About Xquissive

Our story so far

Here you’ll find a little more about the owner of Xquissive, Richard Eijkenbroek, where his love for design stemmed from and how Xquissive came about.

Ever since I was a child I was fond of drawing. I loved the freedom of being able to both draw and imagine things that didn’t exist in real life. I also enjoyed capturing things purely because of their beauty, like landscapes. The same goes for designing in a professional way; I enjoy trying out new styles and combinations and being able to see the transformative process as something beautiful is created from scratch. Maybe it’s that process – starting off with nothing and ending up with something beautiful, that is so inspiring to me.

“Maybe it’s that process – starting off with nothing and ending up with something beautiful, THAT IS SO INSPIRING TO ME”

I have made sure to maintain by childhood love for both painting and drawing and now sell my natural hand painted soft pastel paintings online: https://www.artfinder.com/richard-eijkenbroek

As both a freelance graphic designer and artist I am constantly exploring new concepts to fuel my creativity. There’s just something about the investigative creative process that I love; when creating a logo, I love browsing through my collection of fonts, just to find the perfect one, when looking for that special overlay to add that finishing touch or when I stumble across a new and exciting digital paintbrush…

In my experience as both a designer and an artist, I have found that there are so many fonts, graphic bundles, mockups, overlays, brushes and toolkits that work to not only inspire but aid in the creative process. I wanted to create a place where creatives can find these tools and get inspired. I share both free and premium content to meet the needs of all creatives.

In the early stages of creating this site, I wanted to choose a name that was both exclusive and unique. Something that catchy and set itself apart from its competitors. After searching for words that encompassed my vision for the site, I came across exclusive and exquisite. By combining the two words together I felt I had created something not only catchy but inherently unique – and so Xquissive was born.

“And so Xquissive was born”

Over the past couple of years, Xquissive has mainly been run by me: doing the designing, optimizing the website, making sure the software is up to date and adding new content.

In order to help Xquissive grow, we now have a team that consists of two fantastically skilled team members that work to provide necessary, added support.
Catherine is a freelancer that assists in curating a selection of all the latest and best free products from a number of websites.
Maxine has just recently joined, and is a professional content writer and editor. She works to bring in fresh ideas and aids in their execution.

Although Xquissive started off as a hobby, my goal is to continue the growth of Xquissive and develop it into the go-to place for both free and premium resources. I also aim to incorporate a range of content to expand and diversify the sites reach. We have recently introduced a meet the artists section in which we delve deeper into the creatives behind the art, in order to learn a little but more about them. We hope that their stories will inspire you!