why should you hire a Grapic Designer?

If you’re looking to expand the scope or reach of your company or brand, you’ll need top notch graphics. To achieve that, you’ll need a top notch designer. It’s important to know what type of relationship is best suited for your needs when determining whether to hire a freelance graphic designer or reach out to an agency.

Essentially, your freelance graphic designer will be responsible for bringing your brand or business to life, whether that be via a website, app, logo or commercial branding. They’ll be responsible for setting the mood and tone of your brand, as well as the overall customer perception. With this in mind, it is important that your graphic designer is increasingly familiar with your brand, your vision, goals and ethics. The right designer will be responsible for more than just a single project and will undoubtedly be involved in a significant portion of your branding and public perception.

With competition heightening each and every day, it’s important to make sure that your brand stands out from the rest. Clients and customers are not only looking for a product or service but an experience. With the right graphic designer, all this and more is possible. Regardless of the choice you make, we’re going to be breaking down some tips and tricks on what to consider when going through the process of hiring a graphic designer.

For more, you can check out our articles on how to hire a virtual assistant or a web designer or freelancer.

Discuss brand guidelines

As we mentioned earlier, the graphic designer that you hire is likely to be increasingly involved in the branding details of your company. With this in mind, it’s important that you clearly outline and discuss your brand guidelines together with your graphic designer. Make sure to explain what expectations you have in regards to your brand identity, and what messages, symbols or colours are appropriate for your target audience. Consider creating and sharing a detailed branding guide for added clarity and reference purposes. 

Outline your needs and the project

When hiring a freelance designer it’s important to remember that they have no additional information on your brand unless it is provided by you. Before beginning a relationship with a freelance graphic designer, make sure that you have a clear outline of your needs and expectations. You’ll also need to make sure that the project you are going to be working on is laid out clearly and systematically – this will mean a much smoother work process.

Identify your budget and stick to it

Within the graphic design world, there is a wide range of pricing relative to what services are offered, experience, expertise and quality.

When hiring a freelancer, you are responsible for taking on the role of boss. You’ll be in charge of budgeting for your project as well as compensating your designers. Before hiring a graphic designer make sure you have identified your budget and are within a good range of it. You will also need to make sure that you have the budget to pay your freelancers at every pre-determined interval. It’s also a good idea to discuss how payment will work to avoid any confusion later on in the work process. Decide whether you’d like to pay your graphic designer weekly, monthly or by project – this part is completely up to you and your graphic designer!

Give examples of your vision

When hiring a graphic designer it’s a good idea to have some examples of things you like as well as reasons why you like them. This will give all parties a clear vision of how the project at hand should turn out. Great marketing usually relies on the cues of other successful projects of a similar nature. A good graphic designer is likely to consider a number of layout and design options, compare his or her work to existing projects, and then come up with a new brand-specific idea for you.

Feedback and communication

Throughout the process of working with a freelancer, you’ll need to make sure that you maintain consistent and clear communication. By doing so, you’ll make both the process and the result a lot more efficient for both parties. During the brief and revision process, consider giving clear and direct feedback, review their work and provide detailed notes on what you liked and what you didn’t like.

At some point, we have all encountered unprofessional clients or employers who have made the work experience relatively unenjoyable. Make sure to remain honest and polite throughout the process with your graphic designer for optimal results.

Consider what you haven’t considered yet

Given that you’ve covered our previously mentioned points, it’s likely that you and your graphic designer have a clear idea regarding what the goal of the project is, as well as the process it involves. At this point, your designer should approach you with suggestions and ideas. Be sure to accept criticism as well as new concepts you may not have considered before.

Review their portfolio and credentials

Before hiring a graphic designer it’s important to take a look at their past work, portfolio and credentials. This should give you a clearer idea regarding what kind of worker they are, what designs they are capable of generating as well as any qualifications they may have.

When taking a look at a portfolio, be sure to look out for details. Is it memorable? Is it appropriate within its context? Here you can also ask designers what the design process was like, getting more insight into what your work relationship may be like. Try and seek out designers that are able to communicate multiple levels of meaning within their designs. If you’re still unsure you can always reach out to a past client of theirs for some insight or peace of mind.

