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10 Awesome T-Shirts for Creatives

We have hand-picked the 10 Awesome T-Shirts for Creatives! If you are a creative, either in a professional, semi professional or beginners role, its always nice to express your creativity through something you can wear! Although a t-shirt is not suitable for every occasion, it wouldn’t be a crime to wear your favourite shirt under your fancy suit, would it? It’ll be our secret!

If you aren’t a designer, but are looking for a funny or cool shirt to give to a friend or relative who is in fact a creative, be sure to check these out these designs below. They serve as a great birthday or Christmas gift!

The products shown below are also available as sweaters, hoodies, mugs, face masks and more.

1. Blessed Creatives T-Shirt

Blessed ar the weird people - Must have T-Shirts for Creatives

This inspiring shirt fashions the text “Blessed are the weird people, the poets & misfits, the artists, the writers, the dreamers & music makers, for they force us to see the world differently“. Simply put, the quote itself highlights the importance of creatives in society today. No matter what type of creative you are, this shirt is for you!

2. I Just Want To Drink Coffee Create Stuff And Sleep T-Shirt

I just want to drink coffee, create stuff and sleep Shirt - Must have T-Shirts for Creatives

This brightly coloured, attention grabbing design features the quote, “I Just Want To Drink Coffee Create Stuff And Sleep“. This funny quote emphasises the stereotypical (and amazing) lifestyle that creatives often live; a life filled with art, sleep and coffee!

3. Super Designer T-Shirt

Super Designer T-shirt - Must have T-Shirts for Creatives

As a designer, it can sometimes feel like you have to be a miracle worker! Clients can demand elaborate designs, in a short about of time, for an incredibly low price. Carrying it all out successfully can make us creatives feel like superheroes – the idea that this t-shirt captures. The well-known blue, red and yellow colour scheme of the Superman logo is replaced by “Super Designer“. If you’re able to tackle all the challenges that come with being a designer, you’re a true Super Designer! Make sure to show off with this Super Designer T-shirt.

4. Graphic Designer T-Shirt

Genuine and Trusted Graphic Designer - Must have T-Shirts for Creatives

This professional and minimalistic t-shirt design features the text “Genuine & Trusted Graphic Designer Premium Quality“. Although a simple design, this t-shirt portrays a strong message – that you’re a genuine, trusted, premium quality creating designer. A little self promo never hurt anyone!

5. Graphic Designer T-Shirt

Graphic Designer Shirt - Must have T-Shirts for Creatives

This Adobe program inspired t-shirt design has taken the generic Adobe logo layout and replace it with Gd – Graphic Designer. If you’re an avid Adobe user, or just like this minimalistic design, then this t-shirt is a no brainer.

6. Create Everyday T-Shirt

Create Everyday T-Shirt - Must have T-Shirts for Creatives

This striking black and white illustration of a sketched scroll with the text “Create Something Everyday” is a more decorative design than the ones we mentioned earlier. The simple black and white colour scheme makes it a classic, essential t-shirt design to add to your collection. This design would look great on a hoodie or mug too!

7. I’m a Designer T-Shirt

Not a superhero Graphic Designer T-Shirt - Must have T-Shirts for Creatives

This design features the text “I may not be a superhero but I’m a graphic designer so close enough.Similar to the shirt we mentioned above, this t-shirt design highlights the fact that designers are practically superheroes! The time, effort, work and energy needed to complete creative tasks is almost, if not just as hard as being a superhero! Right? This orange and white design is a great, witty addition your wardrobe!

8. It’s An Artist Thing T-Shirt

It's an artist thing shirt - Must have T-Shirts for Creatives

This is perhaps the perfect, witty t-shirt for an artist! The design features the phrase “It’s An Artist Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand“. The bold yet simplistic typography choice makes for a great staple piece in your t-shirt collection. Celebrate your creativity and let the world know you’re an artist!

9. Creative Power T-Shirt

Creative Power T-shirt - Must have T-Shirts for Creatives

This ‘Creative Power‘ t-shirt design fashions a bright and bold illustration of a fist emerging from a pencil. Although a simple design, its message and impact is powerful! Almost logo-like, this design would look great on any item; mugs, hoodies, pillows or face masks!

10. CMYK T-Shirt

CMYK T-shirt - Must have T-Shirts for Creatives

If you know, you know! If you don’t, CMYK refers to the four colour plates used in colour printing; cyan, magenta, yellow and key. This t-shirt will undoubtedly set you apart from the non-creatives and let other fellow creatives know you’re one of them! A simple, colourful and creative must have!

What Awesome T-Shirts for Creatives do you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comment section!

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