Simply put, Artfinder is a platform that connects people to art. With a strong belief in building a sustainable art market, Artfinder was created on the pretense of supporting the creative community from all around the world. Artfinder works to connect buyers with independent artists.

All pieces are original, signed and directly from the artist themselves. Their mission is to sell art that changes lives, awakens imagination, transforms homes and expresses individuality – no matter your budget or taste.

There are currently 7000 artists from 108 different countries selling their art on Artfinder, with new artists joining every day! At this moment, there are 15 000 different art pieces available.

In this article were going to be diving into the 10 top selling artists on Artfinder.

Fintan Whelan

Fintan Whelan painting Light Cascades
Fintan Whelan – Light Cascades

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Whelan adopts an extremely unique technique that he has perfected over the years.

His work requires great attention to detail, measurements, pigments, varnishes and oil to name a few.

Whelan explores the ever changing nature of light and texture, evoking emotional and intellectual responses from his viewers. His work has been exhibited around the United States, Europe, Australia and the UK. His work can be bought at his Artfinder shop.

Rashna Hackett

Rashna Hackett painting Leafy Whispers XXL
Rashna Hackett – Leafy Whispers XXL

Abstract painter Rasha Hackett is heavily influenced by her rich childhood experiences in East Africa. As an adult, she is increasingly inspired by emotions, her surroundings, people and places.

Hackett’s work is created intuitively, with minimal planning. Her process is guided by her intuition, making each piece she creates that much more special.

She aims to convey her mood and love of colour in her pieces, working in a way that is dynamic and complex, yet somehow simple. Her large pieces make a great addition to any home!

Mariann Johansen-Ellis

Mariann Johansen-Ellis painting Summertime
Mariann Johansen-Ellis – Summertime

With much experience behind her, printmaker Mariann Johansen-Ellis has been creating pieces over the last 20 years. Having an inherently positive outlook on art, Johansen-Ellis believes that art should not be serious, but rather a pleasure or treasure.

She has lived in a number of countries including Spain, Singapore, Denmark and Borneo. Johansen-Ellis currently lives in Denmark where her art studio is located. Her inspiration is drawn from different sources namely books, radio, music and nature.

Her prints are made using extremely high quality paper and Charbonnel etching ink.

Arun Prem

Arun Prem painting Lily Pond Sunrise
Arun Prem – Lily Pond Sunrise

Painter Arun Prem is based in Southern California and paints everyday as a way to process and memorialize his life experiences. Tackling themes of colonialism, cultural conflict and isolation, Prem reflects on his immigration and travel experiences.

His work is increasingly personal and reflective of who he is. Prem uses colourful palettes within his pieces, as well as quick brush movements. In his shop you’ll find realistic seascape paintings, which have been created in his studio from his own personal photographs.

Styles such as abstract expressionism, orientalism and impressionism can be seen in his works.

Yannick Bouillault

Yannick Bouillant sculpture Sectionnement 2
Yannick Bouillant – Sectionnement 2

Heavily inspired by the present moment and the importance of each and every day, artist Yannick Bouillault is a metal sculptor. She found herself very fascinated by matter, pairing steel with philosophy to create her unique art pieces.

Bouillault uses heavy machinery and hand tools to transform metal into an illusion. Her use of colour either breaks or accentuates the realism and emotion of her pieces. Buyers will receive a piece that is signed and paired with a numbered certificate of authenticity and personalized dedication.

Alex Senchenko

Alex Senchenko painting Abstract 2117
Alex Senchenko – Abstract 2117

Abstract artist Alex Senchenko considers art to be a reflection of its creator’s inner world. His strategic use of colour and composition highlight his ‘experimenter’ nature. Senchenko is consistently looking to learn new art techniques and explore a variety of different mediums.

Viewing art as a metaphor for his life vision, Senchenko implements elements that are positive dynamic and simple. His passion for bold and bright colours can be seen in the explosion of color on each piece. These large pieces will make a statement in any room!

Simon Kenny

Simon Genny painting The Gates of Hell
Simon Genny – The Gates of Hell

Explosive creativity is perhaps what perfectly describes Simon Kenny’s highly collectible work. Fascinated by the natural world, Kenny draws inspiration from nature, emotions and the human condition to which we are all tied.

His works are incredibly dramatic, captivating and convey a strong sense of atmosphere. Kenny’s work has been featured in some of the top UK galleries and has recently expanded to both Asia and Europe.

Vitaliy Lishko

V. Lishko painting Interior
Vitaliy Lishko – Interior

With works exhibited internationally in over 35 countries, Ukrainian artist Vitaliy Lishko works predominantly with abstract expressionism. His bright, energetic pieces serve as vibrant manifestations of his subconscious psyche.

Lishko aims to portray a strong sense of aesthetic, conceptual and technical harmony within each of his works. Currently, there are 432 artworks available on Artfinder by Lishko.

Pavel Kuragin

Pavel Kuragin painting Hello from the Dark Ages
Pavel Kuragin – Hello from the Dark Ages

With thousands of artworks available on Artfinder, self-taught artist Pavel Kuragin is making his mark within the art world. Based in Russia, Kuragin experiments with a number of different ideas and techniques when creating.

He uses a wide variety of unique materials, for example – book pages, watercolours, handmade paper, oil pastels, magazine cut-outs and craft paper.

Taking on a unique approach to his art, Kuragin has established his own individual style and concept for his pieces. With over 2000 art pieces sold, his works have been featured in Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, UK, Australia, USA, Japan, UAE and Singapore among others.

Peter Nottrott

Peter Nottrott painting Release Now L 1
Peter Nottrott – Release Now L 1

German artist Peter Nottrott graduated from Atelier YAK, a private art school in Flensburg. Now a full time artist, he has taken on a number of different styles.

He first began his art journey with photo-realistic and surrealist paintings but has since adopted abstract art as his happy place. Abstract art is now the main focus of his work, made apparent by his highly detailed, impactful pieces.

Nottrott holds a strong love for colour and vitality within painting and creates in order to live out his abstract ideas and creative fantasies. Described as portraying pure joy, a Nottrott piece is sure to brighten up any space.

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