Ask questions

Simply put, if you have a question, ask it. Consistent and clear communication as we mentioned before is a crucial component of effective teamwork. If you are having doubts or are simply just curious about something don’t hesitate to reach out to your graphic designer and ask. Even if your freelancer is not considered an expert, they may be able to offer a differing opinion or perspective which is always refreshing – especially in design.

Respect their professional opinion

An experienced, qualified graphic designer is likely to know a little more about design and creativity than you, so make sure to be open to taking their opinion and advice in regards to the project at hand. It’s important that you look for a designer that challenges your thoughts on a particular project, bringing new, exciting and unique ideas to the table. Ensure that you stay open minded throughout the process!

Where to hire a Graphic Designer?

There are quite some options to hire highly skilled graphic designers for your design job. Best of all is that you can search for specific criteria in most cases, like designers that are specialized in brand design, game art, fashion design, designs for print on demand and much, much more. A few of our favourite places to hire a designer are Fiverr, 99Designs and Upwork.


Hire a freelancer at Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace that brings together businesses (and consumers) with freelancers all over the world. You can hire graphic designers at Fiverr, but it’s also a great place to hire programmers, a virtual assistant, web designer or marketing experts.

Fiverr is well categorized into topics like Logo Design, Brand Style Guided, Game Art, Package Design and dozens more. This makes it easy to browse through the different freelancers. You can finetune by selecting specific options, like what you want services to include, seller details, budget and delivery time. For example: in the category logo design, you can choose between what kind of logo (minimalistic, 3D, mascot, signature, hand-drawn and so on). Always make sure to check out the reviews and the portfolio of each seller, because it provides you with a lot of useful information.


hire a designer at 99designs

In contrast to Fiverr and Upwork, 99Designs offers design services only. They operate in the same way as Fiverr and Upwork being a platform that connects freelancers with businesses and consumers. They have over 500k customers and over 1M+ projects have been completed on their platform.

You can get any design job done at 99designs, from Logo & Identity design to, Web & App design, Clothing & merchandise, Book & Magazine and a lot more.

The way it works: First you create a simple brief to help the designers understand what your design needs are. This is a simple process and takes a few minutes. Then you can choose to either hire a designer of your choice or start a contest. The great thing about starting a contest is that you get creative concepts from multiple designers. It’s perfect if you don’t know exactly what kind of style you are looking for. At the end of the contest you’ll end up with the design you love most. Of course it will be totally refined to your wishes, including all the files that you’ll need for print or digital use.


How to hire a freelancer at upwork

Upwork can be compared most to Fiverr. Upwork connects businesses with freelancers, independent talent, and agencies around the globe. The platform has a different look and feel than Fiverr, because it works different. At Upwork you have two options, you can browse a project catalog (relative new feature, but similar to Fiverr), or you can Post a Job, which is the most common option.

Fiverr and Upwork offer the same kind of jobs, so it’s a great place if you are looking for graphic designers, but you can also find people to improve the SEO on your website, content writers and much more.

If you post a job then you can define what you are looking for. You can specify if you are looking for someone for a short period of time, just one project or for a longer cooperation. Then you write down what you are looking for, select specific skills, the scope and budget. Once you are done, you can publish the job on Upwork. You can browse through freelancers, but you can also wait for freelancers that apply to your job offer.

You can browse through the freelancers reviews, work experience, job success rate, earnings, portfolio and much more criteria.

Like Fiverr there are dozens of categories to chose from.

Looking for a job?

Are you a graphic designer and are you looking for a job? Search and apply for the latest graphic designer jobs here.

November Art Challenges

November Art Challenges

We’ve put together a list of some november art challenges taking place this month that you can take part in. Feel free to involve your family, friends and loved ones too.

As the winter season arrives for most of us, the holidays are fast approaching! During this time you may find yourself feeling inspired or perhaps seeking out creativity. You might also want to involve your family in fun, creative activities while everyone comes home for the holidays. No matter how you might be feeling, art challenges are a great way to make a positive change in any situation!

Art challenges are designed to get you creating art on a regular basis. It has been proven that tapping into your creative side is a great outlet for stress and anxiety – something many of us can relate to! Essentially, art challenges inspire creativity and allow you to create art in a fun and stress-free way. Additionally, art challenges work to stimulate your imagination as well as act as a form of catharsis. For more about what art challenges are about, who they’re for and why people participate in them, check out our article about art challenges here. Consider stepping out of your comfort zone this November and take on an art challenge! Or.. maybe you just finished any of the October Art Challenges or Inktober and you feel inspired to challenge yourself even more!

Do you feel like getting back into the swing of things, maybe developing a new skill or tapping into your inner artist? Well, if that’s the case then you’ve come to the right place.

Consider putting some time aside this November to create a unique piece of art every day, develop your art skills or maybe form a new, positive and productive habit!

Let’s jump in!


The Huevember art challenge is a sure favourite of ours! The challenge sets itself apart from other art challenges as it uses different colour hues as daily prompts. Each year a new official prompt list is put out by the creator of the challenge, Matthieu Daures. Although we haven’t seen any new prompt lists since Huevember 2018.

However, there are a number of other prompt list variations in which artists have taken it upon themselves to create their own unique colour palettes for other creatives to use.

Here is the official prompt list – however there are a number of alternative prompt lists that have been made by your fellow creatives. Feel free to take a look at a few before deciding which one you like best. Remember, it is all about having fun after all!

If you decide to take part in this challenge why not share your work with your friends, family and fellow creatives online! No matter your preferred social media platform make sure to use the hashtag #Huevember when sharing your work online.

By sharing your art, you’ll immerse yourself within the Huevember artist community, get a chance to show off your work, as well as view the work of others! If you’d like to learn more about Huevember or read an interview that we conducted with the creator of Huevember – Matthieu Daures.

Tinkersketch November Art Challenge

The TinkerSketch November art challenge is put together by Tinkerlab and runs throughout the month of, you guessed it – November! The creators of this challenge invite any and every one to take part and will be providing all sorts of prompts to get your imagination going. Each day you’ll be given a new prompt which you can then interpret in any way you’d like. It’s all up to you – the possibilities are endless.

Use these prompts to inspire creativity in those around you, whether it be in your home, your class or simply amongst your friends and family. This month, the Tinkersketch prompt list provides you with maker words that allow you to think outside the box when it comes to art materials and processes. The most important rule in this challenge is to have fun!

November Art Challenge TinkerLab
November Art Challenge TinkerLab

For this challenge, you’ll need to carve out a minimum of around 5-10 minutes each day during the month of November to create new artworks inspired by the official prompt list. If you decide to share your work online, make sure to use the hashtag #tinkersketch to share your work with other fellow creatives.

There are no restrictions regarding medium for this challenge, just remember to use the prompt list and create something every day. As we mentioned before, because this challenge prides itself on being stress free, make sure to push yourself but don’t hesitate to give yourself a day off if needed. This is about enjoying yourself!

November drawing Challenge

The November drawing Challenge is a challenge by naturalbeachliving.com. Their idea is to use this challenge as a nightly family activity, your 15 minutes of silence each day or your child’s art project. We would suggest you use it for both fun and practice, but there’s no right or wrongs here! The main idea is to keep the drawing challenges under 15 minutes. There are no rules regarding the use of materials.

november drawing challenge
The Natural Beach Living November drawing challenge

Quick Kick November Drawing Challenge

You could also try the Quick Kick November Drawing Challenge by kickinthecreatives.com.

November Art Challenges 104

This November art challenge challenges you to create a daily drawing with a brush and ink -without- using a pen or pencil first. The thought behind this is that you can simplify your drawings and experiment with creating different marks and textures.

A “quick kick” art challenge is meant to be completed in 15 minutes or less today. It’s a great way to build routine and not to overthink your artwork.

You can draw anything you like with this challenge, but there is an optional list of drawing prompts.

november 2022 art prompts
The (optional) November Drawing Prompts 2022 from kickinthecreatives.


Although not as well-known as Huevember, Slowvember is another one of our yearly favorites. Created by children’s book illustrator Lee White, Inktober creator Jake Parker and Will Terry, Slowvember is an art challenge made in response to the rush of Inktober.

It was created with the intention of slowing down and focusing on one single project for the month of November. Essentially, you’ll be working on one portfolio piece throughout the month. Lee White posted a video outlining the art challenge as a whole, and noted some important technicalities.

During week one you’ll be conducting your research and developing your ideas for your big piece.

In week two you’ll be creating thumbnails, value sketches and picking out your colour palettes. If you’re looking for the perfect colour palette but are struggling to find one that suits what you’re looking for? Check out our colour palette generator article for some added help!

In the third and last week of the month, you’ll be creating the piece itself, evaluating your progress as you go. This challenge might be a little more challenging than some of the others that we’ve mentioned – so make sure to give it your all if you do decide to give it a try!

In essence, this challenge is about slowing down and taking the time to work on one thing that you really like, rather than rushing your way through life (an unfortunate consequence of our fast paced, media driven world).

If you decide to take part in the challenge make sure to document every part of the process! You can download a worksheet here. Creators Lee, Jake and Will invite partakers to post every step of your creative process – reference photos, thumbnails and colour palettes.

If you decide to share your work or progress online with your fellow creatives, make sure to use the hashtags #slowvember and #slowvember2021. If you’d like your posts to be shared, feel free to use #svslearnslow or tag @svslearn.


Let us know in the comments what your favourite art-challenge of this month is! Which one are you participating in or did we miss one?

Do you want to improve your drawing skills? Make sure to read our article where we take a look at the Best Art Classes you can follow online. Combining an art class with an art challenge is a great way to get started! You could also take a look at our curated top 10 of drawing books to help you improve your drawing or for extra inspiration or new techniques.

If you’re curious about other art challenges coming up this year, make sure to check out our overview of yearly art challenges or our art challenge calendar. If you are looking for drawing inspiration, make sure you check out our drawing ideas generator.

Courses & Tutorials

Why not improve your skills or learn some new incredible techniques by taking a course? See all our courses or check out one of these selected courses here:


Interested in taking part in any of these challenges this month? We’ve got some resources just for you to give you a kick start!

Traditional Drawing equipment

Check out the sketchbooks, pencils and other tools below that will help you build a daily routine in practicing your creative skills.

Digital Brushes

If you’re a digital artist, make sure to check out these great Photoshop and Procreate ink brushes from Grutbrushes. These realistic, responsive and natural brushes will inspire you without a doubt. Grutbrushes offers a lot of free samples, so you can try anything without risk. Check out our Grutbrushes review if you’d like to know more and see more (free) samples.

Reatlist Watercolour Brush for Photoshop from Grutbrushes
Demo of the Grutbrushes Watercolour Brush which is perfect to use for Huevember

Digital Hardware

A drawing tablet could definitely help you in your creative flow too. Most drawing tablets are touch sensitive and are highly accurate. The main advantage of a drawing tablet is the natural feeling when drawing. They are perfect for creating detailed illustrations, drawings or digital paintings.

Best Halloween Designs

Halloween Graphic Bundles

As autumn has kicked in October is also around the corner. Some people look forward to October because of the Inktober art challenge or other October art challenges, but many people look forward to something more scarier: Halloween!

We have selected the best Halloween designs (and preferably Halloween Design Bundles) for all your crafters out there looking for new and inspiring designs!

Halloween Design Bundles

Halloween Pumpkins and Skeletons

Halloween Illustrations Pack in Vector and PNG
Halloween Illustraton Pack

This super cute bundle with vibrant and cheerful Halloween illustrations. There are magical pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts and a lot more included. It comes with 5 poster templates and 4 horizontal flyer templates. It’s being delivered in several file formats, like AI, EPS and PNG.

Vintage Halloween Sign Making SVG Bundle

Vintage Halloween Designs
Best Halloween Designs 123

The Vintage Halloween Sign Making Bundle includes 25 vintage designs for Halloween. The designs are well thought out and are perfect to create cards, framed art or other decorations for Halloween. The designs are delivered in the most common file formats like EPS, SVG and PNG.

Vintage Halloween Graphics Bundle

Halloween Graphics Bundle
Best Halloween Designs 124

This vintage Halloween Graphics Bundle comes with over 400 digital graphics and can be used for commercial purposes.

The bundles contains the 24 best-selling Halloween clipart and digital papers Digital Curio. The clip-art images come in PNG format and the papers and textures come in JPEG format.

The designs are perfect for Halloween printables, party props, junk journals, scrapbooking, web design, or any of your creative works.

Ultimate Halloween SVG Bundle

ultimate halloween svg bundle halloween sayings svg
Best Halloween Designs 125

Even though the name suggests the designs are only delivered as SVG, they are also available in the other popular file formats AI, PNG, DXF, EPS.

The Ultimate Halloween SVG Bundle comes with over 100 Halloween Illustrations that you can use for your projects.

Halloween Font Bundle

75+ fonts for Halloween
Best Halloween Designs 126

Even though graphics are important, don’t underestimate the use of a specially crafted Halloween font! This bundle comes with 75 fonts. In combination with the right graphics these fonts can do miracles for your Halloween project!

Free Halloween Graphic Elements

Free Halloween Designs Party Bundle
Best Halloween Designs 127

This spooky bundle has 60+ FREE Halloween Vector Elements that you can use for your projects!

You can use this bundle for various projects such as Invitations, Crafts, Paper Products, Party Decorations, Printables, Greetings Cards, Posters, Stationery, Scrapbooking, Stickers, T-Shirts, and much more.

Halloween Designs

Here’s a collection of Halloween designs that catched out our special attention.

The Effect of Music on Creativity

Effect of music on creativity

With creativity at the core of all art – it’s not too difficult to grasp the ways in which different forms of art are linked. As a global culture, we can all agree that music gives soul to the universe and flight to the imagination – as once said by Plato.

Our inherent love for art is undeniable and can be seen in almost all walks of life, embedded in the human existence. Turning any given moment into something enjoyable, music does in fact have further reaching implications.

Essentially, music has a substantial impact on our creativity, focus and overall productivity. In this article we’ll be diving into how music and design are linked, the scientific reasoning behind it, as well as some tips on how to integrate music into particular daily tasks.

What goes on in our brain?

Looking at the anatomy of our brain, it is sectioned into four distinct lobes – the frontal lobe, the occipital lobe, the parietal lobe and the temporal lobe. The temporal lobe alone is the part that processes music and sound however – and this is incredibly interesting – when listening to music, all areas of the brain are activated. This piece of information alone can be used to understand the importance of music when activating your imagination and design.

Let’s go a little deeper. When you listen to music your auditory cortex and cerebellum are activated. This information is then transferred and taken in by the amygdala where emotions are processed. Here’s where the magic happens. When listening to your favourite song, strong positive emotions are experience, which in turn results in the production of the chemical dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for the inherently good feeling you experience when listening to music. The end result is a positive emotional response which activates all areas of your brain.

With all brain areas activated, creativity is greatly facilitated as connections can be made more efficiently. In essence, it can be said that when listening to music we are able to focus, think clearer and create better designs. 

How to use music to enhance your creativity

As a general rule, when attempting to enhance your creativity it is important to listen to music that you really like and enjoy. There has been an abundance of research that has found that the best way to inspire creativity in your day to day life is to simply play the music that you love – with intention. Besides music there are 10 other ways to inspire creativity.

As we know, certain music is best suited for certain tasks, so let’s take a look at 3 general rules to follow when trying to enhance your design creativity using music:

1. Avoid music that you have previously associated with tasks that are boring or low in productivity

It is increasingly easy for our brains to associate music with particular environments, tasks, people and scenarios. So, in order to maximize creativity avoid music that bores you. When you’re a designer, being creative is essential – so make sure to choose music that inspires passion in you, creating the connection between your actual passion and music that reflects that feeling.

2. Look for repetition in music

Although repetitive music can be annoying to some, it does actually help with concentration, focus and drive. Repetitive sounds allow your brain to focus on the task at hand rather than letting your thoughts distract you.

3. Create the vibe you’re striving for in your designs

Consider creating a playlist that reflects the nature of the design project you’re working on. If you’re engaging in a high paced group project that requires a great deal of energy – select music that would facilitate that feeling. For example, for these tasks you can listen to hip hop, pop or even rap. The opposite is true for designs that are more laid back and are not on a time constraint. By doing this, you’ll make sure to ensure your designs reflect the tone of your intention.

Our favourite albums

Here are some albums with music known to stimulate your creativity while listening it.

in stock
as of December 6, 2022 04:09
in stock
as of December 6, 2022 04:09
in stock
as of December 6, 2022 04:09
in stock
as of December 6, 2022 04:09

Fun Fact

Did you know, that when you listen to music that appeals to you, your brain produces a type of brain wave called theta waves. These waves have been associated with certain music types and are proven to characterise periods of heightened creativity and serenity.

So, with all this in mind, make sure to incorporate music into your design sessions in order to maximize your potential, productivity and most importantly – your creativity!

And, talking about creativity, make sure to check out our music related article with the best music album cover designs of all time or the best music cover designs of 2020!